Mass tax cut for the American 1%

Donald Trump and his plutocratic party have carried out a massive tax cut for the rich, the people who pay them. All Republican senators voted in favor of cutting taxes for corporations and rich individuals. Now this is not new in the plutocracy that calls itself the ”Land of the Free”. American capitalism has never cared much about the need of ordinary workers. The USA is already the most unequal western capitalist country. Now the ruling class will be much richer, thanks to Trump who claimed to be standing with workers against the establishment in 2016. All populist facades are gone and the Americans know it. Donald Trump’s approval rating (60% disapprove) is at a bottom low, only one year after he took office! 

American workers must understand that this is not an incident. The Republican Party is the most right-wing, pro-establishment party there is. It has also grown into a far-right party, promoting nationalism, anti-Islamic bigotry and hatred of ethnic minorities. Although Trump is a typical capitalist exploiter, the Republican Party always tried to serve only one class of people. Problem is that many working class Americans are stupid enough to believe the propaganda of ”Grand Old Party”. Years of indoctrination have done their work, also the two party system works in favor of the ruling class. Because by presenting the Democratic Party as leftist, the capitalist media can portray the USA as a democracy. This is however no true as the Democrats are also on the right-wing spectrum. The two party system operates on a single capitalist ideology, this is why Socialist Alternative calls for a new workers party to be build!

Corporate tax will be reduced from 35% to 20%, this means that the government will lose billions in revenue. According to “the top tax rate on partnerships and limited liability companies (also known as pass-through entities) would fall from 39.6% to 25%. Trump himself will benefit hugely from his own tax cuts, because he owns more then 500 companies. Many leftists want to tax the rich and let them pay a much higher percentages. Although this is good it is not enough as Socialist Alternative explains: ”As long as the wealth is controlled by the top 1% and capitalist class, they will find ways to horde as much of their wealth as possible and their system will be a source of interminable economic and social crises. We need to fight for a socialist society in which the top banks and corporations are taken into public ownership under direct democratic control of workers, consumers and broader public”!

There was the illusion that some Republican senators would not support the tax cut. But in the end they all voted in favor of it. Since the Republican Party controls the senate, they were able to pass this huge Christmas present for the 1%. Mass mobilization is now needed, but we cannot count on the Democrats to do it. Although many progressives inside the Democratic Party want to fight back, the leadership in the Democratic National Committee fear that those mobilized will likely go beyond the capitalist program of the party. Therefore they will never allow mass mobilizations. The DNC prefers to keep the illusion up that Democrats will ”fight against Trump”. Reality is that the Democratic Party lost the 2016 presidential elections, because the the DNC was deeply in bed with the Hillary Clinton campaign. They made sure she became the nomination, which led to Donald Trump winning key states as many Democratic voters choose not to vote!

Meanwhile the Republicans have already killed a important regulation. On 14 December 2017 the FCC led by Ajit Varadaraj Pai, voted to reverse the decision to regulate the internet under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Pai is a supporter of deregulation and like all Republicans, he is a pawn of capitalism. This means that internet service providers can now decide what you see on the net and what not. You-Tube, Twitter and Facebook can be blocked if you don’t have the right package. Only two countries in the world have laws that guaranty full access to the internet. The Republic of Chile and the Kingdom of the Netherlands are the only ones who have laws to keep the internet open and accessible for all!

Although 83% of all Americans support internet neutrality laws, the Republican Party and Ajit Pai serve the big internet providers like Comcast. Again no surprise here, only the most naive idiot does not understand that the Republican Party will always choose the ruling class over the working class. Ajit Pai is a right-wing plutocrat and does not care what the majority of Americans think. Socialist councilwoman; Kshama Sawant of Seattle has already build up a plan to outsmart the big providers. She proposes that the city builds a public internet provider company. This company would guarantee full internet access for all. It remains to be see if Seattle is willing to do this, since state owned enterprises are not part of the neoliberal dogma. Seattle is ruled by the Democratic Party, the very party that Sawant has to fight against. Because the establishment in the State of Washington is made up of Democratic politicians!