Australian Apartheid and Racism

South Africa is known as the nation of Apartheid. A racist ideology of separating the black majority from the ruling white minority. The anticommunist western world supported Apartheid for many years. Most people knew this to be very unfair and anti-Apartheid campaigns led to the collapse of the (official) racist system in 1994. But in Australia there is a similar system. A system which excludes the real Australians from the white majority populations. We talk about the native Australians, the first Australians known as the Aboriginals!

Few white people care about these 600.000 black Australians. They make up only 2.6% of the total Australian population and dwarf the white majority. But there is a dark reason why there are so few first Australians left. For 246 years since the arrival of the British Empire in what is today Australia, the white man has systematically conquered the continent for himself. Black people were seen as inferior and treated as dirt. British imperialists used Australia as a dumping ground for their prisoners. This is why most white Australians are decedents of criminals!

200 years later, the white man made up the majority of the Australian population. Meanwhile the Aboriginal population was on the retreat. Land that used to belong to native tribes was stolen as white communities grew. Racism was part of white Australia and remains a problem. Even in the year 2016, many first Australians (Aboriginals) live in deep poverty in what is called the Northern Territory. Capitalist governments have been unwilling to end the terrible living conditions. They have exploited, abused and even spread lies to take children away from their (black) mothers!

It is however a dark secret what the white man has done to the native population. Few white Australians even know how cruel and unjust their governments have treated the Aboriginals. There are few reports about the injustice. Australian journalist: John Pilger is perhaps one of the few who has dared to challenge the government. He made more then three documentaries about the suffering of the Aboriginals. In the 1980’s, late 1990’s and in 2013, he shocked white Australians with the hard truth. Still very little is done, as the capitalist government simple refuses to end poverty for the people of the First Nation!

Racism is the reason as white people have always excluded black people from white dominated societies, both in Europe, America and Australia. This fact is however not typical of just one continent, it is typical for the white culture as history has proven. White people have been and (unfortunate) are still poisoned with remnants of racist thinking. Even if racist laws have been repelled, the understanding and empathy of whites towards the suffering of black people is still very weak. In America, many whites don’t seem to care that black people are killed far more often by police officers. This lack of empathy is also common in Australia, were white people seem to forget the suffer of the Aboriginals!

It would take until 2008 before a capitalist government finally apologized to the first Australians for 246 years of slavery, racism, sexism, child kidnapping and forced labour. But just a year before, the Australian government had started a brutal campaign against the Aboriginals. A lie told by a member of the government had many led to believe that pedophiles and child smuggles were active in the Northern Territory. The sensationalist media portrayed the native communities as ”dangerous” to the health of children. Therefore police and civil servants were send to ”save” children. With brutal force they took crying children away from their parents. Whole families were shocked as this child kidnapping by white police officers is not uncommon. In the past the white Australians had kidnapped many black children and raised them to be slave servants to white families!

Poverty is the reason why Aboriginals have a very low standard of living. They are the forgotten people, the black Australians who were forced from their lands by whites from far away. The Australian government is still not ending the terrible life conditions of Aboriginals communities. We talk here about less then 100.000 natives in the Northern Territory of Australia. These people lack most basic human needs. Some are even forced to live in Asbestos houses while others live in shacks. There is a lack of health care, clean drinking water and sanitation. We do not speak about a poor African nation here, we talk about rich Australia a first world nation!

It seems that racism and ignorance is why the first Australians are abandoned to live their life in poverty. Police forces jail natives far more often in compare to whites. This is shown by the fact that more black Australians are jailed. The UN Human Rights Commission has ruled in 1999, that the death rate of Aboriginals in jail is high. The black man who burned to death in a police car, a drunken native who was left to die in his cell. It shows why Aboriginals have a higher death rate then whites. They are not given the same treatment as white Australians, which is a fact. Because of this, suicide among young Aboriginals is far more higher. It is the feeling of powerlessness that has driven so many to kill themselves. All because of a society that treats them as second class citizens and inferior because of their skin!

There are enough Aboriginals who remember days when whites did not even hide their racism. Black Australians were called ”niggers” and ”chocolate” people in newspapers. In the 1960’s, white Australians learned at schools that Aboriginals were inferior and too ”stupid” to live among ”noble” Caucasian people. John Pilger remembered how he as a young boy in the late 1950’s was told, that blacks were living in dirt because of their inferiority. This racism was also seen in sport, were black athletes from other nations were always able to defeat white Australians in running. When the first Aboriginal tried to be part of the Australian team he was ridiculed by the racist media!

Today in late 2016, white people hide their racism. But this does not mean that Apartheid is death. Many government officials do not like to talk about the terrible living conditions of Aboriginal communities. Foreigners would not even know as they only see white Australia, the rich Australia of the white man. There are 600.000 Aboriginals left, they have a life expectancy which is 11 years shorter then whites. Most black Australians die before the age of 70. Those who reach this age look like they are 90+, because of the grief and suffering!

Australia is a rich nation, poverty should not be an issue. But this is just the problem. Many native Australians do live in poverty. This is not chosen poverty, it is enforced on them by a society which has exploited, oppressed, lied, force them from their land and stole their dignity. Many who do have a job get almost 50% to 65% less income compared to a white Australian worker. This is also a reason why there is so much anger and sadness among the First Nation. People who lost their land to foreigners and after 246 years, are still denied the same standards of living as the decedents of British criminals!