Liberals blame leftists for Trump

The liberal media in the USA is blaming leftists for the victory of Donald Trump. This is a typical attack of so called ”leftist” media personalities, directed against those who vote against the interests of the Democratic Party. Back in 2000, Ralph Nader was running against George W. Bush and Albert Gore. Nader won 2,882,955 votes, which the liberals did not like. They blamed him for the fact that Albert Gore of the Democratic Party, lost to George W. Bush. Now in late 2016, the liberals are blaming people who voted Jill Stein!

Rachel Maddow is a liberal tv personality on MSNBC. She has attacked leftists who voted Jill Stein and claims that because of them, Donald Trump won the election. Maddow is not the only liberal commentator who is blaming leftist voters. While liberals and socialists share a lot of ideas, we are split on the issue of capitalism and the Democratic Party. Because liberals like Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann are not opponents of capitalism. They may reject the dogmatic far-right ideology of the Republican Party, but because they are liberals; Maddow, Maher and Olbermann will always cheer for the Democrats!

The lesser of two evils game is played by people like Maddow. They claim that leftists always have to vote Democrat in order to keep the far-right Republicans out of the White House. Problem with this mentality is that true leftists like socialists, do not wish to vote for a right-wing party. The Democratic Party maybe a little less capitalistic and a little less authoritarian, but at its core the Democrats are still puppets of capitalism and big business. Most elected Democrats are not leftist nor support progressive ideas. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are politicians who have served the ruling class all their lives. Clinton has said it herself, that she favors her wealthy donors above working class Americans!

Liberals in the USA are linked to the two parties system. This is why they cannot think beyond the two parties of capitalism. For them the Republican Party is the right-wing party and the Democratic Party is the left-wing party. Such black-white thinking is dangerous as reality is far different. Revolutionary socialists therefore criticize Maddow or any liberal who claims that because of Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton lost the election. Another fact is that many Democrat voters stayed home and choose not to vote. Also more then 10% of the registered Democrats choose to vote for Donald Trump. No, it was not Jill Stein that made Hillary Clinton losing. It was her own unpopularity among Democrats that made Hillary losing to a fraud, sexist, racist billionaire!

Still the propagandists of the Democrats keep claiming that it was because of third party candidates like Jill Stein, that Hillary Clinton lost. Rachel Maddow has done good reporting on issues such as gay marriage and the far-right nature of conservatives in the USA. But she has discredit herself by becoming the feminist propagandist of Hillary Clinton, a woman who used to be against gay marriage and supported imperialist wars. Gender does not play a role in capitalist politics. Woman can be as cruel and oppressive as male leaders. The idea that a female president would be better then a male one is absurd. Political positions define what is good and not. Liberals maybe more supportive of social freedoms, but on economics they are as right-wing as conservatives!

Revolutionary socialists understand that there is a deeper reason why liberal personalities choose Democrats over true leftists like the Greens. Many of those who work in television, have to carry out the demands of the capitalists who own the studio’s. Fox News is a conservative network that gives conservatives a free podium. MSNBC has turned into a network favoring the Democratic Party, although their programs are less biased then those of Fox News. This does not mean that MSNBC is a fair and balanced network. MSNBC is owned by the capitalists of NBCUniversal, who’s main purpose is to make millions of dollars. Programs or people who reject this view are not wanted on air. Many owners of big commercial enterprises gave money to Hillary Clinton as she was seen as the more stable of the two candidates!

Liberals may blame people for voting Jill Stein, but they are trying to deceive themselves. Hillary Clinton lost because she was unpopular. Even among those who voted for her, she was not liked. Still it is reported that over 10% of registered Democrats, choose to vote for Donald Trump. Also many people who would normally vote Democrat stayed home. This gave Trump the final victory as he won in states with the most Electoral Collage votes. Still the fraud, racist, sexist billionaire cannot claim that the people are with him. Because Clinton won the popular vote. This means that more people voted for her. Still because of the American electoral system, Donald Trump will become president in January 2017 for 4 long years!

What can be done now? Revolutionary socialists call on Jill Stein and those 1,2 million Americans who voted for her, to join the Movement for the 99% set up by Socialist Alternative. Workers need a new party, a party that brakes with the capitalist logic of both Democrats and Republicans. If Jill Stein would support the Movement for the 99%, the building of a new workers party is possible. Back in 2000, Ralph Nader also had the potential of starting a people’s movement against the two party system. But he choose to abandon politics, Nader returned to his profession as a consumer protector. Revolutionary socialists felt that this was missed moment as Nader had over 2,2 million Americans who voted for him!

Those liberals who feel defeated and wish to blame Jill Stein are true losers. No matter what highly paid television personalities say. Jill Stein was offering the most leftist and progressive alternative. This presidential election was not a race between a conservative (Trump) and a progressive (Clinton). Trump is not a typical conservative, he is a far-right populist who has shown his sexism, racism. Beside all this, Trump is a fraud. His Trump University proofs this after he agreed on paying 24 million U.S dollars, to former students who wasted so much money on this pseudo-university!

Donald Trump has already started to become more moderate. His plan to deport all Muslims from the USA has been reduced to deporting only illegal immigrants. Also his idea to ban all Muslims from coming to America is changed. Now the blond Führer is calling for an immigration ban from ”high risk” nations only. Meaning that Muslims from stable nations might still be able to get to America. How will his ignorant supporters react to this change of heart? Will they still love their ”Donald” for this? Also how will president Trump ”Make American Great Again”? Starting a economic war with China? Turning the USA into a protectionist nation that rejects free trade and free markets? His capitalist friends are not going to like protectionism in the economy!

Whatever his presidency will bring, workers will not benefit from it. All those working class Americans who voted for him, will soon face the reality of their choice. President Trump will be an ”Uncle Tom” for capitalism just as Obama was. Even if he goes populist and against his rich capitalist friends at Wall Street, Trump knows that populism will harm his own capitalist enterprises. Then he will have to make up his mind. As a billionaire who never cared about his workers, it is likely that Trump will do anything to stay rich and powerful. A balanced mix between populism and traditional capitalistic politics might keep him long enough in power!


Rachel Maddow blames leftists for Clinton's defeat!

Rachel Maddow blames leftists for Clinton’s defeat!