The right-wing wants war

The political establishment in the USA wants war with North Korea. Why? Because the military sector would get billions in contracts. War means guns and guns means a lot of profit for companies who sell them. Their political puppets inside the Republican Party and Democratic Party have always put war interests ahead of those people who are effected by their weapons. With tensions rising on the Korean peninsula, right-wing conservatives are openly calling for a conflict with the absolute monarchy of Kim Jong Un, the obese dictator of North Korea. These war-hawks have no regard for the millions who could die if a new Korean War brakes out! 

Imperialist wars are always about ownership of land. Old style imperialism conquered nations in the name of colonialism. After 1945, new imperialism took place in the form of economic imperialism. American imperialism played a big role in the creation and arming of far-right regimes. The nationalist dictatorships in Portugal and Spain were welcomed by American presidents, who praised the anticommunist dictators for their pro-western stands. Billions worth of military hardware was shipped to countries who oppressed workers and killed leftists. Dictatorships in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America were all given weapons made in the USA!

Hardcore conservative war-hawks from the Republican Party would love to see a war between the USA and the DPRK. They are pushing that idiot of a president Trump into striking North Korea. These insane people have no regards for the millions of lives that could be lost if there is a war. North Korea has the ability to strike Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Also its agents could strike America, attacking government offices and buildings. But the war-hawks on the far-right don’t care. One of these hawks is Ralph Peters, a Fox News contributor. On national television this crazy person is openly calling for a first strike by the USA against North Korea. Has this Ralph Peters any clue about what would happen if American bombs are dropped on the north? North Koreans have been drilled with this scenario since the last Korean War, when Americans dropped more bombs on Pyongyang then on Berlin and Tokyo during WW2!

Kim Jong Un will strike back and would never surrender his kingdom to any imperialist invasion. Revolutionary socialists fully reject his absolute monarchy, but the North Korean government has the right to defend itself, should the imperialists of the USA and their South Korean allies strike first. The same is said when North Korea would launch the offensive. However this is unlikely since Jong Un is not stupid and knows that he will  go down as the aggressor in history. No, the Kim Dynasty rather plays the martyr card by baiting the USA with propaganda. Crazy people like Ralph Peters are furious that a ”rogue” state is allowed to challenge the ”mighty USA” openly. This is why these war-hawks also called for an invasion of Cuba and they were successful in getting the U.S government to invade Afghanistan and Iraq!

The far-right in the USA is willy and able to go to war over Korea. Their guy in the White House has carried out many pro-capitalist and anti-worker ideas. But Trump is not completely under the control of war-hawks like Ralph Peters. He recently made a deal with Democrats on suspend the debt ceiling for three months. The Republican Party was very angry that their president was making deals with the Democratic Party, which is close to sacrileges. Still this does not excuse all the bad things this president has done since he came into office. Donald Trump has already abandoned his populist mask and has shown to be a typical right-wing leader. Lowering taxes for the rich and destroying social security for the poor. Those workers who voted for him will face this reality!

War-hawks are not exclusively Republican. Hillary Clinton is a typical Democrat who supported the imperialist wars of the USA. She wanted American intervention in Libya, she  called for boots on the ground in Syria. Trump campaigned against her war-hawkish behavior. But as we now know, this was all a lie. Donald Trump is willing to go to war as he is a hypocrite and a flipflopper.  Both  the Democratic Party and Republican Party are the tools of the greedy military industrial complex. Billions of American tax money is wasted on guns, airplanes, ships and tanks. America does not need an army of 1 million soldiers and expensive hard-ware. But the USA is a imperialist superpower and a capitalist state, who’s government stands in the service of the class who owns the means of production. This is why the tax money of workers is wasted!

It is the task of socialists and trade unionists to stand against people like this Ralph Peters who calls for open war between North Korea and the USA. Peters is a true believer in American supremacy over the world and as a true right-winger has no  regard for the lives that will be lost once American planes hit North Korea. The media would also welcome a conflict. During the last invasion of a nation in March 2003, all major television networks were fully supportive of the war. Journalists were almost in bed with soldiers. They reported a propaganda version of the Iraq War. Soldiers were portrayed as hero’s and ”good guys”. Iraqi’s who suffered under the occupation were never seen!

Not only the American media were pro-war, the British BBC was also drumming the war and portrayed it as a ”war of liberation”. We all know that the USA and Great Britain lied to us, Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. Also Iraq would never become a democracy. Today it is still regarded as a dictatorial state by human rights groups. The same is said about the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a reactionary state that bans anything that goes against the political Islam. Western imperialism not only created the mess that is Iraq, it also founded a conservative dictatorship in Afghanistan!


Ralph Peters on Fox News, calling for a imperialist attack on North Korea