Turkish imperialists bomb YPG headquaters

The Turkish imperialists have bombed the headquarters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) north of Aleppo in Syria. More then 160 brave fighters were killed when NATO supplied bombs, destroyed buildings occupied by the YPG. It is now clear that the plans of Erdogan include the complete destruction of the Kurdish resistance in Syria. Well have no illusions. The Turkish regime has not only supported Islamic State terrorists, it now bombs YPG positions around Aleppo. NATO weapons are used in this conflict against the only none-sectarian fighting group. All workers of the world must denounce the criminal Erdogan government and their war against the Kurdish people!

Turkey is no longer a democracy (if it ever was a democracy is debate able). Thousands of teachers and civil servants have been sacked as the criminal government blames anybody who is not a puppet of the AK Party to be ”pro-PKK”. In south-east Turkey (Northern Kurdistan) the government tries to bring critics of Erdogan to trial. Democratic elected mayors have already been removed and replaced by puppets of Ankara. Revolutionary socialists still call for united class struggle of workers from both sides. Turkish and Kurdish workers need to struggle together against the dictator!

This grows more and more difficult as too much Turkish workers stand with their president in suppressing democratic rights for not only themselves, but also ethnic minorities. Turkey is not stranger when it comes to limiting freedoms. Even before the purges of Erdogan, the Turkish state acted very intolerant to critics. You are not allowed to question the Great Ataturk or the legitimacy of the republic. Criticism of the massive cult of personality around the founding father is also punishable!

The People’s Protection Units are the leading army in the larger: Syrian Democratic Forces. They are the only major none-sectarian fighting group in the Syrian civil war. Unlike the FSA and many Islamic rebels, the SDF is build on ethnic unity and secularist ideas. Thanks to the YPG, the north of Syria came under control of Rojava, officially known as the Federation of Northern Syria. Turkey does not like this, because the PYD party of Rojava is linked to the Group of Communities in Kurdistan, an umbrella group set up by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Many guerrilla fighters of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) have crossed the border into Syria to fight with the YPG against the Islamic State. The HPG is the armed wing of the PKK!

NATO should demand that Turkey stops its illegal intervention in the Syrian civil war. But we all know that the western capitalist nations will never do this. It is foolish of Kurdish officials to believe that capitalist nations care about their people. The weapons used by the Turkish Air Force are NATO made and supplied by Europe and America. Dictator Erdogan is an ally of western imperialism, although he has shown to have an imperialist agenda of himself. His brutal crackdown of the Kurds and the intervention in Syria, will only destabilize the region even more. But the arrogant ”sultan” does not care, he wants to destroy the YPG/HPG and enforce brutal Turkish nationalism down on the Kurds!

This is why revolutionary socialists give support to the PKK and the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Our support for Rojava is however not uncritical as we have seen that PYD officials have started to talk with both the dictatorial Ba’ath government and the imperialist Russians. The YPG even opened an office in Mosocw, which shows that the Kurds are thinking that Russia support them someway. Revolutionary socialists can tell them that the Kremlin, has never cared about anybody but their own ruling class. Russia is a capitalist dictatorship and Vladimir Putin wants to keep the Ba’ath regime in power, so that he can keep using a Syrian naval base. Putin never did anything for the people of Syria, when the Ba’ath Party was still in absolute control of the country!

YPG forces now face both the Islamic State and the Turkish Armed Forces. Reports indicate that some Syrian Democratic Forces are on the retreat. This pleases both Ankara and Washington, who have called on the YPG to move away from the Turkish border. Elements of the Free Syrian Army together with reactionary islamists are now fighting side by side with Turkish soldiers against the YPG. Revolutionary Socialist Media is calling for massive rejection of Turkish imperialism and their criminal pacts with terrorists. It would be no surprise if Islamic State fighters abandon the banner of the IS caliphate, only to return under the flags of ”rebel islamist” groups!

What can be done to end this five year conflict? Workers of Syria are the key. They must reject: Europe, America, Turkey, Iran, Russia, the Sunni rebels and the Ba’ath regime. No lesser evil talk or support for ”moderate” rebels. All sides in this conflict (with the exception of Rojava and their supporters) are deeply sectarian and base themselves on oppressing others. Most rebels are Sunni-Islamic and wish for a Islamic emirate to be created. Ba’ath troops and Shia-Islamic militia’s wish to preserve the current system, which favors the Shia minority and the Ba’ath Party. The USA and Turkey have armed sectarian Sunni’s, while Russia arms the Syrian Ba’ath government. Iran also arms many Shia groups which has resulted in this bloody civil war, that goes on for: 5 years, 7 months and 5 days (20-10-2016)!

Syrian workers must do it themselves. Which is easier said then done as over 4 million have fled and most of the country destroyed. What we would advice is to build a party for the working class. A party that stands for genuine socialism and a Syrian Socialist Republic. Then you could unite the nation on a secular socialist ideology. Although the Arab-Socialist Ba’ath Party claims to be secular, they favor the Alawite community from which the Al-Assad family originates. The Alawites practice Alawi Islam and make up the majority of Muslims in the western coastal regions!

It is not easy after five years and 300.000 deaths. 7,6 million Syrians were forced to leave their homes and 4,8 million have fled the county. Many have this misguided idea that in Europe they will find security and work. Understandable from a Syrian point of view, but we revolutionary socialists warn against coming to Europe. Because there is deep hostility of many Europeans towards migrants from Syria. After years of austerity and declining living standards, right-wing populists have successfully blamed foreigners for the collapse of social security, low incomes and rising inequality. Too many are poisoned with ethnic nationalism and this lie that foreigners steal jobs from (white) Europeans. The absence of a mass workers party is also fueling populism from the right as the left-wing offers no socialist alternatives to capitalist barbarism!


Islamist rebels captured YPG id-cards. Thanks to Turkish intervention these reactionary forces were able to capture some YPG positions along the border!

Islamist rebels captured YPG positions, thanks to Turkish tanks and soldiers!