Project Fear failed, British wish to leave the EU

In a surprising move the British people voted against the European Union. This is a very big defeat for the establishment, who hoped that their Project Fear would keep most British in line. But despite all their propaganda, the people of the United Kingdom voted with 51,9% to leave the EU. Still a Great Britain outside the EU cannot solve its problems as long it remains capitalist. Therefore the only alternative now is to become a socialist republic. If this does not happen then the capitalist class will let the working class pay for this Brexit!

The European Union has been dealt a hard blow with this British referendum. It signals the end of the conservative government and a possible Labour victory under Jeremy Corbyn. Although the social democrats voted in favor of the EU, Corbyn still has the potential to change British society. It would require of him to eliminate the right-wing of the Labour Party and to return to the original socialist ideals, which the right-wing dumped in the late 1980’s!

Revolutionary socialists welcome the downfall of David Cameron and call for Corbyn to rally the Labour Party on genuine socialist ideals. Should he fail to do so, a new workers party must be constructed to fight both Corbyn’s party and the Conservative Party. David Cameron is defeated for now, but he can return if there is no genuine leftist alternatives for workers. On the nationalist side, the UK Independence Party might win many votes from workers who still feel abandoned after years of Labour enforced austerity!

This referendum was poisoned by nationalist rhetoric who tried to divert from the EU enforced austerity regime. Nationalists tried to blame foreign workers and refugees for Britain’s economic problems. The cuts to social welfare were put in the shoes of people who are victims of capitalist exploitation and imperialist wars. Because the Labour Party has enforced local austerity cuts, it lost the support of many working class people. When there is no clear class consciousnesses among workers, they can be poisoned by reactionary nationalists to blame immigrants. Britain has always been a multicultural society, but with poverty rising it is easy to blame the foreign worker who ”stole” British jobs. Nationalists never blame greedy British capitalists who hire cheap workers from Poland, Bulgaria and Romania!

Because of this nationalist poison, many who rejected the racism and xenophobia of UKIP and other Brexit supporters, choose to defend the EU. They claim that Europe needs to stand united and in solidarity with each other. Although this idea seems nice, they fail to see the true nature of the European Union. This union is not constructed for working class people, it is constructed for big business. A single European capitalist market was the reason behind the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. No single social security system was build, no single European minimum wage was ever constructed. Polish workers earn an average of 756 euros a month. Romanian workers have to do with 463 euros. British workers are paid around 2.300 euros before taxes. This show the huge income gap between East and Western Europe!

Even after 25 years, there is still much inequality between western workers and eastern workers. Capitalism has not brought the welfare it promised. Should the working class of Eastern Europe wait another 25 years, before they might end up with a western salary? We revolutionary socialists say NO and it is therefore we reject the EU and its capitalist market economy. Our alternative is a Europe build for all workers, with a single social security system and universal free health care and free education. No more will there be inequality because one European nation is richer then the other. In a socialist Europe, the working class would not face austerity cuts or lower wages. Under genuine socialism, the billions of euros now under ownership of the few, would belong to us all. No more millionaires and no more billionaires like Richard Branson, David and Simon Reuben, Gerald Grosvenor, Philip Green, Jim Ratcliffe and 20 other individuals who own billions of euros!