Trump loves Saudi-Arabia

Trump is one the move and his first nation of visit is the: REACTIONARY TERROR FOUNDING THEOCRACY OF MEDIEVAL MONARCHISTS called: The Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. Out of all nations Trump choose this Arab kingdom led by Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. There is however a business reason why the far-right president visits the absolute monarchy. The Saudi’s are buying 100 billion dollars worth of U.S made weapons. Also they plan to invest in the USA, especially in Trump’s daughter Ivanka. She is setting up new businesses with Saudi money. This is so ironic because 11 months ago, Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for taking millions in donations from the Saudi royal family. Yes, the Arab kingdom wanted Clinton not Trump. Because back then Trump played the populist, the anti-establishment figure. Now the Saudi’s know it was all an act, Donald Trump is their ally and uncritical like all U.S presidents!  

When Barack Obama visited the absolute Islamic monarchy, he bowed to the Saudi king. Conservatives were outraged and attacked the president on Fox News, Breibart and They called him a ”coward” and a ”servant of Islam”. Now Donald Trump has done the same thing and many conservative websites remain either silent or try to downplay the fact, that their leader bowed to the Saudi king. The hypocrisy of far-right conservatives proofs how much they hatred Obama and his administration. Trump shows that he is not that macho male chauvinist, conservatives think he is. He remains a capitalist and secures a major trade deal with the reactionary islamists. America is selling over 100 billion dollars worth of military hardware to Saudi-Arabia. In return the oil rich theocracy is ”investing” their billions in America and in Ivanka Trump!

Nothing critical has been said about the fact that Saudi-Arabia is a deeply undemocratic country. A medieval theocracy run on the same ideology as the Islamic State, the terrorist group that has spread death and destruction in Iraq and Syria. Although Saudi-Arabia claims to be an enemy of IS, they share the same ideology. The only reason why Islamic State rejects Saudi-Arabia is because of the absolute (and deeply corrupt) monarchy. IS wishes to build a caliphate of Islam, they reject a monarchist system. They also know that behind the mask of Wahhabism, Saudi-Arabia’s kings and princes do not have a Islamic lifestyle. They drink alcohol, have wild parties with nude woman and consider themselves holier then the holy book of Islam. On the outside the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia portrays itself as a Islamic nation, but the laws of the Koran are often ignored for personal greed!

Wahhabism is a deeply sectarian ideology, it rejects any other interpretation of Islam. Shia-Islam is hated the most by the supporters of Wahhabism. In Saudi-Arabia it is forbidden to be a Shia-Muslim. Those who dare to be Shia face discrimination, expulsion, arrest and even execution. Last year in January, the kingdom executed: Nimr Baqir al-Nimr. This Shia clerk was calling for free elections in the absolute monarchy. The government arrested him which led to massive protests by Shia youth. After clashes with the police, Al-Nimr was sentenced to death. In January 2016, he and 40 others were murdered. This caused a diplomatic conflict between the (Shia) Islamic Republic of Iran and the kingdom. Iran remains deeply hostile to the Saudi regime!

Woman are regarded as lesser to men. Not only are females forced to cover themselves in public, they also need a male guarding at their side. This system is supported by some conservative woman too, who praise their enslavement to male chauvinism and dominance. In 2017, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud relaxed some laws on male guardianship. Woman no longer need a male while dealing with officials and medical professionals. However on many other fronts, woman are still forced to have a male at their side!

The death penalty is brutally enforced in the kingdom!

Saudi-Arabia is killing people for things like:

  • Rejecting religion
  • Rejecting the absolute monarchy
  • Converting from Islam to any other religion
  • Adultery
  • Sorcery (they believe in witchcraft too)
  • Homosexuality (including lesbianism)
  • Treason
  • Blasphemy
  • Waging war on God (militant atheism)
  • Fornication (killing none married couples for love in public)

The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is murdering people for exact the same reason as the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. But the imperialists of the USA never had any problems with these facts. They have armed the Saudi state with modern American made weapons. Tanks, planes and machine guns, used to suppress anybody who dares to stand against king Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and his 2.000 male family members. It is true that the Saudi Royal Family has over 15.000 members. But only 2.000 can be called extremely rich (multi-billionaires). These male members control all the oil profits. They are the ruling class of the kingdom and are positioned on all important positions in the government!

American presidents have praised the Saudi’s for their uncritical support of U.S imperialism. The Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia remains a loyal ally of the Americans against Iran, Russia and China. In the cold war, the theocracy played on anticommunism and was supplied with a lot of material from the USA. Thanks to billions in oil money, the kingdom was able to build a modern infrastructure. Although many western people think every Arab in the kingdom is wealthy, this is not the cause. In fact the wages for ordinary workers are much lower then in the USA. Workers in Saudi-Arabia do not have access to the oil wealth, that money is owned by the 2.000 male members of the royal family. On average a worker earns around 35.000 U.S dollars a year. But they do have the luxury of subsidized fuel, as car gas is very cheap. Only Venezuela is more cheaper in gas prices!

George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump, all have danced with the princes and kings. All have bowed their heads to this criminal kingdom and received awards and luxurious items. Michelle Obama was given a huge diamond and Ivanka Trump is getting donations in the millions. 11 months ago, the far-right billionaire that is her father attacked Hillary Clinton. The candidate of the Democratic Party was given millions in donations by the Saudi Royal Family. Trump was not happy that Saudi money was given to his political opponent. He demanded that Clinton rejected it as Saudi-Arabia was a evil nation that oppresses woman and kills gays. Trump was not wrong on this fact, but 11 months later, President Trump bows to the same people he rejected. It proofs again how little is left of the populist of 2016. Donald Trump is not the anti-establishment guy. He is the establishment!

Meanwhile the Saudi Air Force keeps bombing Yemen with American made planes. 10.000 civilians have been murdered since the civil war broke out in the Republic of Yemen in 2015. Unlike the Libyan and Syrian civil wars, this one remains largely ignored by the world capitalist media. Yemen is divided between a Sunni-Islamic government (supported by Saudi-Arabia and the USA) a Shia-Islamic: Revolutionary Committee also called ”Houthis rebels” (supported by Iran) and a radical Sunni-Islamist group called: Partisans of Sharia. The official government has lost control of the capital and relies on Saudi air support to attack the Shia-Islamic ”rebels”. The Partisans of Sharia have abused the situation and established a Islamic theocracy in 1/3 of the country. They control some towns and coastal regions to the south.

A big European supplier of guns to the conflict is the Federal Republic of Germany. The western world is arming the reactionary theocracy to destroy their political/religious enemies in Yemen. The fact that over 10.000 civilians died proof that the Saudi’s have little care for human life. Their pilots are raised with religious sectarianism and hatred of Shia-Muslims. They gladly bomb Shia homes as they are told. In the Yemen civil war, western made bombs kill thousands of innocents. The Saudi’s bomb anything that they call a target. In two years, the air force of the medieval kingdom has killed around 10.000 civilians. Despite protests from civil activists and human-rights groups, Donald Trump has given the green light to supply the absolute monarchy with new military hardware!

Revolutionary socialists call for the overthrow of the Saudi Royal Family. The whole rotten monarchy must be replaced by a socialist workers democracy. Billions in oil profits belong to the whole population, not to 2.000 corrupt male members of one family. Trump and the western world are responsible for keeping this regime in place. They arm it, they supply it, they keep the regime in power. If Saudi-Arabia would be under a full trade embargo like Cuba, it would lose control. Many young Arabs are already rejecting the dogmatic ideology of Wahhabism. Behind the walls of religious obedience an underground youth culture is growing. A new generation may look conservative and loyal, but like the women of Saudi-Arabia they too want to be free from the dogma’s of religious conservatism!


Trump bows his head to be given a golden Saudi necklace.