Jill Stein, the only leftist candidate

Many political commentators claim that the presidential elections in the USA, are only between two parties: the Democratic Party and Republican Party. It is true that the candidates of these two, get all media attention. But they are not the only ones who seek the office of the President. Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate and Gary Johnson is fighting for the Libertarian Party. Revolutionary socialists give critical support to Stein and her campaign. We reject those leftists who call for a vote on Hillary Clinton, purely because they fear Donald Trump!  

Many liberals who supported Bernie Sanders and his call for a political revolution against the capitalist establishment, now rally behind a candidate who is a puppet of people like Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is not a progressive nor a leftist. She does not oppose Wall Street and the exploitation of workers. Sure, Clinton is how talking like a progressive liberal, but he record is showing a different picture. As wife of president Bill Clinton, Hillary supported the deregulation acts and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. She never attacked Obama on his pro-capitalist politics and favors a direct confrontation with Russia in Syria!

Clinton’s supporters claim that all progressives, leftists and socialists should rally behind the Democratic Party. There are even (moderate) socialists who agree. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) are calling for a vote on Hillary Clinton. Again, they claim that the lesser evil in this race is the Democratic establishment. We think otherwise. Because there is a leftist choice in 48 states. Doctor Jill Stein is running on a clear leftist program that stands in opposition to typical right-wing politics. Politics that are favored by both Trump and Clinton!

Stein was born in Chicago and raised as a Jew. She however came to reject Judaism and now calls herself agnostic. Jill studied psychology, sociology and anthropology. In the 1970’s, Stein became a doctor and practiced medicine for over 25 years. As a doctor she became concerned about the connection between people’s health and the quality of their local environment. By 1998, Jill Stein turned to activism and became a member of the Green Party!

As an activist, her opponents were mainly greedy capitalists and their puppets in local and state governments. Both Democrats and Republicans did not liked her activism. Still doctor Jill Stein made a name for herself as a fighter for ecology, nature and people. In 2012, she made her first presidential bid. The Green Party selected Stein as their candidate for the presidential elections. Back then, the race was still dominated by the Democratic Party led by Barack Obama and the Republican Party led by Mitt Romney. Obama was still able to play on his legacy as the first black president and many voters were ready to give him another chance. Romney was defeated and Obama stayed in the White House. Jill Stein was on the ballot in 37 states and won: 469,501 votes!

Because the media totally ignored her and other third party candidates, most Americans were unaware that she was offering a true leftist alternative. Now in 2016, her presidential campaign is getting more attention from the public. Both the candidates of the Democratic Party and Republican Party are deeply unpopular. Donald Trump, the failed businessman was able to outsmart all critics and won the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton faced a battle with Bernie Sanders from Vermont. She was able to win because the Democratic National Committee was on her side and downplayed Sanders!

With two right-wing candidates in the upcoming race, Jill Stein is offering the only leftist alternative. Many liberals are not happy with her presidential race as they fear that many young Americans rather vote for her then Hillary Clinton. Revolutionary socialists however refuse accept their logic. We reject the arguments of people like Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren, that all leftists should vote on Hillary Clinton. The record of the Democratic Party proofs that true leftist (anti-capitalist) ideals are very rare in this party. Most elected Democratic officials support the corrupt establishment, love austerity and politics in favor of the 1%!

For the 2016 presidential elections, Stein is offering what she calls a ”New Green Deal”. Her politics are clearly radical social democratic with typical green ideas. Although capitalism is not abolished under her ”New Green Deal”, the platform of Jill Stein is far more progressive and leftist then that of Hillary Clinton. Also Stein is calling for the release of whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and a full pardon for Edward Snowden. She agrees with people who call Obama an ”Uncle Tom” as Ralph Nader did in 2008. Right after Obama was elected, Nader wondered if the first black president would become an ”Uncle Sam” for the people or an ”Uncle Tom” for capitalism. Fox News was shocked by his remark and renounced him on live television. It is ironic that Fox News would in fact, become the most anti-Obama out of all media groups!

Only 8 days remain before Americans are allowed to vote. Jill Stein can be voted on in 48 states. We revolutionary socialists know that it is very unlikely that she will become president. But we can use the millions who vote on her, to build a new party of working class Americans. A party that will (in the future) compete with the Democratic Party and Republican Party for power. To build a workers party we need people like Jill Stein and all who wish a different political and economic system. This is why Socialist Alternative in the USA, has started with the Movement for the 99%!

Our goal is to use the massive support for Jill Stein and transform it into a new movement for a workers party. On 8 November 2016, Revolutionary Socialist Media will call on all American workers to reject Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Although we may agree with the Libertarian candidate on some social issues, Gary Johnson is a market fundamentalist who believes in a plutocracy of big money. Therefore it would be foolish for a worker to vote for the Libertarian Party. We say NO to the lesser evil and reject this liberal idea that Clinton is the progressive candidate. Liberals are wrong and their support for this war-hawk is dangerous!

American workers need a president that stands for their interests, not Wall Street. Although Donald Trump claims that he will fight the Washington DC establishment, he is no fighter for working class people. Trump is the face of capitalist barbarism, the racist and sexist billionaire with zero regards for workers & woman rights. Many of Trump’s supporters are not only ignorant and racist, they show a deep mistrust for anybody who rejects their Donald. This mentality proofs that the Republican electorate has moved very much into the far-right camp!

In 2008, Barack Obama promised so much and delivered so little. Hillary Clinton will also promise much while serving her Wall Street masters instead. It is true that in her propaganda, Clinton stands more to the left of Donald Trump. But this is a smokescreen as she is a liberal conservative and no leftist. Democrats offer a candidate, who is a proven war-hawk. Therefore a vote for Jill Stein is also an anti-war vote. Behind the scenes (and thanks to Wikileaks) we know that Clinton is ready to serve the class she has served all her life. Many capitalists may support her over Trump. Because of his far-right rhetoric; Trump is not liked by many capitalists as he is damaging the reputation of American capitalism. The ruling class is not stupid and may go for a stable Democratic politician, over a racist sexist Republican billionaire!

As running mate, Jill Stein choose human rights activist: Ajamu Baraka. He is also born in Chicago and knows the hardness of life as a black worker. Baraka is a fighter for ordinary people has been a leading member of Amnesty International, the Center for Constitutional Rights and Africa Action. His uncompromising views make him not loved by the capitalist establishment. Especially since Ajamu Baraka rejected Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. He was also very critical of Bernie Sanders, who tried to run against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party!

A vote for Stein/Baraka is the most progressive leftist on 8 November 2016. We must show the establishment and their media, that American workers reject the two party dictatorship. Hillary Clinton is not the lesser evil, because there is a good leftist choice for all those who reject her and Donald Trump. Those liberals who rally behind Clinton, only show their true colors. They want to sound progressive, but don’t actually dare to stand up against big money and political corruption. Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren are true fighters against the corrupt capitalist establishment. But their political lives will always be overshadowed by their unwillingness to support Jill Stein. They had the chance of supporting a true anti-establishment candidate. Instead both Sanders and Warren choose a candidate of the ruling class and Wall Street: Hillary Clinton!!