Green Youth kicked out of Austrian mother party

The Green Youth of Austria has been kicked out of their mother party. Austrian greens are united in what they call: The Greens – The Green Alternative, a party that abandoned many core leftist ideas over the last 25 years. Its youth had been critical of the moderate course, which was not liked by the pro-capitalist party-leaders. One of the propaganda slogans of the Austrian greens has been that they are ”basic democratic and anti-bureaucratic”. With the purge of its youth section, The Greens have proven to the bourgeoisie that they are capable to silence dissident voices, just like any other establishment party!

The expulsion of the youth wing reminds us of the witch hunts inside the communist parties in the late 1920’s. Back then the Stalinist leadership of the Communist International, demanded that all critics of marxism-leninism (stalinism) to be purged. Stalin also wanted all supporters of Leon Trotsky removed, because they were most critical of his bureaucratic counterrevolution. In Britain the Labour Party started a similar witch hunt against revolutionary socialists in the 1980’s, who operated inside the former workers party. The Stalinist communist parties and the right-wing of the Labour Party were successful in removing critical leftists from their ranks.

In Austria, the greens were united in 1993. The current party was founded after two leftist formation joined forces. Current Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen, was the party leader and also a moderate politician. Under his leadership the party moved away from a activist party into a party of the establishment. In his youth Van der Bellen was a ”arrogant anti-capitalist” as he called himself. As he grew older he changed his views and embraced liberalism.  Today Van der Bellen is a typical capitalist president, who serves the interests of the Austrian ruling class. His party never entered a coalition government, this is why the greens were able to play on some popular leftist issues. Unlike the Social-democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ), The Greens have not yet lost their electorate. Revolutionary socialists however noticed that the pro-capitalist leadership of The Greens, would abandon many leftist ideas just to prove to the media that they can govern under capitalism!

Young Greens were the youth section of The Greens since 2010. Their slogans are ecology, feminism, anti-fascism, egalitarianism, non-violence, self-determination and basic democracy. Many young members were very critical of their mother party, who had embraced the idea that you cannot change the system, let alone the ruling class. The youth leadership was less critical then most members, however the fact that they tried to turn the mother party to the left was not tolerated. The party-leaders wanted a centrist green party that promotes eco-capitalism (which is incompatible). Revolutionary socialists had abandoned the idea that the greens in Austria could return to their original anti-capitalist roots. Like the social democrats, the greens have embraced too many bourgeois ideas. They are not a radical party, but a moderate party with some ecological ideas, ideas that do not challenge capitalist dominance at all!

Now outside their mother party, the Young Greens of Austria need a new direction. Revolutionary socialists of the Socialist Left Party (SLP) call for the formation of a new workers party. The Young Greens could participate in the building of this new party for working class Austrians. All green activists, anti-capitalists and ecological socialists are welcomed to join the debates of the SLP to build this new leftist force. Because Austria is in need of a workers party. The social-democratic party and the greens have proven to the proletariat that they are not on their side. Social democrats have worked with conservatives too many times to be called leftists. The Young Socialists (JUSO) of the SPÖ are also more on the left. But unlike the young greens. the young social democrats never dare to stand against the SPÖ. They may speak the leftist language, yet when it comes to elections the JUSO always sided with the party leaders, who are pro-capitalist. The Young Greens were not afraid to stand against their right-wing dominated green party and because of that they were expelled!


No human is illegal. The Young Greens reject the hatred against immigrants.