Trump’s victory explained

Donald Trump has won the presidential elections. The Kremlin is very happy as are millions of ignorant white Americans, who think that their ”Donald” will save their jobs. Trump won 276 Electoral College votes, which makes him President of the USA. Revolutionary socialists are not happy with his victory as we know that Trump is not a working class champion. 48% of all Americans however voted for him and will be hugely disappointed in four years. Now we must organize the resistance against Trump and the Republican Party. Although they now control the White House, Senate and Congress, the Grand Old Party is deeply divided. A new party for working class people has a huge potential of replacing the discredited Democratic Party! 

Jill Stein and her Green Party got 1.213.103 votes, which is rather low. We had hoped that more left-wing opponents of Clinton had rejected her. But it seems that in the heat of time, many leftists played the ”lesser evil game” and voted for her. In the end it did not matter. Donald Trump won 47% of the popular vote and although Clinton was able to score more voters, the billionaire won more states and therefore more Electoral College votes. Now the Democrats are defeated, leaving the far-right Republicans in total control of the United States of America!

Revolutionary socialists have rejected Trump from the beginning. His racist, sexist and undemocratic methods have scared millions. Now their fears are becoming reality as this capitalist exploiter is elected leader of the biggest imperialist nation in the world. Trump played the role of the populist leader, a man who cares about working class Americans. This is why he won the 2016 presidential elections. By playing on the hatred many ordinary people feel towards Wall Street, corrupt politicians (like Clinton) and the arrogance of the Democratic Party. The voter turnout was low as both candidates were deeply unpopular. In total 55,6% of all Americans came to vote, which means that 44,4% choose not to vote. It proofs that many working class Americans do not think that their vote matter. This is why a new party for ordinary workers is needed!

The real losers in this race are the Democrats. They are to blame for losing the White House to a billionaire racist. With Bernie Sanders, it would have been an easy race. Sanders played on the same anti-establishment rhetoric as Trump, only he was a true leftist not a pseudo-populist. Fox News has supported the Republican candidate since the beginning. Back in 2008 and 2012, they had to tell their conservative viewers that they were wrong. But now the far-right network can relax. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity may even call it a ”victory over progressivism and leftism”. In reality Hillary Clinton was neither a progressive nor a leftist and this killed her!

Russia can be very happy with this outcome. The conservatives who rule the Kremlin never liked Hillary Clinton because she stood against Russian imperialism in Syria. As a war-hawk, Clinton would have confronted Russia and might even start a war with them. Donald Trump on the other hand is more friendly with dictators like Vladimir Putin. Therefore the Kremlin can relax now that the American conservatives have won the White House again. Four years of Trump awaits and Moscow knows that with him in the Oval Office, America is more isolated!

Many on the left will feel disillusioned and defeated now that Trump is president. However the 1.213.103 who voted for Jill Stein, voted for a genuine leftist alternative to Trump and Clinton. It would be great if we could united these 1.213.103 into a new party of working class people. Just think of it, America could have a new leftist party if people like Jill Stein and others join up with Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative, to build a movement for the 99% against president Trump!

It is sad that so many workers choose a billionaire exploiter like Trump. Now it is true that many conservative workers always vote Republican. But Donald Trump is not a friend of ordinary workers. We all know the stories on how this billionaire treats his people. How can his working class voters believe the lies, that Trump WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? The answer is relative simple, too many Americans are living in this dreamworld created by the right-wing. In this world, you become rich and powerful by working hard. They call this the American Dream and it has poisoned millions. Because capitalism does not emancipate the working class. People like Donald Trump got rich by destroying the lives of so many workers. Just look at the people who worked at his bankrupted casinos. Trump’s enterprises may suffer the consequences of him becoming president!

Although the Republican Party is in full control of the USA, they are not a strong party. Many establishment Republicans do not like Trump. However the Republican base is overwhelming supportive of the blond leader. Because the populism has worked, it made him president. Now it is time for leftists to start building the Rebel Alliance. The Democratic Party is not the rebel force that will brake the conservatives. Americans need a new party for this to happen. Democrats will be paralyzed because they lost the White House, the Senate and Congress. People like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren discredited themselves when they called for a vote on Hillary Clinton. It will be up to people like Jill Stein to lead the march against president Trump!


Donald Trump has won, he is President of the USA!

Donald Trump has won, he is President of the USA!