Western media hysteria over Russia

The year 2017 has come and with it media hysteria about Russia. It all began with a leak in the Democratic National Committee in July 2016. This leak give documents and e-mails to Wikileaks, which proofed that the DNC supported Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. After Donald Trump beat Clinton, the criminal CIA claimed that Russian hackers were responsible. However Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, maintains that the leak came from within the DNC and that the e-mails and documents did not originate from Russia. However the hysteria is complete as many liberal media outlets, report that Vladimir Putin is responsible for Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton!

Now Russian spies and hackers are seemed to be everywhere. When the American network: C-SPAN suddenly switched to RT America in mistake, some said that Russia had hacked the network and switched it to RT, a Kremlin funded network. Now C-SPAN itself has confirmed that it was a mistake that no hacking was responsible. But there are enough paranoid liberals who think that dictator Putin is using his secret service to hack American newsrooms and political parties. Although there is no evidence that the Kremlin ordered the hack on the Democratic National Committee!

But the USA has always been paranoid about other rising superpowers. As John Pilger reported in his new documentary: The Coming War on China, the Americans don’t like it when their position as superpower is under siege. Russia and China are competing and the U.S empire does not like competition over world dominance. 400 American military bases are surrounding the People’s Republic of China. Nobody seems to care that the USA has China surrounded. But when the Chinese military starts building a base on an island, the western media calls it: ”growing Chinese aggression”. The fact remains that the media in both Europe and America is one sided and never reports negatively on western imperialist expansion!

Spying and hacking is something both Russian and the west do. American government hackers are able to get into any computer and can read all your personal information. A person who did such a job was Edward Snowden. He worked for the National Security Agency, a criminal type of group that (like the CIA and KGB) does not care about privacy or transparency. By using a system called PRISM, the NSA has the means to get information about people and companies from places like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. Snowden knew that this was illegal, so leaked this information to a journalist. Afterwards he was forced to flee as the American government does not respond well to whistle-blowers. Since June 2013, Edward Snowden is living in Russia (not by his choice). His passport is cancelled and he cannot leave as of January 2017!

To say that the Kremlin is not hacking or spying would be foolish. The Russian: Federal Security Service has gained almost all old functions of the Soviet: Committee for State Security, the KGB. Under Vladimir Putin the domestic secret service has become a instrument of fear again. Those who are too critical of the president and the Kremlin face intimidation and even risk arrest. However the FSB is not the agency that would spy on other nations. This job is done by the Foreign Intelligence Service or SVR. After the Soviet KGB was dissolved in November 1991, the Russian security apparatus was in a very weak state until Vladimir Putin took the presidency in 1999. As a former KGB agent, Putin reorganized the intelligence agencies and by 2017, the FSB and SVR are feared instruments of his autocracy!

The old KGB remains active in one former Soviet republic: Belarus. Although many leading officers of the current Russian: FSB and SVR may have their origins in the KGB like Putin, the Belorussian KGB remains the old Soviet KGB in both logo and style. After Alexander Lukashenko became president in 1994, he made sure that the Committee for State Security became a tool of oppression as it was under stalinism. Belarus today is a autocratic dictatorship. Critics of the presidency not only face intimidation, they also end up arrested and thrown in KGB cells. Many victims are hold there for days even months win-out any formal hearing. This is how the KGB operates in Belarus, by simply arresting critics of the Lukashenko regime and put them in jail with no trail or conviction!

Meanwhile the American media is broadcasting wild stories about Putin starting a cyber war against the USA. Again no direct evidence is given, yet many liberals seem to believe this idea that the dictator of Russia is busy directing cyber attacks against America. Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party are sure of it: Putin made them lose the 2016 presidential election. The liberal part of the establishment does not seem to get the picture. They lost because Clinton is a right-wing war-hawk. A politician who supports imperialist interventions and wars. She also supports Wall Street and was paid millions by big capitalists. Clinton also did not get over three million Democratic voters who stayed home. Although she won the popular vote, Hillary Clinton lost vital states to Trump which made him president of the USA!

Some people say that media networks like Russia Today (RT) cannot be trusted because they are funded by the Kremlin. This is partially true, because RT would never be as critical about Russia as they are about the western world. RT is also not critical about the Ba’ath regime of Bashar Al-Assad or any ally of Russian imperialism. However the same can be said about American networks like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. Because these media organisations are not critical about western imperialism. The media in capitalist nations mostly stands with its ruling class on many issues. This is why RT is growing popular in the west as many working class people are sick of hearing pro-capitalist reporting. Therefore many critics of the west, rather trust RT over CNN. But this is also dangerous as Russia Today is a Kremlin funded organisation, that has been called out for their biased reporting on the Syrian civil war. RT is doing good work in exposing western imperialism, but they are silent about the abuse of power done by the autocracy of Vladimir Putin!

This is why workers need media of their own. We need socialist media for working class people. There are no socialist television networks, no major socialist newspapers in both America or Europa. Even in Russia most so called ”leftist” papers owned by the communist party support the Kremlin on too many issues. Working class people deserve media that supports their struggle against the ruling class. On the internet there is more room for socialist networks to be build. Revolutionary Socialist Media is created because there is a lack of genuine reporting from a revolutionary socialist (anti-Stalinist) point of view. Revolutionary socialism means opposition to both capitalism, imperialism, nationalism and fascism. But at the same time we must reject stalinism, maoism and all so called ”communist” ideologies that are based on Stalin’s legacy!

To be anti-imperialist does not mean that you should give uncritical support to dictators who are under siege from imperialism. Muammar Gaddafi was a reactionary dictator who jailed leftists and secularists for opposing his (Islamic) Jamahiriya in Libya. He lived like a sultan and owned many luxurious palaces. We have all seen the picture of  his burned-out houses as they were overrun by rebel forces in 2011. However because Gaddafi was murdered by NATO supported rebels, many anti-imperialists now glorify him. The former Libyan dictator is even put next to Che Guevara and even Vladimir Lenin, although Muammar Gaddafi arrested, tortured and killed all Libyans who believed in the ideas of Marxism. That many anti-imperialists give uncritical support to dictators like Gaddafi, because they came under siege by western imperialism, is very wrong and it damages the struggle against the ruling class!

Both Russia and America spy on each other. Even with Donald Trump as president of the USA, the CIA will remain what it is: a criminal organisation much like the Russian agencies. Democracy, human rights and privacy mean nothing to them. Their agents believe that they are secret soldiers, fighting for the love of their nation. This nationalist brainwashing is exactly why revolutionary socialists reject the secret services of capitalist nations. Under socialism, there would be need for an organisation to defend the gains of the revolution. To do not so would be foolish as capitalist forces outside a socialist country would try to destroy it. Therefore a working class: Emergency Committee, can be formed to defend the workers state. However under socialism, a state would be far different from any bourgeois institution. Working class people would control all layers and any bureaucrat would be hold accountable to democratic elected councils of workers!


A media hysteria on Russia

A media hysteria on Russia