The lies of Project Veritas

Project Veritas is a American right-wing propaganda group, that aims to destroy individuals and organisations with false stories about criminal behavior. Their so called ”undercover” operations are done with the aim to spread lies and misinformation. A victim of Project Veritas was the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which was forced to close in 2010 after conservative ”activist” James O’Keefe had spread a ”false story” about criminal behavior by its workers. The conservative media (Fox News) loved the so called ”revelations” and Republican controlled governments ended funding. ACORN’s did good work for low- and moderate-income families by working on neighborhood safety, voter registration, health care and affordable housing. All their work was destroyed by edited ”undercover” videos released by O’Keefe!

James O’Keefe is the guy who started Project Veritas. He calls himself an ”activist” which he is not. O’Keefe is a propagandist for the ruling class, by spreading lies and misinformation. His propaganda is build around pseudo-undercover operations. The so called ”revelations” of Project Veritas always turn out to be selectively edited to misrepresent the context of conversations. O’Keefe wants his audience to believe that the work he is doing is genuine, the problem is that he cannot be trusted as his goal is to mislead people with false stories. Fake news you can call it!

Nobody should be surprised when revolutionary socialists expose Project Veritas as a tool of rich conservatives. They are funded by anonymous donations through ”Donors Trust”, a conservative American nonprofit donor-advised fund. Donald Trump himself also gave money to James O’Keefe in 2015. The Trump Organisation paid over 10.000 dollars to Project Veritas. We all know that Trump is a master of lying and misinformation. During the 2016 presidential election, Trump spread more lies then any other presidential candidate. O’Keefe is like all right-wing nuts, he loves capitalism and the ruling class, he hates the government only when Democrats are in power. This is typical behavior as conservatives are hypocrites when it comes to their anti-government agenda. Now that a far-right billionaire controls the USA, the anti-government rhetoric of right-wing networks like Fox News, melted away. and Breitbart News also turned from anti-government to pro-government, now that the Republicans control the presidency!

In September 2009, O’Keefe and his partner in crime; Hannah Giles, published a pseudo-undercover story on the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. They wanted to destroy ACORN, because this organisation helped people to vote. It is a fact that many minorities and black Americans have a low-vote rate. If organisations  like ACORN are able to raise the voter turnout, this would benefit Democrats. Most ethnic minorities and blacks vote for the Democratic Party. If their turnout is higher then Democrats have a bigger chance of beating Republicans. As conservatives and supporters of the Republican Party, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles knew that exposing ACORN with a pseudo-story, would end government funding. So they edited their videos to give viewers the impression that low-ranking workers at ACORN would support prostitution. O’Keefe played the role of the ”pimp” and Giles was the prostitute!

The ”undercover” video was filmed with the clear intention to end public funding of ACORN. Government officials played right into James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles hands. They called for the government to end funding of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. As the video was released, the U.S. Congress quickly voted to freeze federal funding to ACORN. Independent investigators founded out that the pseudo-undercover video had been partially falsified, to create a misleading picture and was selectively edited by James O’Keefe. This would however not save ACRON as it filed for bankruptcy in November 2010. Its workers however were able to form new groups under different names to continue their work to help low and middle income families. One former ACORN worker (who appeared in the edited video) was able to sue James O’Keefe for 100.000 dollars, which the conservative ”activist” was forced to pay!

Despite that he was exposed as a lying son of a bitch, James O’Keefe had served the ruling class very well. ACRON was destroyed, this made him a star among right-wing media networks. O’Keefe was invited on Fox News and praised by propagandists like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Project Veritas was then created by James O’Keefe after he was paid a lot of money by the ruling class to ”expose” more. His next goal were Democratic senators, which O’Keefe wanted to destroy.  In January 2010, the members of Project Veritas entered the office of senator Mary Landrieu under false pretenses. They were dressed as telephone repairmen when they were captured. James O’Keefe got a three year probation, 100 hours of community service and a 1,500 dollar fine. Despite that he was now a convicted criminal, O’Keefe would not end his crusade to spread lies and misinformation!

In 2011, another pseudo-investigation was underway. This time Project Veritas targeted the National Public Radio (NPR). A edited video was released featuring Ronald Schiller, NPR’s senior vice president for fundraising. In the video you see Schiller meeting people who claimed that they were from a Islamic charity group linked tot the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact these ”representatives” were from Project Veritas. They wanted to portray the senior vice president as a corrupt guy, who took money from the Muslim Brotherhood. Later in the video you hear Ronald Schiller saying that the NPR would be better off, win-out public funding. This was edited to give the illusion that the National Public Radio does not need government money. However the raw-video tells the real story. That many local NPR stations would go under if the government would end funding. This was however not included in the video released by Project Veritas!

After the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, James O’Keefe returned to resume his pseudo-undercover work. Now he targeted CNN with videos that showed how news anchors talked negatively about president Trump. Like all of Project Veritas work, the videos were edited to give viewers a wrongful picture. Conservative propaganda networks like, Breitbart News and Fox News all ran the story as truth. They told their viewers to see the ”undercover” work by O’Keefe as genuine. Revolutionary socialists however reject his work as biased and deceptive. The videos released by Project Veritas are all skillfully edited to smear critics of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. James O’Keefe knows this but does not care. Like Joseph Goebbels (Nazi minister of propaganda) he considers himself a crusader against the ”leftist” media of America!

Just recently Project Veritas was exposed by the Washington Post, after they tried to sell a story of a woman that was raped by Republican congressman: Roy Moore. This conservative congressman is in the spotlight, after numerous women claimed that they were assaulted and raped by Moore, when he was in his 30’s. Project Veritas tried to undermine the credibility of these women by creating a fake accusation, which they tried to sell. If the Washington Post had run the story, James O’Keefe would have used the pseudo-accusation to undermine the credibility of the newspaper. However the Washington Post turned out to be clever and was able to expose the woman as a operative for Project Veritas. She was caught at the Project Veritas’ office in Mamaroneck New York, with her car remaining at the office’s parking for more than an hour. James O’Keefe’s sting operation failed and he got severe criticism. This time even conservatives attacked the self-declared ”activist of the right-wing”. The Washington Post meanwhile was praised for they ability to see beyond the deception!

“What [O’Keefe] does isn’t journalism. It’s agitpop [sic], politi-punking, entrapment-entertainment. There is no responsible definition of journalism that includes what he does or how he does it. His success at luring his prey into harming themselves is a measure of how fallible and foolish anyone, including good people, can sometimes be.”

Marty Kaplan, director of the Norman Lear Center at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism


James O’Keefe, activist for the ruling class and conservative propagandist!