Foreign interventions of the USA

The USA is not a bastion of liberty and democracy. Despite the capitalist propaganda we now know that the criminal CIA has been involved in numerous coups, against governments that were not liked by Washington DC. A relative unknown right-wing coup was the Iranian one, which gave Mohammad Reza Pahlavi absolute power on 19 August 1953. Allen Dulles and president Eisenhower were the key conspirators in destroying the Iranian democracy. CIA boss Dulles also organized the 1954 coup against the government of Guatemala. This triggered the civil war in the ethnic Mayan country. A war which led to the mass murder of 170.000 people, carried out by American trained police and army units of the Guatemala Armed Forces!

The most famous American responsible for imperialist plots to destroy governments not loyal to capitalism was Henry Kissinger. As the 8th National Security Advisor, Kissinger oversaw the 9/11/73 military coup in Chile and agreed on bombing Cambodia. He was also the 56th United States Secretary of State between 1973 and 1977. It was Kissinger who allied the USA with Maoist China against Stalinist Russia, fully exploiting the deep mistrust between the two ”bastions of communism”. Thanks to the diplomatic skills of Kissinger, president Nixon was able to visit China. This was a shock to many dogmatic supporters of Mao, as they were told that Beijing was the centre of ”anti-imperialist struggle against the USA”. China would be a key supporter of western imperialism, supporting anticommunist groups like RENAMO in Angola and even the racist regime in South Africa, all because of its sectarian feud with Moscow. Beijing was willing to support any group that stood against the ”social-imperialists of the USSR”!

On 24 March 1976, the military of Argentina overthrew the government of Isabel Martínez de Perón. Although the coup was planned by the military, the USA gave full political support to the National Reorganization Process the name used by the new leaders for the military dictatorship, that ruled Argentina from 1976 till 1983. A small fish in this anticommunist government was Jorge Zorreguieta. He served as Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries for two years in the military junta. Zorreguieta left office before the collapse of the regime and would have remain anonymous if his eldest daughter did not marry the crown prince of the Netherlands in 2002. Maxima Zorreguieta believed that her father knew nothing of the massive human-rights abuses carried out between 1976 and 1983. A Dutch parliamentary inquiry found this to be unlikely. Jorge Zorreguieta responded that the Dutch were blinded by a ”left-wing bias” towards him. Revolutionary socialists are not surprised by his reaction. Zorreguieta may have been a small fish, but he was an anticommunist and in line with the ideology of the military!

Henry Kissinger demanded that Cuba win drew its support for African national liberation forces. Cuban troops were involved in Africa, fighting against groups supported by the USA. The imperialist of the west said that America would not have diplomatic relations with Fidel Castro, unless he abandoned his ‘’communist crusade’’. Naturally Castro refused to bow to Kissinger. Although both men survived the Cold War it was Castro who died first. As of August 2017, Henry Kissinger is still alive at age 94. As a servant of American imperialism, he proved himself to be a cunning man and an enemy of working class people, who struggled against capitalism and colonialism. While democratic rhetoric was coming from the White House, Kissinger was the true face of America. The face of western intervention, the face of supporting right-wing coups, the face of anticommunism!

Journalist and auteur Christopher Hitchens was one of the few who dared to challenge the legacy of Henry Kissinger. In 2001 he wrote the book: The Trial of Henry Kissinger. Hitchens exposed how the former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, was responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, offenses against common or customary or international law, including conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap and torture. The book was turned into a documentary film which received positive reviews. Naturally the capitalist establishment was not happy. Both Democrats and Republicans keep praising Henry Kissinger. Hillary Clinton called him a ‘’true friend’’!

The tale of the right-wing coup in Iran now public knowledge. But in 1953 few knew that the CIA was behind the overthrow of democratic elected prime minster: Mohammad Mosaddegh. As leader of the National Front, Mosaddegh was elected democratically. But his progressive politics were feared by the reactionary monarchy and Washington DC. When the government started to nationalize the Iranian oil fields, the Americans planned a coup. Key players were corrupt military officials who were bribed. The Central Intelligence Agency paid plotters up to 500 dollar per person, which is close to 4.500 dollar in today’s currency value. CIA director Allen Dulles and president Eisenhower wanted Iran to become an absolute monarchy with Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as supreme ruler!

Mohammad Mosaddegh was overthrown and put under house arrest. 250 Iranians were killed as the army ended democracy. The CIA was not the only one who organized the coup. British SAS agents were also present and worked with the plotters. Why? Because the British had lost ownership of the oil fields. Their capitalists were angry at the loss of ”their property”. So the SAS was participating in the coup that gave absolute power to the Shah of Iran. Allen Dulles realized that armies can be bribed by the USA. So he planned another coup, this time against the government of Guatemala!

President Jacobo Árbenz of Guatemala was loved for his agrarian reforms. However the white establishment did not liked him. Although Árbenz was not ethnic Mayan, he was willing to listen to the native population. 85% of Guatemala is ethnic Mayan, only 15% are decedents from Spanish imperialists and are called whites. José Manuel Fortuny had a great deal of influence on president Árbenz. As leader of the Guatemalan Party of Labour (official communist party) the USA was worried that the Mayan country would ally itself with the USSR. Fortuny was after all a ”dangerous communist” who’s influence ran deep in the government. CIA director Allen Dulles and president Eisenhower decided to replay the tactic they used in Iran. Guatemala had to become an anticommunist regime, one that could be controlled by both capitalist companies and Washington DC. A big supporter of this plan was the United Fruit Company!

It was this criminal capitalist enterprise that lobbied for the right-wing coup of 18 June 1954. Directors of United Fruit claimed that president Jacobo Árbenz was a communist and that he threatened their profits and assets in Guatemala. The CIA selected Carlos Armas to lead 480 bribed soldiers in overthrowing the government. Despite the small size of the plotters, the regular army was unwilling to defend democracy. Why? Because the USA made it very clear that they supported the plotters. Guatemalan officials were too afraid to stand against American imperialism. Carlos Armas was made president and despite that he was a loyal lackey of the west, he only ruled for three years. His government (plagued by corruption and soaring debt) became almost fully dependent on aid from the US. In 1957, Castillo Armas was assassinated by a palace guard with leftist sympathies!

The U.S. government always tries to hide their support for right-wing dictatorships under a façade of democracy. All regimes supported by Washington DC had to look democratic on the outside. This was not always the cause, but it was the preferred method. After all, the USA was regarded as the ‘’bastion of liberty and democracy’’. In Guatemala the façade of democracy was difficult to keep up. Especially after leftist groups started to fight the corrupt government. CIA trained troops showed their brutality by murdering 170.000 ethnic Mayans. The civil war ended in 1996, but little has changed. Massive inequality and abuse of power remain. A result of U.S intervention in Latin America!

In April 1960, the CIA evacuated their political puppet from South Korea. Rhee Syngman had been dictator of the Republic of Korea since 1948. He ruled a totalitarian anticommunist state, which was responsible for the death of 150.000 Koreans. These people were killed at the dawn of the Korean War. Many were political prisoners, held at the famous Bodo League concentration camps. Dictator Rhee had ordered all leftists to be arrested and jailed. 40.000 were arrested in 1948, this number grew to over 150.000. When North Korean troops invaded the south, soldiers from the regular Republic of Korea Army were ordered to kill all political prisoners. Although the Americans knew what happened, they blamed the mass murder on North Korea. Western leaders believed this lie and it would not be until 2005 before South Korea finally took responsibility!

After Rhee Syngman was saved by the United Nations (led by the USA) he was free to rule South Korea unopposed. America demanded however that he kept a façade up. So the dictator made himself leader of the Liberal Party and claimed his nation was FREE KOREA. American propaganda supported this lie just as they supported Chiang-Kai-Shek’s claim that Taiwan was FREE CHINA. Rhee Syngman ruled as absolute autocrat for another 11 years after the end of the Korean War. In April 1960 however the CIA flew him out of the country after students rebelled against his regime. The army opened fire and killed 180 students, this led to massive anger as workers joined the protests. Fearing a potential revolution, the capitalist establishment dropped their old dictator and agreed to many student demands.

The second republic of South Korea was born, but lasted less then a year. Because Washington DC was not willing to accept a democracy in South Korea. With CIA support, Park Chung-hee (former Japanese collaborator and ex-Stalinist turnend anticommunuist) took power. He lay the groundwork for a autocratic military regime that lasted until the late 1980’s. The CIA even trained a clone of itself in South Korea, called the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. As a direct copy of the American CIA, the Korean CIA was build as a tool of the ruling class. It’s main goal was to arrest and torture critics of the Park regime. Ironically, it was the director of the KCIA who murdered dictator Pak on 26 October 1979. Park’s successors renamed the agency to hide its CIA origin. Today the National Intelligence Service (NIS) is still a enemy of democracy. It played a big role in a plot which banned the Unified Progressive Party, the most active critic of the corrupt Park Geun-hye administration. The NIS has been very good at providing the government with so called ”evidence” that this leftist nationalist party was pro-North Korean. A tactic the old KCIA, used to arrest and silence leftist opposition in the 60’s and 70’s!

South Vietnam was a right-wing regime from its birth in 1954 to its death in 1975. The Republic of Vietnam had only one reason to exist and that was to keep capitalist interests save. After the splitting of Vietnam, the south became a typical autocracy with a democratic façade. Ngo Dinh Diem was the first president and like Shee Syngman, a deeply conservative anticommunist. But by 1963, the Americans wanted him gone. His was murdered by the leader of the army and replaced by a military junta. The USA under president Johnson however preferred a democratic façade. So the South Vietnamese junta was replaced by a pseudo-civilian government led by former general: Nguyễn Văn Thiệu. This ex-general even tried to appeal democratic by creating a political party called the National Social Democratic Front. Behind the façade however South Vietnam was a puppet state of the USA. After 1963 the country became more and more dependent on U.S aid!

When the USA pulled out of the Vietnam War, the south was left to fight on its own. Despite massive support in weaponry, it lacked training and moral to effectively fight the Viet-Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. By April 1975, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam was short of ammunitions and moral was dropping faster than a bomb. As North Vietnamese soldiers started their final offensive, the southern army collapsed in a matter of months. It was clear that win-out the USA, the whole military of South Vietnam was nothing. Soldiers, officers and generals, all abandoned their posts as Saigon fell!

Losing their ally in south east Asia was not something American imperialism would repeat. Unfortunate for them they would lose another ally very quickly. Because the Imperial State of Iran entered a revolution of its own. Iranians born after 1953 remembered how the CIA and British SAS overthrew Mohammad Mosaddegh. Young Iranian students were not only deeply anti-America, but also deeply anti-Shah. They rebelled against the cruel SAVAK, the CIA created secret police of Iran. Driven by religious fundamentalism and anti-imperialism, they called for the overthrow of the Shah. On 8 January 1978, the Iranian revolution began. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi believed he could control the situation by ordering his army to open fire. Over 2.700 demonstrators were killed as they rebelled against the absolute monarchy. A year later in 1979, the Shah was told to leave Iran. In October of that year, Iran became an anti-Western theocracy led by ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini!

On 11 September 1973, the CIA was involved in another coup in Latin America. This time they allied themselves with the armed forces of Chile. The president of this country was a moderate socialist and willing to build socialism by reforming Chilean society. Allende was sympathetic to Fidel Castro, despite the fact that was not a revolutionary socialist. His redistribute of wealth to poorer Chileans was not loved by the capitalist class. They constantly portrayed Allende as a ”dangerous communist”. To stop the leftist direction the president took, the ruling class started to sabotage the economy. The government was unable to stop capital flight, rising unemployment and disinvestment, simply because it allowed private ownership of big business and the financial sector. With help from the U.S government, the capitalists of Chile were able to turn public opinion against the president. A similar situation is happening in Venezuela today!

Revolutionary socialists had warned Salvador Allende about the dangers of keeping capitalism alive. Like Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, Chile did not embraced a socialist revolution. Although the social programs were good for workers and the poor, the Chilean economy was still based on the market system. Most means of production remained in private hands and the financial system was not placed under democratic control. Allende’s reformism also made him blind to the fact that the army was deeply anticommunist. The president had this misguided idea that the military would be loyal to democracy. Many on the left wanted the working class armed, but president Allende trusted his generals. Augusto Pinochet was Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army since 22 August 1973 and appointed by the president. Behind Allende’s back, he conspired with the CIA to overthrow him!

The coup happened on 09/11/1973. Soldiers attacked the presidential palace were Salvador Allende could not believe at first that Augusto Pinochet had betray him. However all branches of the armed forces had betrayed democracy on that day. After a few hours of fighting between soldiers and the presidential guards, the air force bombed the palace. This marked the death of Chilean democracy as the building burned. President Allende gave his farewell speech and then committed suicide. He never surrendered his office. General Pinochet installed himself as president of a military junta and started with massive privatizations. His economic politics were based on the ideas of the Chicago Boys a team of free-market economists educated in American universities. As Chile was loyal to capitalist law again, the CIA had destroyed another democracy in Latin America!