Even with profits, workers lose their jobs

Although capitalist companies like Microsoft make huge profits (22 billion U.S dollars in 2015), the greedy directors have decided to fire over 18.000 workers in what they call a ”renovation” of their empire. Although there is no financial need to cut the labour force, the Microsoft board of directors thinks otherwise. They do not care about the fact that many loyal workers are now forced to find work elsewhere. This behavior is typical as many capitalist enterprises look for many ways to fire workers and to increase the workload on the remaining staff.  

Since the dawn of the 21 century, the capitalist class finds new ways to fire workers. With workers from India and China who work for a slave wage, many have fired workers to remain competitive in the world capitalist market. In dictatorships like China, western enterprises are in a favorable position. The state-capitalist regime is standing with the capitalists and their bosses against workers and poor. Trade unions are controlled by the state and are not the instruments of working class people. Chinese workers have seen both the trade union leaders, the ”people’s police” and the ”people”s government” standing with millionaires and billionaires against them!

In Europe, many enterprises moved their production work towards the new EU nations. The reason is very simple, the wages in eastern Europe are almost 50% lower then in western Europe. From a capitalist point of view this is a good deal by cutting wage costs. Losing their jobs and seeing how their governments cut social security, many workers have turned to right-wing populists. Because the European left-wing (especially social democracy) failed to offer a genuine alternative to neoliberalism. Social democrats decided to work with the neoliberal government in enforcing austerity under the TINA effect. Moderate socialists may oppose cut to social welfare, but lack a socialist program to offer workers something better!

Although the capitalist class claims that sacking workers is ”necessary” it is in fact a dirty move to weaken the working class. Also the capitalists do not care about poverty or desperation which can lead to crime. Most members of the ruling class are not poor people, even capitalists who own a small enterprise still pay themselves a higher wage then their workers, because they own the place. When a company or nation goes bankrupt, the rich and the capitalists are the first to flee. In Argentina many businesses were abandoned as the owners fled during the collapse of the economy in the 1990’s. Neoliberal austerity politics drove many workers to desperation and crime incidents rose sharply. Those who were rich barracked themselves in their villas and hired private security to keep their luxury items save!

After Greece entered an economic crisis in 2008, it was not uncommon for owners to leave bankrupt factories to fend for themselves. Some workers joined forces and now control some enterprises themselves. It proofs to the world that workers self-management is possible and can work, although the capitalist media still claims today that only capitalist management works. The problem many have is that the Greek economy is still in a crisis and the traitorous SYRIZA government has not done anything to change the nature of the failed capitalist economy. SYRIZA betrayed the Greek workers by capitulating to the right-wing demands of the Euro-Group led by Dutch social democrat: Jeroen Dijsselbloem!

During times of economic crisis which the ruling class caused, the working class pays the price. Many bosses choose to fire hundreds of not thousands of workers to keep their profits at an ”acceptable” level or just to save money.  In the past the workers parties used to fight back and organize massive strikes, but many of these social democratic labour parties are now actively helping capitalists by removing regulations that protect workers. Parties like the PvdA in the Netherlands, the SPD in Germany or Labour in Britain are now fully in service of the ruling class!

Revolutionary socialists have always been a minority on the political spectrum. We stood between the mighty (but reformist) workers parties and the revolutionary (yet bureaucratic centralized) communist parties. Because we rejected both social democracy and stalinism, we were not liked by the leaders of the mainstream leftist parties. With the collapse of the Soviet-Union and the final turn to the right by social democracy, we see that there is a huge vacuum on the left-wing for new workers parties. Then why are no new working class parties build?

This has many reasons, one reason is the deep disillusion many workers have with the ideals of socialism. The capitalist media has pointed out again and again that socialism and communism are ”failed ideologies”. Then you have the moderate socialists who partly came out of social democracy and stalinism. These moderate socialists are not fully capitalists like most social democrats are today but lack a revolutionary spirit and program. Many moderate socialist parties like the Dutch Socialist Party, The Left in Germany or the French Left Front are moderate leftist and sometimes even try to work with the traitorous social democrats!

The moderate socialists win some support among workers for their (limited) leftist ideals. But when it comes to governing with capitalist parties, the moderates agree to join coalition governments both local and national. These governments are then still led by either right-wing social democrats or neoliberal parties. In the end the moderate socialists have to support capitalist politics set out by their coalition partners. The Socialist Left Party in Norway participated in a capitalist government led by the social democrats. Although many workers had high hopes they were soon disappointed when the Socialist Left Party failed to change Norwegian society for the benefit of the working class. They lost most of their electorate because of their willingness to comprise with capitalist forces!

Moderate socialists lack a revolutionary program and therefore lose their support among workers fast, when they enter governments which favor the capitalist class. Revolutionary socialists have always sad that true socialists should only work in governments that work for the creation of a socialist society. Since capitalist parties work only for the ruling class, socialist parties should never join with them in coalition governments. Because we have never seen a capitalist party willing to work with socialists to build socialism!

The class struggle is intensifying. Workers will face more brutal attacks by the capitalists. They cannot trust in the remains of their social security which are demolished by right-wing governments (with social democratic support). This is why we call for the formation of new workers parties that stand against the political right-wing and the capitalist class. Building new parties will not be easy as anybody who dares to fight for socialism is attacked with Stalinist crimes and TINA (There Is No Alternative). If a socialist party does not have the right answers to fight the lies of the ruling class, workers will see no alternatives. Rejecting both capitalism and stalinism are instrumental in building a new force for workers and poor!

In eastern Europe, the ruling class was able to keep leftists weak and marginal by playing the Stalinist card. Political leftist movements are called ”communist” and ”totalitarian” by the deeply anti-leftist media. With the Hungarian Socialist Party and Bulgarian Socialist Party deeply distrusted by their working classes, it comes to no surprise that the right-wing wins almost all elections in Hungary and Bulgaria. The former Stalinist parties not only betrayed marxism, but also embraced neoliberalism. This is why the workers have little sympathy for social democracy. In the Baltic nations the left-wing is still deeply marginalized. Marxist socialists face social stigma’s and rejected by workers based on the fact that marxism is still equaled with the USSR!

These stigma’s of rejected based on the false idea that stalinism and communism are the same is what has led to absolute capitalist rule in eastern Europe. It has poisoned the minds of working class people with the lies of anticommunists. Although old stalinists still glorify the Stalinist system, revolutionary socialists have always rejected the single party state and the totalitarian top-down control of state-bureaucrats over the Soviet-Union. The name ”Soviet” means ”Council” in Russian as the Union of Socialist ”Soviet” Republics was supposed to be a union of workers councils. But these councils were meaningless after the Russian Civil War and the rise of Joseph Stalin. It was the mistake of the communist movement to fall into this hole that was stalinism. By doing so it has harmed the struggle for socialism more then they ever realized!

We live in a time of major class struggle. The ruling class is using the eight year economic crisis to cut wages and jobs. Workers have to fight these attacks and the only way they can do that is by building political parties for themselves. Trusting in social democrats or moderate socialists is not an option. The right-wing is strong, armed with money and economic power they can and will control elections and what society sees on television. Their political puppets such as liberals, conservatives and social democrats will carry out their laws which benefit big business!

Our alternative remains socialism, the democratic control of society over its economy. Socialism for us is not what Stalin, Mao and other pseudo-communists made of it!

Socialism is a society where the resources are used democratically to provide a better life for all, based on ending the dictatorship of big business over the economy and politics. Today, we live in a world of incredible wealth and technology, alongside the most horrendous conditions of poverty, war and environmental crisis. This is result of capitalism, a system based on prioritizing profits not human need where the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a capitalist elite!