More terror against Europe

December 19 is a bloody day. First the Russian ambassador is murdered in Ankara, then a Christmas market in Berlin is attacked. Europeans now know what it means to live in  terror, as the people of the middle east are going through every day since 2003. Terrorism is now hitting Europe and this cannot be stopped by bombing and intervening in Syria. Russia learned this too after their ambassador to Turkey gunned down as he was ready to give a speech. Imperialist attacks on Syria and Iraq have bred hatred and desires to fight back among a generation born with only violence and death, thanks to western and Russian bombs on their cities and countries! 

Fifty people are said to be wounded after a truck drove through a Christmas market in the German capital of Berlin. This reminds us of that French terrorist driver, who attacked the city of Nice. 87 people were murdered by Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, before police officers killed him. Now a similar incident in Berlin with a truck attacking a Christmas market. Meanwhile the Russian ambassador to Turkey has been killed while he was preparing to give a speech in Ankara. Andrei Karlov was shot in the back many times, dying on the floor as the terrorist said that he did it for Aleppo, a Syrian city bombed by Russian and Syrian air forces!

The attacks on European soil are the direct results of western interventions in the middle east. Since 2014, the radical Islamist group: Islamic State, has said that it would attack Europe and the world. They have proven to be far more dangerous then Al-Qaeda, which is seriously weakened since IS took over as the main force for radical Sunni-Islam. With support from oppressed Sunni Muslims in Syria and Iraq, Islamic State was able to outsmart the Iraqi Army and conquered 1/3 of Iraq by late 2015. Western imperialism saw their puppet regime in Baghdad fleeing cities like Mosul, with their tail behind their backs. Although the Iraqi Army had over 30.000 troops in Mosul, they were unable (and unwilling) to defend the city, against an attack force of less the 1.300 Islamist fighters armed with outdated AK-47’s!

With terror attacks against France, western planes are once again bombing Arabic nations. This is what Islamic State wishes, they want these bombs to kill innocent civilians. The brutal occupation of Iraq by American imperialists, led to a rise of religious sectarianism. Founded in 2006, the predecessor to the current IS was formed by angry Sunni Muslims mixed with former Ba’ath (Saddam Hussein’s party) officials. The Islamic State in Iraq was able to outgrew Al-Qaeda and by 2014 it moved into the Syrian Arab Republic, were to took control of many towns and villages along the Iraqi-Syrian border!

12 people were killed in Berlin and more then fifty are wounded. Although the death-toll is lower compared to Nice in France, the results show that Islamic terrorism is now targeting European cities.  People should not be shocked by this fact. Revolutionary socialists warned against interventions from as early as 2001, when the USA invaded Afghanistan. Then in March 2003, Americans and British troops took control over Iraq. Here the seeds for present day terrorism were seeded. The masterminds behind the Islamic State are former commanders and high ranking officers of the former Iraqi Army under Saddam Hussein!

Western nations can drop more bombs, blow up more houses and kill more people. But this will not end terrorism. Islamic terrorism is a product of desperation, religious fanaticism and the desire to fight back against the west. Revolutionary socialists argue for a complete stop of bombing Syria and Iraq. Islamic State cannot be defeated by bombing it. Western governments should focus on those governments who fund Islamic terrorists. Nations like Saudi-Arabia, the Golf states and Turkey are what keeps IS going. The Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia is the most active supporter of Islamic terrorism. They spread wahhabism, which motivates terrorist groups like IS, Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda. Turkey is buying crude oil from the Islamic terrorists, because they want to use the terror group as a weapon against Kurdish forces in Rojava!

Russia is also part of the problem. With Russian ground and air support, the Ba’ath government is able to stay alive. The murder of ambassador Andrei Karlov is linked to the Russian intervention in Syria. It remains to be seen if the assassin worked alone or that he was part of a terror cell in Ankara. The Kremlin does not seem to care. They keep up their intervention and their plans of supporting the Ba’ath regime in Syria. With the Battle for Aleppo ending, many say that the Syrian rebels are now defeated. This is only true if you look at major Syrian cities. Islamic State still control most desert towns to the east and the Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava remains in complete control over the whole north of the country. The rebels maybe defeated in Aleppo, but they have large pockets of rural Syria under their control. Therefore it is premature to say that Al-Assad is the victor here!

The Syrian civil war is far from over and will enter its sixth year in 2017. More then 400.000 people on all sides have died. 7.000.000 Syrians have fled their homes and 4.800.000 of them left the nation. The conflict has four sides now, with two main battle fronts. Syrian governmental forces are fighting the main rebel groups (mainly FSA and Islamists) around the main cities, while the Syrian Democratic Forces of Rojava are the main bulk against Islamic State. Since 2015, the Al-Nusra Front is part of the Army of Conquest, a radical Islamist umbrella group with over nine different affiliations. The Army of Conquest can be seen as the main rival of Islamic State in Syria!

Right-wing populists in Europe gain support for their anti-immigration politics. Fear will turn many people towards them as the left-wing is unable to offer a clear socialist alternative. Many European leftists struggle, as voters are getting more angry and more poisoned with ethnic nationalism and hatred against Muslims. Workers want clear solutions which right-wing populists like Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen seem to give. Revolutionary socialists understand the anger of working class people. We understand that the drop in living standards is upsetting millions. But Muslims and immigrants are not to blame. Islam is not the problem, western imperialism and its capitalist greed is!

Islamic terrorism is a reaction against the west, which has divided and ruled the middle east for almost 100 years. European nations drew the borders of Syria and Iraq after the first world war. Europeans then turned these Arab nations into ”protectorates” of their colonial empires. Nations like Egypt, Syria, Libya and Iraq were not fully free until the 1950’s. After the European colonialists left, the Arab world struggled with nationalism, anti-Marxist socialism and secularism. But dictators like Mubarak in Egypt, Gaddafi in Libya, Hussein in Iraq and Al-Assad in Syria never cared about the people’s needs. Here the Islamic radicals found easy pray. The anger over poverty and oppression led to the uprisings of 2011. Dictators were overthrown, but their systems remained in place!


Berlin after a truck driver killed 12 people and wounded another 50.

A truck driver killed 12 people and wounded another 50 in a terrorist attack in Berlin, Germany.