Titanic Honor and Glory

On 15 April 1912, at 2:20 am the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic sank. 1500 people died after the pride of the White Star Line hit an iceberg. The ship went down in two hours and 40 minutes. Many stories are known about this night. Numerous books and films have been produced, the most famous is the movie by James Cameron in 1997 called: TITANIC. But there are very few video games about the actual ship. In 1996, a small company called Cyberflix created a game called: Titanic Adventure out of Time. This game was good for that era, but by today’s standards it very outdated. 21 years later another company called Vintage Digital Revival is working on a game called Titanic Honor and Glory, the most complete recreation of the RMS Titanic using the Unreal Engine 4!  

Titanic Honor and Glory is created by a core team of three people. Thomas Lynskey is the main director, producer and writer. He is supported by co-producer, interior modeler and business manager: Matthew DeWinkeleer. The team’s final member is Kyle Hudak, an exterior & technical modeler and programmer. These young people have set out on a quest to rebuild the whole Titanic, using the free Unreal Engine 4. Some worked on a modification for a popular game called Crysis. The (unfinished) mod was called Titanic Lost into Darkness!

After the modification failed to materialize, some team members of Titanic: Lost into Darkness choose to build a full video game. These people became the core team of today’s project called: Titanic Honor and Glory. Although the mod project failed, the current team aims of building a complete video game in the style of Titanic Adventure out of Time. To promote their work, they set up a company called Vintage Digital Revival. It will be this company that will release Titanic Honor and Glory in 2018!

The first demo of the game was released in 2015. It shows the First Class entrance on D-deck with the Turkish Bath and the Third Class diner room on F-deck. In April 2016, the team uploaded a full two hour animation about Titanic’s sinking. The animation shows what happened from the first minute the ship hit the iceberg, until the last second. Viewers on You-Tube also see what James Cameron and other documentaries never showed. The fact that the Titanic started to list to port around 1:18 am. This fact was never shown because all major movies show Titanic sinking win-out a list!

Vintage Digital Revival’s sinking animation on You-Tube was a huge success. As of January 2017, more then 15.378.311 times the video has been viewed. Millions have now witnessed for the first time the full sinking of the Titanic. Afterwards a second demo of the game was released. This time you can walk the First Class grand staircase from B-deck all the way to F-deck. Not only the forward staircase can be visited. Titanic and Olympic (and Britannic) also had a smaller staircase for First Class passengers between the third and fourth funnel. This aft staircase was smaller but still very beautiful to watch. Also included in the second demo are the Cafe Parisian and the First Class À la carte restaurant!

The demo’s show that the team behind: Titanic Honor and Glory, have the ability to make more then just a video game. Their work is a monument to the ship, to its passengers and to the era. Even famous Titanic painter: Ken Marschall was impressed by the project and is now a consultant for the team. Marschall was the painter who made the first pictures of the wreck in 1987, from thousands of photographs. His artwork became famous and it was a Marschall painting of a sinking Titanic, that was used by James Cameron to get funding by 20th Century Fox for his movie!

In November 2016, it was the 100 anniversary of the sinking of HMHS Britannic. This ship was the last in line of the Olympic class ships. The youngest sister of the RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic. Britannic was supposed to become the RMS Britannic in White Star  Line service. However the sinking of Titanic and the start of the first world world, delayed the work on Britannic. She was finished in late 1915 and became a hospital ship under the official name: His Majesties Hospital Ship Britannic!

The Britannic made five voyages to Greece and back. She carried wounded soldiers from the campaigns against the Ottoman Empire, an ally of the German Empire in world war one. In November 1916, Britannic was traveling to the Greek island of Lemnos to take on wounded troops. On 21 November, she was near the island of Kea when disaster happened. A German submarine had mine the era to prevent British war ships from using the Greek waters. Around 8:58 pm, Britannic hit one of the underwater mines. The explosion damaged the watertight compartments. This led to a rapid flooding as the captain attempted to beach his wounded ship!

As the water reached E-deck, the fate of the Britannic was sealed. The nursers had opened most portholes to ventilate the ship before arrival on Lemnos. Now the water had unlimited access to E-deck and other parts of the ship. Britannic was doomed to go down. Some crew men decided to launch a few lifeboats win-out orders from the bridge. These boats were sucked towards the turning propellers and destroyed. 30 members of the crew were killed when two lifeboats hit the main propellers!

At 9:00 pm after 50 minutes of struggling to save his ship, the captain decided to abandon the attempt to reach Kea island. Seven minutes later the Britannic was gone. It took her 55 minutes to sink, only 1/3 of the time it took for the Titanic to go down. The wreck was discovered in the 1970’s and remains the biggest passenger ship on the ocean floor. To honor the HMHS Britannic, Vintage Digital Revival created a sinking animation in the same style they did with Titanic. This animation went a little further by adding speaking testimony of survivors. In 55 minutes you can see how the youngest sister of Titanic, went down on 21 November 1916. Over 324.880 viewers have see the animation of the team behind, Titanic Honor and Glory on You-Tube!

The two demo’s of the game and the animations of both Titanic and Britannic’s sinking, shows that the young team of Vintage Digital Revival are truly dedicated to the story of the RMS Titanic. Therefore it deserves to be supported by working class people, because their work is more then just entertainment. The Titanic story has fascinated millions and now for the first time since 1912, a video game lets you explore the whole ship. Meanwhile, the Chinese: Sichuan Seven Star Energy Investment Group is also rebuilding Titanic. These capitalists are building the ship for an amusement park. The Chinese build: RMS Titanic is not a real ship, but a replica attraction. Vintage Digital Revival has only three workers and not a lot of money. But their work and love for Titanic is far more genuine then those greedy capitalists in China. Let us hope that by 2018, Titanic Honor and Glory will let the RMS Titanic live again, on millions of personal computers!


Titanic Honor and Glory by Vintage Digital Revival

Titanic Honor and Glory by Vintage Digital Revival