Anti-G20 protest

Revolutionary Socialist Media stands in full solidarity with all brave activists who defy the German capitalist government. Unlike the media of the establishment we do not center our reporting around some anarchists who destroy and burn cars. Our protest is not about needless destruction, but resistance to the G20 capitalist forces. Meanwhile the city of Hamburg has been turned into a fortress. Activists from the Netherlands have already been stopped at the border. The German police has completely forgotten EU rules about freedom of movement. No, they see a violent anarchist in anybody who wishes to protest against the G20!

Meanwhile 122 nations of the world have come out in the United Nations against the ownership of nuclear weapons. Although these 122 make up 2/3 of the world’s countries, their rejection of nuclear weapons is more symbolic. Because none of the actual nations who own these weapons of mass destruction, voted in favor of the resolution to ban them. Revolutionary socialists are not surprised. Many NATO countries who don’t own nuclear weapons still voted against the resolution, why? Because of NATO rules, countries like the Netherlands voted NO because they are bound by NATO rules to stock American owned nuclear weapons. Other imperialist forces like France claim that they need these weapons of mass destruction to protect themselves!

Back to Hamburg were protesting is becoming more difficult. Angered by injustice and brutality of the police, some protesters have become violent. This individual terrorism is very counterproductive as it gives the capitalist media a wonderful weapon. Members of the black anarchist circles decided to attack shops and cars. This is something revolutionary socialists fully reject as these small shops and cars do not harm the ruling class. They harm working class people. News-outlets in the world soon portrayed the anti-G20 protests as ”violent”. Their camera’s only showed the battles between police and black masked individuals. Few media attention was given to those who protested peacefully against the G20 countries!

Peaceful protesting is however not hot news. Battles between police forces and anarchists are. Also the media loves to point out how many ”innocent” police officers were wounded. They do not tell you how brutal force was used by the police against even peaceful protesters. The Hamburg police became so paranoid that they saw 76.000 anti-G20 demonstrators as ”violent” and ”dangerous”. You get the impression that all who stand against the G20 summit are ”violent street-thugs”, at least that is why you see on television. Many looters turned out be young people who took advantage of the riots to get ”free stuff”. They gave the protests a bad name by attacking small shops and looting them, all in the name of anti-capitalism!

The true criminals however are the G20 themselves. Especially the USA under Donald Trump, who’s imperialist aggression is now reaching a critical level. Russia and China may have their own imperialist agenda, but Trump’s America is escalating the situation on the Korean peninsula by threatening to use force against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). This is a very foolish move as it only reinforces the propaganda of Pyongyang that America is their biggest enemy. In the latest UN security council meeting, the USA openly said that it can and will use its army against North Korea to ”protect” itself. Not that North Korea has ever been a actual threat to Americans. But Trump’s war machine would love another war. His greedy military contractors make billions in profits by selling guns to the government. Guns that will be used to destroy North Koreans and make the contractors rich!

Meanwhile another G20 member is carrying out mass murder in Yemen. Armed with American made bombs the criminal Saudi Royal Air Force has been bombing the Yemeni people since 2015. Over 10.000 have died in bombing raids carried out by western build war planes. More than 3 million people have been driven from their homes in the last two years. 17 million people are in desperate need of food. More than half of Yemen’s health facilities are out of service or dysfunctional. A cholera outbreak is spreading fast since April, with hundreds of thousands of suspected cholera cases already spotted across the country. Yemen is now a failed state and its people need help. However unlike Iraq, Libya and Syria, Yemen has been completely ignored by the western media. Maybe this is because western made weapons are killing innocent people. Weapons that America and Europa have willingly sold to a Islamic theocracy!

While the G20 enjoy themselves in their fortress city of Hamburg, people across the world are suffering because of them. This is why there is massive anger and outright rejection of the G20. Russia and China may play on anti-American feelings, but revolutionary socialists are not fools. We do not see these two imperialist states as any different then the USA. Russia is intervening in Ukraine and China is already controlling many world markets, especially in Africa.  The Kremlin and the Chinese ”Communist” Party have capitalist interests of their own. Their goal is to compete with the old imperialist forces of the west. Russia under Putin has masked its huge gap between the very rich and the poor. Russian workers may be blinded by nationalism and false patriotism, but this cannot hide that poverty is widespread. The People’s Republic of China has become a superpower, but only because the CCP regime is exploiting millions of workers. We all know that Chinese factories are building most plastic and electronic products. Made in China is on almost any product today.

In July 2017 it is 100 years ago that the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party (Bolsheviks) became a mass party of working class Russians. After the collapse of the czarist government in February 1917, political parties were legalized. Lenin’s party was rather small before the revolution. But because of their work in the workers councils (soviets) the Bolsheviks were able to win large sections of the working class over. When the All-Russian Congress of Soviets came together the RSDWP of Lenin had 1/5 of the total vote. They were a minority, but would soon grown thanks to their anti-war stand and their call for a socialist revolution. The pro-war Provisional Government led by moderate socialists, Mensheviks and liberals did not liked the calls for peace and socialism. Soon they started to attack the Bolsheviks, calling them ”agents of Germany”. A lie that is repeated 100 years later by people like Sean McMeekin (New York Times), who claims that Lenin was a German spy!

Despite police brutality in Hamburg, it is good that many brave leftists have come to defy the G20 summit. The capitalist media may call them ”violent thugs” but reality is that they true criminals are the once who call themselves the G20.  Revolutionary Socialist Media calls for a socialist revolution in each country of the G20. For this to work we need workers parties. Parties who work as vehicles of the working class. Not centralized parties, but open and democratic forces. 100 years ago, social democracy was fighting for workers rights and socialism. But all social democrats have abandoned this idea and many moderate socialists (like Alexis Tsipras of Greece) also betrayed the working class by collaborating with the right-wing. Many political parties who call themselves ”socialist” are not actual fighting for socialism. This is why the left-wing has lost the support of workers in many countries. When leftists collaborate with the class enemy they lose their own base!

Right-wing populism and far-right nationalism grown because of the left’s inability to present a socialist alternative. Populists like Trump only won because the capitalist media presented the 2016 presidential elections as a two way fight. Despite that four candidates were competing only two got all media attention. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were (as always) fully ignored. The Libertarian candidate and Green candidate could not debate the candidates of the two establishment parties. Most Americans never have heard of the Green Party and Libertarian Party in a national elections. Because of the two party system, the ruling class is always winning in the USA. Trump’s pseudo-populism made it possible for him to beat Hillary Clinton. Had Jill Stein faced him she would have defeated not only Trump, but also Clinton who was deeply disliked!

A socialist world is possible. Working class people are the ones who can defeat the capitalist class. They only need to unite, to remove the G20 rulers who poison our planet with their wars and greed. In the end the G20 leaders are pawn of the true masters.  In 2017, there are only five individuals who own 50% of all monetary wealth.  Millions live in poverty, while these rich enjoy what is denied to the majority of the planet. This is all possible thanks to the capitalist system. A system that must be destroyed and replaced by socialism, revolutionary democratic socialism!


Oxfam’s Big Heads depict G20 leaders take part in protests ahead of the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg,