The idiocy of white nationalism

They claim that there is a white genocide going on. A war against white people and their privileges. These ethnic nationalists are growing as right-wing populism grows in the western world. Ethnic nationalism is not new, it is as old as humanity. Adolf Hitler was a white nationalist, but so were almost all western governments. White nationalism was the very reason why colonialism and racism were common. It led to slavery as white people told themselves that they were superior. Now the western world is losing its monopoly on power. Minorities are fighting back and this scares the white nationalists, who cry like little babies as they are confronted with the fact, that their white world order is no more!

White nationalism grew very hard among conservatives in the USA after Barack Obama got elected in 2008. Racist comments were more and more common as Republicans started to play the race card. Glenn Beck was among the first who claimed that Obama hated white people and that his administration was waging a war on the white race. After winning the 2012 presidential election, the white nationalist conspiracy became more mainstream among conservative propagandists like Bill O’Reilly. This old right-wing TV personality on the far-right propaganda channel: Fox News, blamed the demographics of America for Obama victory. He said that because white people were becoming a minority, Obama won the election!

That was 2012 however. Now we are in late 2016 and a far-right billionaire won the Iron Throne of the USA. With the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, the white nationalist movement got a major boost. Trump is a racist who views minorities as ”rapists” (Mexicans) and wants a total ban on Muslims. In the 1970’s when Trump was building his empire with loaned money, he was brought before court by his workers for favoring white people over blacks and other minorities. Trump fueled white nationalism by calling on police forces to act more brutal in fighting crime in black communities. In his Trump Organisation there is not a single executive who is of black origin. All top guns of his business empire are of the white race!

Donald Trump also gave a boost to the Birther Movement. This crazy group believed that Barack Obama was a secret African and that he was not born in the USA. President Obama was told to proof that he was born in America and Trump fueled this idiocy by calling on the president to show his birth certificate. Had Obama been a white person, this Birther Movement would not have started. It was the deep hatred of the first colored president that led to this racist conspiracy by conservatives and white nationalists, that Obama was not a true American and that he falsified his birth documents. Although the Birther Movement is now gone, its effects were strong and Trump gave the group legitimacy!

White nationalism is on the rise in Europe. This is because the European left-wing has failed to offer a socialist alternative. Most labour parties have abandoned socialism and even social democracy as a very moderate leftist ideology is replaced. Today many social democrats participate in European governments, who are right-wing, carry out austerity politics and favor the ruling capitalist class. This is why social democrats are now rejected by the working class. Angry at declining living standards, rising costs and stagnating wages. Workers look for political alternatives and many end up in the camp of white nationalism. Political parties like the ”National Front” in France, the ”Alternative for Germany” and the ”Party for Freedom” in the Netherlands, all claim to stand up for white working class people!

Intolerance is part of the white nationalist agenda. People who stand up to racism and ethnic nationalism are denounced and attacked. The Turkish dictator: Erdogan is a typical ethnic nationalist who favors ethnic Turks over minorities such as the Kurds and Armenians. Turkey has always been a nationalist state, that promotes Turkish nationalism. Rejecting this dogma is banned and you are not allowed to stand up for minorities. Today Erdogan is jailing anybody who stands in solidarity with the Kurds. Those Turks who dare to reject the nationalist values of the Turkish Republic are called ”traitors” by conservatives and nationalists!

Standing up to white privileges can be dangerous. Even in countries that claim to be liberal and tolerant. In the Netherlands, there is a black woman called Sylvana Simons who wants to fight racism and the remnants of colonialism. Simons is very critical of Black Pete, a popular black face character. She calls it a remnant of Dutch colonialism and wants to end black facing in the Netherlands. White Dutch reacted very intolerant and many were furious at this woman!

When Sylvana Simons choose to enter politics, she got waves of racist attacks against her. In the end the Dutch government had to give her state protection, because of the many death threats she received. The people who hate Sylvana Simons are mainly frustrated white people, who don’t like it when blacks and anti-racists stand up to white privilege. As a black woman: Simons wants to take a stand against the fact that racism and discrimination based on race, remain an issue in this so called ”liberal kingdom”. But too many Dutch do not want to hear her. In their little dreamworld, the Netherlands is a very tolerant nation for all ethnic groups. Reality is very different as many none-whites live in poorer neighborhoods and are more at risk of ending up in poverty. Also the Netherlands has been criticized for its immigration politics by the UN!

What makes white nationalism so wrong? It is the idea that western cultures should be for white people only. Europe and America should be for whites. White nationalists want to exclude people with a none-white skin color. They fear the sight of a multiracial society and panic when a British classroom is no longer ethnic white. It is this panic of losing their racial dominance over their nations, that makes white nationalist dangerous. Because in their intolerance for none-whites, they call for racism, segregation and biased politics favoring white people. White supremacists and white nationalists both believe that racial discrimination should be incorporated into law and policy. This is were it gets very dangerous as it reminds us of the time when blacks and none-whites were seen as inferior. White nationalists want to go back to this period!

There are many white people who fear losing their neighborhoods, their state and country to none-whites. This fear is generated by the sudden change in demographics. 50 years ago, the western world is almost 100% white. Towns, cities and nations were ruled by white people and law favored the majority. However the civil rights movement changed this. Whites were forced to grand equal rights to people they had treated as inferior. slowly these none-white demanded the same standards of living as white people. In Europe, the change in demographics was mainly a economic thing. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, many capitalists started to employ foreign workers. Also many former colonies of Britain and France were now independent republics. Those who remained loyal to their European masters fled their homelands and went to Europe!

Germany and the Netherlands employed many workers from Turkey and Morocco. These workers were never integrated into western societies. They were isolated in poor neighborhoods and most whites never paid much attention to these ”guests”. Soon these male workers brought their wives over and started to build up a life in their new homes. Today there are many Germans and Dutch who have parents from Turkish or Moroccan origin. Some whites do not like this fact. Racism and rejection has led to ethnic tensions as young Germans and Dutch with a Muslim background are stigmatized. A study done in the Netherlands has shown that children from immigrant parents (Mostly Turkish or Moroccan), are higher educated and work very hard. But they feel lesser at home because of the stigmatization and discrimination on the labour market.

This has led to the fact that some choose a life of crime or retreat into religious fundamentalism. White nationalists use this fact as a excuse to claim that children from immigrants are more ”criminal” and do not belong in (white) nations like Germany or the Netherlands. The reality is that many who choose crime or Islamism, do so out of desperation. As many grow up in low income households, they also have to face stigmatization and rejection based on their skin color and religion by the white majority. Most whites cannot understand how life must be if you are called out on by your religion or skin color. Muslims have to answer all the time for the terrorist attacks of radical Islamists. Although most victims of Islamic terrorism are Muslims, the white majority always demands that Muslims reject these crimes in public. No such thing was required from whites after American imperialists killed 1,5 million Vietnamese or 200.000 people in Iraq. White people were not called to answer for the crimes of the old colonialist regimes in Europe!

With Trump as new president of the USA, some white nationalists think that their time has come. Anti-racists however will not allow Trump to carry out a white nationalist agenda. Revolutionary socialists agree and will stand with them in opposition to Trump’s racist plans of mass deportation or stigmatization based on ethnicity. At the same time we must call out to whose white workers who believe the lies of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It will be difficult as many Trump voters are deeply conservative, raised to be dogmatic loyal to a plutocratic party that favor’s capitalists and the rich over working class people. Bernie Sanders has however proven that it can be done. He went into the heart of Trump Land and spoke with conservative voters. Had he been the Democratic nomination instead of that war-hawk: Clinton, Sanders would have defeated Trump. Because those who voted for that sexist billionaire did so out of deep anger. Many voted for him to punish people like Hillary Clinton, who are the politicians of Wall Street and the ruling class!

Trump does not have a mandate. He lost the popular vote and many only voted on him to punish Clinton. So Trump’s victory does not mean that most ordinary Americans are hopelessly right-wing. But it is a stark warning that unless we build a new political movement, independent of the corporate establishment, Trump will continue to exploit the growing hatred against the establishment to turn many voters towards racism, white nationalism and bigotry!

That’s why we aim to unite the Inauguration protests against Trump around the following demands:

  • Stop the deportations of undocumented immigrants!
  • Unite against Islamophobia – No racist registry for Muslims!
  • Defend reproductive rights and end gender-based violence!
  • Black Lives Matter – End police brutality and mass incarceration!
  • Fight discrimination and violence against the LGBTQ community!
  • Tax the rich! Make college free & cancel student debt!
  • Green jobs to build a 100% renewable energy infrastructure! #NoDAPL


O'Reilly stands with the white establishment

O’Reilly stands with the white establishment