Beyond Bernie Sanders

By now it is clear that Hillary Clinton wins the nomination. She and the Democratic Party are no alternative for the millions of Americans who hope for change. It was wrong and foolish of Bernie Sanders to think that he could reform the Democratic Party into a so called ”people’s party”. It is sad that the man who has become an icon for so many, has now stated he would vote for Clinton. There was a alternative, Sanders could have turned his back on the Democrats and joined up with Jill Stein and the Green Party. Then his political revolution could have grown beyond the Democratic establishment!

115.000 supporters of Bernie Sanders call on him to run independent or as part of the Green Party. They want a true revolution and signed a petition asking him to stay in the Presidential Race. Sanders must not capitulate to Clinton and join her, only to defeat Donald Trump. Playing the lesser evil would harm the political revolution that the old man from Vermont launched. We revolutionary socialists always knew that the Democrats would choose Clinton. Even with the support from a younger generation, most elected Democrats and Super Delegates to the Democratic Convention are not leftist nor do they wish to brake up the power of the rich and the capitalists on Wall Street. Again, we said it many times, the Democratic Party is neither a workers party nor a leftist party!

There is a big debate among the millions who voted for Bernie Sanders on what to do after Hillary Clinton is elected as candidate. 55% of them said that they will never vote for her. Still over 45% would vote on Clinton only to keep Trump out of the White House. Revolutionary socialists understand the fear many feel when they think of a Trump presidency. The Republican candidate is far-right, racist, egocentric and a capitalist exploiter. Conservative propaganda and right-wing populism has brainwashed many workers into thinking that this failed businessman stands for their interests. An unfortunate result of American idiocy when workers start to think that a billionaire like Trump, can secure fair jobs, good payment and long-term employment!

Kshama Sawant who founded the Movement4Bernie is clear about what is to be done:

”If Bernie refuses to break from the Democratic Party, our movement should back Jill Stein as the strongest left alternative in the presidential election and use 2016 to prepare the ground for building a new movement-based political alternative”

Many have said that Bernie Sanders is a socialist and therefore ”Un-American”. In reality the old man is not a revolutionary and neither a true socialist. His ”democratic socialism” is classic social democracy and moderate. We see this in the fact that Sanders is hoping to work with Clinton to ”change” the Democratic Party. A foolish believe of a man who claims to be a socialist. True socialists understand the class nature of the Democratic Party, only idealistic idiots keep dreaming about a true leftist course. One group who calls for a ”Social Democratic Party” are the Democratic Socialists of America. With 10.000 members since 2014, the DSA is the biggest socialist party in the USA!

Although the DSA calls itself socialist, we revolutionary socialists would define them as moderate socialist or classic social democratic like Bernie Sanders. The DSA has promoted most Democratic Party candidates with Barack Obama as the latest candidate during elections. Revolutionary socialists disagree with their choice as Obama is not leftist. For socialists to promote a capitalistic person like Obama was counterproductive and wrong. Unfortunate Kshama Sawant found out that the DSA will promote Clinton in November. At a workshop called ”Democratic Socialism”  she met Frances Fox Piven, who is co-chair of the DSA.  Fox Piven disagreed with Sawant and said she would be voting for Hillary Clinton. That the co-chair woman of these ”democratic socialists” fall behind a right-wing candidate is very disturbing!

Revolutionary Socialist Media is not uncritical of the Green Party. There are political weaknesses in the program of the greens and Jill Stein. However it would be suicide to rally behind Hillary Clinton just to defeat Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders has started a movement which must continue to grown into a party for ordinary working people, not the bankers, millionaires and capitalist politicians.  Despite the fact that Sanders will not become the nomination, he has made a start. Now it up to young people and us to build on that!

We have to understand that Bernie Sanders will vote for Hillary Clinton. This is no surprise as he said he would go this from the beginning. It was a deeply flawed position from the moment Sanders began his campaign. Millions are effected by his call to end the power of billionaires. Now calling on his supporters to vote for a candidate that promotes capitalist greed and the same neoliberal agenda is noting short of treason. It is the paradox of social democracy that never dared to brake with the establishment. Most social democrats like Sanders have always compromised in the hope to make little reforms!

The Democratic National Committee supported Clinton from the start, although Bernie Sanders scored far better in the polls against Donald Trump. But the DNC never wanted Sanders as candidate to run against the Republicans. He is too leftist for them. This is why they stood with Clinton and now make preparations to elect her as candidate. It was never about chance, not under Obama and not under Clinton. It was the mistake of Bernie Sanders to become a member of this liberal-conservative party!

Sanders is stepping out of the race and will support Clinton. A sad reality which can led to disillusion among his young supporters, who hoped for a candidate who is genuine leftist. Socialist Alternative and Kshama Sawant keep up the struggle for a mass party of the working class. Such a party can be constructed if the supporters of Sanders keep up the fight against the billionaire class. Although Bernie Sanders has abandoned them, the struggle he started is not a lost cause.  Jill Stein and her Green Party deserve our support in calling for a leftist alternative. Because revolutionary socialists (unlike these moderates of the DSA) will never call for a vote on Hillary Clinton!