War Lord: Donald Trump

Many who voted for Donald Trump were misled into thinking he would not intervene in other nations. That he would not bomb Syria or tries to confront Russia. But this is exactly what Trump has done. His office gave the order to destroy a Syrian air force base, after the Al-Assad regime used chemical weapons against its civilians. Many right-wing war-hawks salute the president for his bold decision. But those who always said that Trump is not like Hillary Clinton (who loves interventions), are now left with the iron fact that their president is just like Obama when it comes to war. Military industrial capitalists and their puppets in the U.S government can be very happy. Because more bombs means more profits from them!

With no approval from congress, the president of the USA attacked a foreign nation. This proofs how much Donald Trump likes to play cowboy. But for the Syrian regime this attack on their air force base is a declaration of war. How would the USA respond if a nation like Mexico would suddenly bomb one major U.S air force base? But American imperialism thinks it cannot be defeated. The arrogance of Trump and the military industrial complex, only proof that the far-right president is just as war-hawkish as the previous presidents. Like Bush and Obama, Trump is a president that will resort to death and destruction to bring massive profits for military capitalist companies!

Trump played the populist during the 2016 presidential election. He was able to beat Hillary Clinton by winning more electoral college votes. However Trump lost the popular vote as Clinton got over three million more voters then he. Many feared the war rhetoric that Hillary showed in March 2003. She also loved the bombings of Libya in 2011 and would have loved an intervention in the Syrian civil war, against dictator Bashar Al-Assad and his Russian allies. Trump seemed to reject this war-hawkish strategy, but now he choose to become just like that. Russia is indeed not happy with this attack on a Syrian air force base. But the sectarian rebels love it, they praise the attack of Trump on their enemy!

Revolutionary socialists have always rejected bombs on Syria. We rejected the 2003 invasion of Iraq, we stood against the bombing of Libya and we reject any intervention in the Syrian civil war. It is true that the Ba’ath regime in Damascus is guilty of massive war crimes. But it is not up to a cowboy like Donald Trump to decide which dictator is bombed and which one is praised. Because the Americans love dictatorships that ally themselves with western imperialism. Like the Arab golf emirates, reactionary absolute monarchies that exploit Indian workers and enslave woman from Indonesia. Another friend of Washington DC is the Islamic State of Saudi-Arabia. This nation brutally enforces Sunni-Islamism also called Wahhabism, the same ideology of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria which the USA fights against!

The attack on Syria is said to be a retaliation after the Syrian government used poison gas against a town. More then 70 people were poisoned to death including many children. Those who defend the attack say that Trump wanted to show Al-Assad that he cannot murder his own people. Yet at the same time, hundreds of innocents have been murdered by American drones since Donald Trump became president. These victims are not shown on television nor are reported in the news. Bush and Obama were also masters of killing innocents. George W. Bush began the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, wars which have killed almost 600.000 people. Since the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, over 268,000 people have died including combatants. The total number of civilian deaths in Iraq is close to 180.000!

In the USA, Trump has exposed himself as a president of the rich, the capitalists and the establishment. Despite his populist rhetoric back in 2016, the true line of the president is that of supporting his rich donors and the class he originates from. Trump’s cabinet is made up of rich people, who are deeply conservative and supportive of the 1%. The Trump administration has already sold out privacy on the internet. This means that internet providers are now free to sell user information to anybody. Also the Keystone pipe line is now build, despite protests from native Americans. Working class people who voted for the far-right president will soon realize that this bombastic pseudo-populist abused their anger. Because Trump is not an outsider nor a alternative to the rotten political system. He belongs to those people who control capitalist politicians like Hillary Clinton!

The far-right billionaire is only in power for 4 months, but has already shown to be a danger to working class Americans. Therefore Socialist Alternative calls for massive resistance to Trump and the Republican Party. At the same time we reject this idea that the Democratic Party can be reformed into a social democratic people’s party. Many on the American left (including the Democratic Socialists of America) have this misguided idea that they can reform this liberal conservative party. Democrats have never been leftist, they always supported capitalist positions and imperialist interventions. Let us not forget that Hillary Clinton supported the wars that led to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. Clinton and her Democratic Party saluted George W. Bush and praised dictatorships that allied themselves with the USA!

As Socialist Alternative noted, the new administration is deeply reactionary and also very authoritarian. Donald Trump has purged many top ranking officials, replacing them with loyal puppets of his own. Trump does not like facts so he is quoting far-right media outlets like Breitbart News and Infowars.com, who are famous for spreading ”alternative facts” (misinformation). A big supporter of the current president is Alex Johns, the guy who believes in space aliens and every conspiracy theory on the planet. Johns hated the previous Obama administration and claimed it was ”demonic” and ”evil”. His pseudo-opposition to American imperialism ended when Trump entered the oval office. Now the guy who claimed to stand against the establishment (and space aliens) is defending the billionaire president and his authoritarianism!

Supporters of Hillary Clinton always claimed that Trump and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin were close friends. After losing the 2016 elections, the Democrats started to spread the idea that Russia helped Trump. Also a hack in the Democratic National Committee was blamed on Russian hacks, although Wikileaks clearly indicated that the leak did not originate from Moscow. Somebody in the DNC leaked information to Wikileaks. Still the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party: MSNBC, reported wild stories about ”Russian intervention in American elections”. Even today people like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have this delusion that Donald Trump was made president because Vladimir Putin wanted it so!

They are however completely right when they attack Trump on his lies and broken promises. Maddow and Olbermann may have it wrong on this DNC leak, but they are right on the very nature of the Trump administration. An administration that is harmful to America as the recent attack on Syria proofs. Dictator Putin was not happy that Trump attacked his fellow dictator Bashar Al-Assad. To proof that Russia is serious about defending the Ba’ath regime, a cruiser has been send to the Syrian Arab Republic. If this cruiser is told to attack American missiles it could start a conflict between the USA and the Russian Federation. Trump’s cowboy attack is another proof that this president is totally incompetent as he did not even asked for permission to attack a foreign country. No, in the mind of Donald Trump,he hold the absolute power and as a capitalist exploiter, he is used to have absolute power in the Trump Organisation!

On the economy, many regulations that protect workers, nature and minorities are under attack. Trump has already relax environment regulations which prohibit the dump of toxic wastes. Now it has become easier for capitalists to pollute nature, thanks to that billionaire scumbag in the White House. The famous Mexican Wall will be build and paid for by American tax payers, not Mexicans. Also the construction of this new ”Berlin Wall” means that many Americans are forced out of their homes. Trump wants to build his wall over many houses. The costs of building his Great Wall will be around 25 billion U.S dollars. Money that Americans could use on healthcare is instead wasted on building a needless wall between the USA and Mexico!

Four months after The Donald took office, it has become clear that he is a right-wing president. A bombastic cowboy who only serves one class. Revolutionary socialists keep calling for the formation of a workers party. We cannot trust the Democrats as they have proven to be supporters of capitalism, imperialism and the establishment. Workers need representatives who support their struggles and live on a average salary. People like Kshama Sawant from Seattle proof that socialists can get elected. She has defeated twice the candidates of the Democratic Party. If working class Americans had a nation wide party which selects people like Sawant, the power structure of the Democrats and Republicans can be destroyed. Although these two capitalist parties seem powerful and huge, they can be defeated!

Meanwhile the imperialist powers of the world at closing in on each other. It seems we are back to 1900, when the planet was divided between growing empires. Although the old colonialists are long gone, new imperialist regimes emerge who serve their capitalist master at any cost. As of 2017 we have:

  1. The United States of America, which can be seen as the old empire desperately holding on to its status as the ”only superpower”.
  2. The Russian Federation, growing in strength to regain its status as world superpower!
  3. The People’s Republic of China, a country that has embraced nationalism and imperialism to compete with America and Russia!
  4. The European Union, the first imperialist continent and still a powerful economic union that tries to compete with America, Russia and China

Workers have nothing to gain by supporting any of them. American, Russian, Chinese and European workers are just pawns for the leaders of these imperialist states. Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping and the EU leaders are not serving ordinary people. To be a nationalist and support one of them out of hatred for the others is foolish. There are many leftists who in their hatred of western imperialism, praise the regimes in Moscow and Beijing. These anti-imperialists do not understand that Russian and Chinese imperialism is just as brutal and cruel as American/European imperialism. Putin and Xi Jinping control conservative regimes that reject workers rights, woman rights, LGBT+ rights and basic democratic ideas!

Big winners of a potential war between the superpowers will be the arms industry. Capitalist scum who in the USA are getting rich by selling expensive weapons to the U.S government. In Russia and China most military contractors are not privately owned. But in Europe and America, the industry for military hardware is privately owned. Every war which includes the EU and the USA, means that these private arms capitalists get richer. Now that Trump has attacked Syria, many military contractors dream about more attacks and maybe a full intervention of the U.S army in the Syrian civil war. We revolutionary socialists do not oppose factories who make military products. However we want these enterprises to be owned by society and under democratic control of workers!

What would happen if Trump orders more missile strikes? What if they hit Russian personal or Iranian troops helping the Syrian regime? It is no secret that Bashar Al-Assad is supported by Shia-Islamic fundamentalists from Iran. If these Iranians are killed in a American air strike, this could be seen as a declaration of war. Donald Trump’s actions are dangerous and must be condemned by all people. Revolutionary Socialist Media therefore agrees with the demands of the Committee for a Workers International. We say:

  • Stop Trump’s attacks on Syria – Oppose all outside powers’ interference in the region
  • End war and terror in Syria, Iraq and the Middle East
  • No to racism and scapegoating of immigrants and refugees
  • For workers’ unity and socialism


War Lord: Donald Trump