What have Breivik, Roof and Bissonnette in common?

Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof and Alexandre Bissonnette have one thing in common. All three are far-right killers. People who murdered their innocent victims in a deep rage of racism and hatred towards minorities. Anders Breivik murdered the most innocents. He killed teenagers, members of the Norwegian Workers Youth League. Dylan Roof was the American racist who murdered nine African Americans as they were praying in a church. Finally Alexandre Bissonnette is a far-right Canadian, who shot and killed six Muslims as they were attending a religious meeting at a mosque in Quebec City. All three have one thing in common. They praise right-wing leaders and share a deep hatred of leftists, blacks and Muslims!

The capitalist western media never blames far-right populism for the crimes of terrorists like Breivik, Roof and Bissonnette. Instead they are called ”lone wolfs” or ”crazy” individuals. Fox News refused to acknowledge that Breivik is a far-right Christian, who wanted to start a holy war against Islam and what he called ”Cultural Marxism” (a pseudo-name loved by rightist populists and nationalists). Dylann Roof loved the Confederate States of America (1861-1865) and posted pictures online with the ”rebel” battle flag. Roof also praised former Apartheid nations such as South Africa and Rhodesia. He acted in the full spirit of these racist states, when he murdered nine innocent African Americans at a church. Roof’s racism and hatred of black people showed the world, the true ideology behind the so called ”southern rebel flag”, it led to the removal of the last Confederate banners from southern state capitols!

Little is known yet of Alexandre Bissonnette. The 27 year old who attacked a mosque on 27 January 2017 and murdered six Muslims there. Bissonnette is portrayed as a far-right ”lone wolf”, but like Breivik and Roof, Bissonnette shares a love for populist leaders who have a deep hatred of Muslims. Anders Breivik supports the idea that Islam has no place in the western world and that Muslims should be excluded from European nations. This racist line of thinking is shared by right-wing nationalists like Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen. Wilders has called for a complete ban on immigrants from Islamic nations. He also wants to ban the Koran and wishes for a tax on (Islamic) head scarves!

Right-wing populism is growing fast in the western world. An explosion of anger and mistrust towards the traditional capitalist political parties and ideologies. Liberalism, social democracy and conservatism are all rejected, instead the masses are misled to follow simplistic principals like ”Make America Great Again”. Donald Trump used a typical populist strategy and was able to defeat Hillary Clinton. Had Bernie Sanders been a opponent of him during the elections, Trump’s populism would have failed. But because Clinton is a politician of the establishment, Trump painted his struggle as a ”fight against the ruling class”. In reality, he is the ruling class and has proven his deep racist line of thinking, by banning immigrants from nine (Islamic) countries. Among these nations are not the ones who deliver the most terrorists (Tunisia, Saudi-Arabia and the Gulf states)!

The political left-wing is unable to stop the rise of right-wing populism. Mainly because all social democratic parties in Europe are guilty of betraying their working class electorate. Revolutionary Socialist Media has said often that the betrayal of social democratic parties has created a huge political vacuum. Some moderate socialists (many from the Stalinist tradition) try to fill this gap. But because many lack a clear socialist program, moderate socialists fail to win over the hearts and minds of workers. These workers rather look towards big mouths who blame foreign workers and a whole religious minority. In America, many racists blame the high crime rates among black Americans as proof that the black race is inferior to the white race. In Europe this is said about Christian culture being superior towards Islamic culture. Racists like Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and Anders Breivik all claim that the high crime rates among young Muslims, should proof that Islam is to blame. They completely ignore the social-economic positions of many Muslim families in Europe!

Crime among young boys with an Islamic background is indeed higher. But this is also because many grow up in poor neighborhoods and failed families. Poverty and racism are key reasons why many choose a live of crime. In France, Muslim immigrants are dumped in backward apartments and regarded as none-French by the ethnic white population. Over time this has led to deep mistrust as a new generation of young Muslims feel strangers in their own homeland. Some petty criminals with a immigrant background became radicalized, with the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Disillusioned by their way of life in France they idealized the caliphate of terror.

In response to the terror attacks in France, Marine Le Pen of the far-right: National Front, calls for mass deportation of all criminal and jobless Muslims. She is supported by many white French who in their insecurity and fear of the future, blame Muslims for all problems. The capitalist system and the racist atmosphere are not blamed. No, all blame should be on the Muslims, just as in the 1930’s all blame was put on the Jews for the 1929’s stock market crash. Le Pen’s father was famous for his antisemitic remarks, he claimed that the French president (Chirac) was on the payroll of Jewish organizations. Jews and Muslims were often attacked by the founder of the National Front. His daughter Marine Le Pen claims to be more moderate compared to her xenophobic father, but she cannot hide her own mistrust of immigrants with a Islamic background!

Racism is on the rise as right-wing leaders use the terror attacks by Muslim fundamentalists as ”proof” that Islam is a ”threat” to western civilization. The left-wing has to offer a genuine alternative to these politics of hatred and mistrust. Although many social democrats and moderate socialists stand in solidarity with Muslims, none are offering a clear brake with the capitalist establishment.  Worse, many social democrats participate in governments that bomb the middle east and give full support to the Terror State of Israel. This is why many Muslim workers do not want to integrate in societies that demand assimilation. Revolutionary socialists understand this as we reject cultural assimilation, in fact the USA was build on people fleeing religious intolerance. Not so long ago, liberal values were rejected by most European nations. Europe was very conservative up to 1968, with many Christian political parties rejecting values they now claim to defend against Islam!

The very things modern Europeans critize about Muslims were not uncommon in Europa before 1968 (hatred of gays, discrimination towards woman, rejection of secular values). But today the right-wing portrays liberal values as typical European. Many conservatives join this facade and boldly claim to defend ”the freedoms of Europe” against the Islamic ”hordes”. They point at Arab refugees, fleeing the war zones western imperialism created in the middle east since 2011. Millions of Arab workers and their families have been forced to abandon their homes, because of the imperialist politics of nations like America and Europe. This all began when NATO started to bomb Libya. Then the puppet government of Iraq was challenged by a reactionary force, which conquered almost 1/3 of the nation by late 2014. In response to the terror of Islamic State, NATO started to bomb targets in Syria and Iraq. This forced millions to flee towards Europe. Now the right-wing blames refugees for all problems. Populist leaders call for a complete immigration stop from Arab nations. Donald Trump has already imposed a ban for refugees fleeing nations like Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen. It is ironic that states who provide the most terrorists (Tunisia and Saudi-Arabia) are not on the list!

Breivik, Roof and Bissonnette are products of intolerance and hatred. They are right-wing terrorists who are a serious menace to the world. Because their political ideology of intolerance towards leftists, blacks and Muslims is growing. The left-wing has to fight back, but in order to do so it needs to reject capitalism. Here we see the biggest limitation as most social democrats and many moderate socialists, do not wish to abolish the corrupt institutions of capitalism. Bernie Sanders wants to fight for workers and poor, yet he does not want to destroy the ruling class. He is a classic social democrat who thinks that he can reform the system. Sanders believes he can use the Democratic Party to bring about progressive change. This has proven to be an illusion after the DNC showed how biased they were towards Hillary Clinton, the candidate of the establishment. This is why Socialist Alternative is calling for a party of the 99%, a workers party on a socialist program!

Donald Trump has a lot in common with our three rightist terrorists. Like Breivik, Roof and Bissonnette, Trump is a racist and does not like Arabs, woman or people who stand against him. He has ordered to resume the construction of the Keystone Pipeline right through native American land. President Obama had abandoned this plan after he faced massive protest from natives and anti-capitalists. But Trump never cared about anybody so he ordered the work to resume. He has a private motive, since he owns stokes in those companies who are building the Keystone Pipeline. While he claims the project would created thousands of new jobs, the reality is that only 35 permanent jobs will be available once the pipeline is completed. Those thousands of workers will out of work after the job is done. Donald Trump does not mention this fact!

It is the right-wing populist ideology that is dangerous. Workers are easily drawn to it because there is a deep mistrust towards traditional politicians. Again this complete understandable because these traditional politicians all serve the capitalist class. From social democrats to liberals and conservatives, all have hailed capitalist interests over workers interests for the last 30 years. The generation born after the Cold War grew up with politicians who claimed that ”There Is No Alternative” to capitalism.  Right-wing populists claim to represent the people against the establishment. But many of these populists are part of the establishment themselves or have connections to big business!

There is a huge vacuum on the political left since 1990. The collapse of the communist parties and the turn to the right by social democrats, mean that the left is still in a paralyzed state. For too long, working-class people stayed with their former labour parties. Many years they voted on them only to be betrayed over and over again. Some social democrats are seen as the lesser of two evils, when compared to traditional capitalist forces like liberals and conservatives. However in 2017, social democracy has abandoned most socialist principals and acts as a full capitalist ideology. Disillusioned by the betrayal of the former workers parties, many workers either turn towards right-wing populism or abandon the democratic process. Both directions are wrong as it strengthens the capitalist grip on nations and peoples!

In Eastern Europe, there is very low interests in voting. Only 39% of all Romanians came to vote in 2016, for their parliamentary elections. They see political parties are corrupt vessels for greedy politicians. Romanians fought a hard battle to free themselves of Stalinist tyranny in December 1989. But capitalist barbarism destroyed the hopes so many had. Today the regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu is seen as positive by 51% of the population. Although totalitarian, Ceaușescu’s Romania boosted ethnic nationalism and was seen as independent of institutions such as the EU. Also the Stalinist state gave (limited) social security, which is totally lacking in current day Romania. All of this because the bourgeois politicians choose to enrich themselves and their capitalist masters!

There will be more terrorists like Breivik, Roof and Bissonnette. In this day, the populists can spread all kinds of hateful propaganda by using the internet. Fox News and other capitalist propaganda networks, only fuel the populist machine by blaming all social-economic problems on leftists, blacks and Muslims. Capitalists and their greedy politicians are left out of the picture. Because this is the job of populists. They must split the working class in two and weaken it. This allows the capitalist class and their governments to remain in power. A united working class could result in the overthrow of those who are controlling the wealth of the planet. This is why people like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders will attempt to poison workers with false promises. Because in the end, they will support their own capitalists over workers. Trump is a capitalist and his record proofs this!


Dylann Roof praised Apartheid in South Africa and Rhodesia!

Dylann Roof praised Apartheid in South Africa and Rhodesia!