Lech Walesa worked for the Stalinist secret police

Lech Walesa, the popular trade unionist, the first democratic president of Poland.  The man hailed by the capitalist world as he privatized the Polish economy and betrayed his workers, has a dark past. Because Walesa was once a spy for the secret police of the Polish People’s Republic. These allegations are not new. But the ”popular hero” who once fought for workers-rights, always rejected that he spied for the Stalinist state. Now however a leading forensic institute has found proof that in the 1970’s, Lech Walesa worked as a spy for a few years. His motivation? He needed the money offered by the secret police!

This is a true remarkably story. Lech Walesa is the perfect counterrevolutionary traitor. First a Stalinist spy in the 1970’s, then a working class hero in the 1980’s and finally a president who sold Polish workers to capitalists in the 1990’s. Walesa is not a hero, although many workers still remember him as the trade unionist leader who stood up to the Polish People’s Republic. As chairperson of Solidarity, he was the face of those who stood up against Stalinist oppression. However by 1989, the Free Trade Union Solidarity had become reactionary as it started to promote catholicism and capitalism. With Walesa elected as president of Poland, he immediately privatized the economy!

Stalinist Poland was not a socialist workers state. No matter what the current day capitalist media claims. The symbols of the Polish People’s Republic were not proletarian and the ruling Polish United Workers Party (PZPR) played on nationalism to keep absolute political power. The working class was not fooled by the stalinists and were fighting back. Poland had many strikes and rebellions during the Cold War. The PZPR grew desperate as reality showed that the Polish workers hated them. In 1981, the party decided to impose martial law as it feared another popular uprising led by Solidarity. General Wojciech Jaruzelski was made PZPR leader and ruled a military junta until the collapse of the regime in 1989!

Lech Walesa fought a brave battle in the 1980’s for workers rights. As the dictatorial military government of Jaruzelski banned Solidarity, Walesa was forced to work underground. He was arrested many times by the secret police, the Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is ironic that now in 2017, we have confirmation that Walesa worked for the Security Service in the 70’s, purely for monetary reasons. This revelation is not good for the image of the man who ”destroyed communism in Poland” as the capitalist media portrays Lech Walesa. People who once worked in any way for the government of the former Polish People’s Republic, are stigmatized by the current nationalist-conservative government. Socialists and leftists are often called ”PZPR supporters” and ”communist rats” by conservative politicians and right-wing newspapers, when they call out the deep inequality in capitalist Poland!

Walesa denies that he ever spied for money. He calls the revelations by the forensic institute, pure fakes. However there is little doubt after scientists were able to match his handwriting, found on documents send to the secret police. Under the spy name ”Bolek” Lech Walesa wrote more then 40 reports about the behavior of his co-workers at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk (former Danzig). Although he was a popular trade unionist in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the support for Walesa would drop after he choose to compromise with the PZPR in July 1989. The left-wing of the Free Trade Union Solidarity also criticized him for embracing the Roman Catholic Church and capitalist economics. After the collapse of the Stalinist system, most workers at Gdańsk started to dislike their icon. Why? Because under the administration of president Lech Walesa, many state enterprises were privatized. The new dogma of capitalist Poland became: ”the market is God, competition is King”. Workers saw how their living standards were dropping as the fruits of capitalism were given to a minority!

Five years after he destroyed ”communism” the presidential career of the trade union leader from Gdańsk was over. Lech Walesa lost the presidential election to Aleksander Kwaśniewski, former member of the PZPR and a reformed social democrat. Although 48% had voted for Walesa, it was not enough as a majority (51%) had voted for a former Stalinist. During the presidential elections in 2000, Walesa tried to regain the office of president again. This time he ran on the ticket of the Christian Democracy of the 3rd Polish Republic, a conservative Christian party. The outcome was a disaster, less then 1.01% of the people voted for the name; Walesa. Nobody wanted him back as president!

In 2014, Wojciech Jaruzelski died at the age of 90. Lech Walesa had made peace with the man who had tried to destroy him and the Polish working class in the 1980’s. Just before Jaruzelski’s death, Walesa visited him in the hospital. It is ironic that both men once served the PZPR regime. Walesa as a spy in the 1970’s and Jaruzelski as general and military dictator in the 80’s. Both renounced Marxist socialism after the collapse of the so called ”communist world” proofing how traitorous both were to the workers of Poland. Revolutionary socialists were supportive of Solidarity in 1981, but we grew critical when Walesa compromised with Jaruzelski. After the Stalinist government was replaced by a capitalist one, we denounced Walesa as a traitor to the working class. The fact that many shipyard workers in Gdańsk do not like the name; ”Walesa”, says enough!


Stalinist spy in the 1970's, trade unionist in the 1980's, capitalist president in the 1990's

Stalinist spy in the 1970’s, trade unionist in the 1980’s, capitalist president in the 1990’s