Down with Shia-Islamism in Iran

Many working class Iranians have voiced their opposition to the reactionary Shia-Islamic theocracy in Iran. Despite all religious propaganda, Iran is a deeply unequal nation. The ruling Ayatollah’s work hand in hand with capitalists to keep themselves wealthy and powerful. In 1979, the Iranian Revolution ended one reactionary regime and replaced it with another one. 39 years later many working class Iranians now understand that Shia-Islamism does not work in their favor. Revolutionary socialists stand in full solidarity with all those brave workers, who dare to defy the religious state and its henchmen. We call for the overthrow of the regime and a socialist Iran under control of workers councils!

By now the criminal theocracy in Iran has crushed most demonstrations and arrested over 3.000 Iranians. In their statement the regime claims that the ”revolutionary Iranians have crushed the supporters of the Shah and the USA”. With ”revolutionary Iranians” they mean the theocratic supporters of the Islamic Republic, who use police brutality to crush anyone who rejects the Shia-Islamic state. Tehran is seen as a major enemy of the western world, since it broke free from western imperialism in 1978. But despite the overthrow of the Shah and his henchmen, the working class would not be free. Under the leadership of religious leaders called Ayatollah’s, Iran became a theocracy that disguise itself as a ”Islamic democracy”!

Sure there are elections in Iran, but these elections are not free. Critics of Shia-Islamism are not allowed to compete, only those who recognize the religious state and its oppressive institutions are able to run candidates. This is why ”democracy” in Iran is divided between hardliners and reformers. The hardliners are the ones who often win any political debate, because the political leadership is subjugated to the supreme religious leader. Ali Khamenei is the Supreme Leader of Iran since 1989, he is more powerful then the President of Iran and his point of view is law. The president can be a hardliner or a reformer, but the supreme leader is the person who can overturn any decision made by the presidency!

Khamenei succeeded Ruhollah Khomeini, the Godfather of the Iranian theocracy.  Khomeini was in power form 3 December 1979 until his death on 3 June 1989. His conservative theocratic believes lay the groundwork for the regime’s dictatorial nature. Unlike other Islamic regimes in the Arab world, the Islamic Republic of Iran mixes Shia-Islamism with anti-imperialism and opposition to American dominance of the world. This is why Iran has been viewed by the western world as a great enemy. American right-wing politicians have often called for a war with the theocracy. Like Cuba, the USA put Iran under a weapons and trade embargo. They claim that Tehran was supporting terrorism which is hypocritical to say, since American inventions in the Islamic world has caused more death and destruction then anything Iran has ever done. Beside the biggest Islamic theocracy in that region is not Iran. The reactionary Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia is far more brutal in enforcing Islamism then Iran is. But since Saudi-Arabia supports western imperialism, it is a big ally of the USA. Iran has voiced opposition to the USA and this is why they are put under an embargo like Cuba!

United Nations sanctions against Iran were lifted last year. But the USA and EU are still enforcing their own sanctions. Why? Because of Iran’s nuclear program. Western imperialism does not like it that an anti-imperialist nation is able to produce nuclear weapons. It is not a problem when dictatorial regimes like Saudi-Arabia owns them, but for Iran to produce and own nuclear weapons is suddenly a ”danger to international peace” according to the USA and EU. Iran is under sanctions only because it is building a nuclear industry, not because of its violation of human rights. If the western world truly cared about oppressed people, then it would have imposed sanctions on its own allies in the middle east. Because the reactionary Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, the terror State of Israel, the United Arab Emirates and many other western allies are undemocratic and oppressive regimes that violate human rights each day!

This does not mean that Iran is less dictatorial. Despite its opposition to American style capitalism, Iran is just as right-wing when it comes to economics. Privatizations and deregulation led to massive inequality, especially under rural workers. Since Iran is a relative young country many who live today did not experienced the Shah and the revolution, which gave Ruhollah Khomeini and Ali Khamenei supreme power. If Iran was a true democracy then the theocracy would not survive. The youth is more secular then the 1978 generation and because of the theocracy, rejection to religion is growing fast. Because these Iranians known what is is like to live under a state that brutally enforces a religion. Like all people of the world they want to be free from poverty, exploitation and state enforced religion!

The current generation has enough of the strict religious laws and the oppressive government that enforces them. It is said that there is a large underground youth culture in Iran. Defying the laws of Shia-Islamism by drinking alcohol and having a secret western lifestyle. Some even go so far in rejecting Islam as a Arab importation. This is true as Iran was not a Islamic country until the Arabs conquered it in 651 AD. They imposed the religion of Sunni-Islam on the Persians (old Iranians) as Zoroastrianism was pushed aside. After the Arab caliphates collapsed, the Safavid dynasty replaced Sunni-Islam with Shia-Islam. It is because of this dynasty which ruled for 235 years, that Shia-Islamism is now the dominate faith!

Economics also play a large role in the present protests. Unemployment is relative high and those who have work are earning not enough to meet ends need. Government corruption and abuse of power are core reasons of the protests which started on 28 December 2017. The demonstrations soon led to riots and massive civil disobedience. Ali Khamenei ordered the religious police and paramilitary groups to be used. The Mobilization Resistance Force or Basij is the official volunteer militia of the regime. They claim to have over 11.000.000 members, but reliable data indicates that only 600.000 are ready for combat. After one week of active protests and resistance, the regime killed 22 and arrested between 1.000 to 3.000 people. Revolutionary socialists stand in full solidarity with those brave Iranians, who dare to defy the corrupt-theocratic government!

Fear is a weapon the establishment has always used. But if the working class is not longer afraid of the religious police and the ”volunteer militia”, then it will be the ruling class who will become afraid. The left-wing of Iran needs to unite the anger towards the regime into a movement for socialism. Back in 1978, the leftists made a huge mistake in working with Ruhollah Khomeini. They believed that the Ayatollah’s would tolerate them in a ”New Iran”. But as the Islamic republic was establishment, Khomeini turned on the left-wing by banning them all. Like Stalin’s extermination of the Bolshevik Party in the 1930’s, Khomeini killed off any leftist critic of his regime. Had the revolutionary left not supported the referendum which created the Islamic Republic, they would have been much stronger. By supporting the YES vote for the Islamic Constitution, the Iranian left-wing in a way gave legitimacy to a theocracy!

Mansoor Hekmat (born Zhoobin Razani) was one of the few Marxists who rejected the Islamic republic. Hekmat was a founder of the Union of Communist Militants. This revolutionary leftist party rejected any collaboration with the Ayatollah’s. Instead they were very active in building workers councils across Iran. These councils would be the central organs of a socialist Iran. The Union of Communist Militants faced brutal repression after Ruhollah Khomeini became Supreme Leader. By 1981 they were forced to leave the country. In Iraqi Kurdistan, Hekmat’s party fused with a Maoist group to form the Communist Party of Iran in exile. Hekmat came to reject Stalinist doctrine and even the Leninist party model. He started to build his own ideology called worker-communism. In 1991, Hekmat and his supporters left the CPI and founded the Worker-communist Party of Iran. Mansoor died in London as a refugee in 2002. He was a revolutionary who never gave up his believe in a Iran free from Islamism and capitalist exploitation!

Revolutionary Socialist Media calls for a revolutionary overthrow of the Khamenei regime. But we reject western leaders who do the same thing. Far-right hypocrite Donald Trump may call for the overthrow the the Iranian regime, he only does that because he wants to appear a populist. Trump does not call for the overthrow of the Saudi Royal Family nor the oppressive Zionist regime of his friend Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump is on friendly therms with many undemocratic leaders and as a capitalist exploiter himself, he does not care about working class people. This is why we reject hypocrites like the American president and other war-hawks who want to go to war with Iran. Like Mansoor Hekmat we call for a socialist Iran under control of workers councils. We say no to a capitalist democratic republic and no to a Iran with a Islamic Constitution! 



The year 2017

The year 2017 is almost over. In this year we saw the rise of a far-right president in the USA. Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016 on a populist agenda. This populism he abandoned after becoming president. Millions of voters who believed that Trump would be a alternative to the establishment were bitterly betrayed. On 14 December the Republican controlled FCC ended Internet Neutrality, paving the way for internet providers to control what Americans can see on the net. The Islamic State was finally defeated in Syria and Iraq after a three year battle. But terrorism has not been destroyed. The ”Caliphate” is gone, but terror will remain as long as sectarianism dominates the region. Revolutionary socialists will keep calling for the formation of new mass workers parties to overthrow the capitalist establishment on this world. We need parties of the working class to end the inequality that capitalism creates!

2016 ended with the fall of South Korean president; Park Geun-hye, daughter of former dictator Park Chung-hee (1963-1979). She was arrested on 31 March 2017 and held in detention at the Seoul Detention Center in Uiwang, South Korea. Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Donald Trump of the USA were facing each other in a battle of stupidity. Both men are egocentric narcissists and threaten the world with nuclear destruction. Trump played on the idea of attacking North Korea and the regime of Kim Jong Un declared that they would launch rockets to destroy the USA. We can be happy that it has not come to a all out war, between a far-right sexist in Washington DC and that obese emperor in Pyongyang!

2017 was the year of massive media hysteria on Russia. The Democratic Party claimed that it was Russia who hacked their servers and exposed how the DNC supported Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. The propaganda network of the Democratic Party (MSNBC) went into overdrive to portray Russia as the biggest enemy of the USA. Democrats said that Trump would become a puppet president of the Kremlin, instead Trump took a harsh stand against Moscow. He had no choice as the ruling class of America never liked the rise of Putin’s Russia on the imperialist battle map. Since the collapse of the Soviet-Union, the USA has been the dominate superpower. But in the last years both Russia and China are growing and meddling with American supremacy. Washington DC does not like it when it is challenged at it own game!

Chelsea Manning was freed on 21 July 2017. This brave woman exposed how U.S imperialism had murdered innocent Iraqi’s. The famous helicopter attack against Iraqi civilians is now in the public. Manning was eventually arrested after she was betrayed by Adrian Lamo a Colombian-American threat analyst and former hacker. The U.S military sentenced her to 35 years in prison. As the presidency of Barack Obama came to an end, he choose to pardon her. Despite being a typical imperialist president, Obama did a good thing by letting Manning to free. Any Republican president would not have done this. Another brave whistle-blower is still living in exile. Edward Snowden may never return to his homeland. In 2017 he will be four years living in the Russian Federation. Edward became famous after he exposed how the NSA was spying on the American people. Snowden is able to stay in Russia until at least 2020. He is still trying to find asylum elsewhere!

In April 2017, Fox News in the USA fired Bill O’ Reilly, their best propagandist. Bill turned out to be a dirty old man who paid off more than $13 million to settle lawsuits brought forward by former female workers at Fox News. These woman all accused O’Reilly of sexual harassment. Bill was not the only Fox heavyweight that was forced out. Roger Ailes who led the far-right network also was forced to go after he was exposed as a sexual predator. Both Ailes and O’Reilly believed to be gods and untouchable. However they started something that led to a massive coming out of people who were victims of sexual harassment. Hollywood was hit hard as famous names like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey were accused. After years of silence, victims of sexual harassment dared to expose those who were seen as mighty in the film industry. The movie; All the Money in the World, was filmed with Kevin Spacey in a supporting role. After the revelations, director Ridley Scott choose to re-shoot all scenes of Spancy with another actor. This was never done before!

During the parliamentary elections in France, the social democrats got less then 7% of the votes. This proofs the final downfall of the Socialist Party (PS). After years of supporting austerity and cuts to social services, the social democrats were punished rightfully. The PS was a major party of power in post-war France. Most elections were always centralized between the PS on the left-wing and the conservatives on the right-wing. However revolutionary socialists never fell for that lie. We said that the PS was never a true left-wing party as it always support capitalists over workers. Governments led by the PS were typical bourgeois, even supporting American imperialist interests. French social democrats deserved to be reduced to a minor pro-capitalist party. It is sad that the true leftists in France have not profited for the PS downfall. Instead politics in the French Republic are now dominated by right-wing neoliberals led by Emmanuel Macron!

Revolutionary leftists remembered two important dates in 2017. The 50th anniversary of the murder of Ernesto Guevara and the 100th anniversary of the Soviet revolution in Russia. Che Guevara was murdered by Bolivian Special Forces in October 1967. He led a small army of guerrilla troops in opposition against the corrupt regime of René Barrientos. It is ironic that the Cuban revolutionary wrote his own funeral oration a few months before he was killed. Che said: ”Wherever death may surprise us, let it be welcome, provided that this our battle cry may have reached some receptive ear and another hand may be extended to wield our weapons”.

On 8 November 1917, the soviet (workers council) of Petrograd called for a revolution against the Provisional Government of Russia. This Provisional Government was formed after the collapse of the Romanov monarchy in February. For ten months, political power in Russia was held between locally elected soviets and the Provisional Government. At first the Congress of Soviets was willing to support the government. Because before April, the soviets were dominated by Mensheviks and social-revolutionaries. They soon however lost popularity as the Provisional Government kept Russia in the First World War. Lenin’s Bolshevik Party grew in numbers and was able to win a majority. Together with leftist elements of the Socialist Revolutionary Party (Left SR) they called for a socialist revolution. In September 1917, the Military Revolutionary Committee of the Petrograd Soviet was formed. This committee organized the revolutionary uprising on 8 November. As Red Guards ended the rule of the capitalist ministers, the Congress of Soviets elected Vladimir Lenin to be the new chairman of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. Capitalist forces would not accept this and they started to fight the rule of the soviets!

Russia did nothing to celebrate the moment when workers took control away from the bourgeoisie. Vladimir Putin does not want Russians to know the true meaning of the Soviet revolution. The generation born after 1991 is brainwashed with the classic capitalist lie that the overthrow of the Provisional Government was a ”Bolshevik coup” and that Russia was purged into chaos because of them. It is not a surprise that the Kremlin wants to portray Lenin and Trotsky as ”evil” men, who destroyed Russia. The modern flag of the Russian Federation is the same flag used by the White Armies between 1917-1923, when they tried to destroy the power of the soviets. The same czarist tricolor was used by pro-fascist Russians between 1941 and 1945. Putin and his oligarchy are both heirs of the White Armies and Stalinist bureaucracy. This is why you will see both czarist and soviet flags at Russian parades, a true paradox!

Old Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was finally removed from office by his own party. The man who had led Zimbabwe since 1980 was forced to step down. This happened after he had fired Emmerson Mnangagwa, the vice president. It is said that his wife Grace, was trying to become vice president and succeed Robert Mugabe as president. The Army did not liked this idea of a family monarchy in Zimbabwe. After Emmerson Mnangagwa was disposed they choose to intervene and (respectfully) removed the old dictator from his throne. Grace Mugabe was then expelled from the state party and the woman’s wing. Mnangagwa became President of Zimbabwe on 24 November 2017. However this change of leader does not mean that the country is better off. Mnangagwa has the reputation of a authoritarian leader and Revolutionary Socialist Media does not think that any government led by ZANU-PF will be a alternative!

The Panama Papers and Paradise Papers have proven to the world, that the rich and wealthy are massively using tax heavens to evade taxes. Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson of Iceland was forced to step down in 2016, because he had tried to evade taxes. The Paradise Papers leaked in 2017 gave us the name of big enterprises who avoided billions of dollars in tax using offshore companies. These big names are: Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Disney, Uber, Nike, Walmart, Allianz, Siemens, McDonald’s, and Yahoo. Governments lost so much income because the ruling class does not want to pay their fair share. This is why we revolutionary socialists call for the nationalization and expropriation of all millionaires and billionaires. We need a society were the billions are used for the majority, not to be stored in tax heavens for a tiny minority!

Revolutionary socialists are a minority in the workers movement. This is because after years of betrayal by social democrats and stalinists, the workers have come to see socialism as a thing that ”cannot work”. They have been told this lie by schools, media, society, government and politicians. Even the left-wing has participated in this falsification by saying that capitalism need only to be reformed. Moderate socialists today call for a capitalist society with a strong welfare system. It is a irony that many former stalinists are now moderate leftists who call for reforms, not revolution. Revolutionary socialists support initiatives that would improve the lives of workers, but we will never say that capitalism only needs reforming. The ruling class will always try to put its own interests ahead of that of the rest. This is why Donald Trump is enforcing the laws of the 1%, giving big tax cuts to the rich and ending internet neutrality. The workers movement must understand that struggle is essential, strikes and mass mobilization is needed across the planet. Because we cannot trust pro-capitalist politicians!

Catalonia tried to become a independent state, a move that was hindered by the Spanish state. Madrid used police brutality to hinder a public referendum and then disbanded the Catalan government. The elections on 21 December 2017 made the Party of the Citizenry (Spanish unionist) the biggest, but the Catalan independence camp still holds a tiny majority. The future of Catalonia remains uncertain. In 2018 we will see how much Madrid values democracy. It has already disbanded a democratic government in 2017, they have the will and ability to do it again. This is why we cannot trust the pro-capitalist Catalan nationalists who gave up the struggle, after Madrid used article 155 of the Spanish monarchy constitution to disband the Catalan government. A socialist Catalonia is the only way forward. No support for a capitalist Catalan Republic!

The absence of a socialist alternative in elections has led to the rise of far-right forces in parliaments. In the Netherlands there is a nationalist party called: Forum for Democracy (Fvd). These nationalists hide their hatred for minorities under a cloak of Dutch liberalism. Forum for Democracy claims to support direct democracy and an end to ”BIG GOVERNMENT” spending. Its platform is similar to that of the Republican Party under Donald Trump. The Dutch nationalists are led by Thierry Baudet, who is deeply in love with the American right-wing. Baudet is winning votes in the polls because the Dutch left-wing is unwilling to provide a socialist alternative. With populist rhetoric against the establishment, Forum for Democracy knows how to play on key issues facing workers in the Netherlands. Since the Dutch; Socialist Party is too moderate, many working class Dutch do not look towards the left as their vehicle!

In Germany a far-right party has just entered parliament. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has played on the deep rejection many have towards the establishment. Just as in the Netherlands, the German left-wing has been unable to provide a socialist choice at the ballot box. The AfD is a party that tries to hide its far-right ideology under a populist agenda. Like the Dutch FvD the AfD hated migrants, especially Muslim refugees. DIE LINKE (German Left Party) is not revolutionary and even governs with the pro-capitalist Social-democratic Party of Germany (SPD) in two states. Socialism is not put forward as the left party moves closer to the SPD. In East Germany DIE LINKE has already joined the establishment in governing under capitalism. But in West-Germany the party has been able to build up a reputation as a fighter against the system. This is the paradox of the German socialists, were the ex-Stalinist wing in the east is working with capitalist forces, while the newer members in the west are trying to fight it. This is a major battle that must be won by the anti-capitalist forces. If not then the DIE LINKE will become just another pseudo-socialist force, that the establishment can use to control the workers!

2018 will be the 100th anniversary of the German November Revolution. This revolution ended the regime of emperor Wilhelm the second. A socialist society was possible had the Social-democratic Party of Germany not betrayed its own socialist ideology, by joining the bourgeoisie of the former empire in crushing the revolutionary uprisings. 2018 will also be the 100th year that ended the First World War. This imperialist conflict lay the seeds for the Second World War. Class struggle will be intensive as Donald Trump and the ruling class will try to take money from the working class. They have already cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires and repelled internet neutrality. It is up to revolutionary socialists to provide a clear socialist alternative for the workers of the world. As we say goodbye to 2017, the 100th anniversary of the Soviet revolution, we can repeat the famous words of Karl Marx!

The workers have nothing to lose, they have a world to win

Proletarians of the World Unite!

Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!


Proletarios del mundo, uníos!


Catalan left punished for not providing a socialist alternative

The left-wing in Catalonia has lost the election. Their unwillingness to provide a clear socialist alternative during and after the Catalan declaration of independence, has alienated many voters. Now these voters have moved to the bourgeois parties. Not only the Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) lost voters, the coalition of Podemos and United and Alternative Left also lost. Winners are the right-wing Spanish unionists of the Party of the Citizenry, even the pseudo-Socialists Party of Catalonia (Spanish unionist) was able to increase its share of the votes. This elections is a setback for the left-wing and shows why is its fundamental to provide a socialist alternative. Since both CUP and Podemos did not joined forces for a socialist Catalonia, the pro-capitalist separatists led by Carles Puigdemont have won the independence vote!

The turnout was much higher then before. 81% of all voters participated in this election which was to be a test for Madrid. After the Spanish state disbanded the Catalan Republic they called for new elections. The pro-Spanish neoliberals of the Party of the Citizenry are now Madrid’s biggest supporters in Catalonia. They are the largest party in the new parliament. However the Spanish unionist camp does not have a clear majority as Madrid had hoped. Despite police brutality, arrests of separatist leaders and the enforcement of article 155, the supporters of the Catalan Republic have not been defeated. Because JuntsxCat (pro-capitalist separatists) and the Republican Left of Catalonia (social democratic separatists) have won 43,04% of the vote and 66 seats in the new parliament. For a new pro-separatist government to be created, the radical anti-capitalist CUP maybe still needed.

This is were Revolutionary Socialist Media says no. The CUP must not support a capitalist Catalan Republic as this will not be a alternative to Catalonia as part of the Kingdom of Spain. Yet it has supported the previous separatist-capitalist government led by Carles Puigdemont. Now they were punished for this by losing 100.000 voters. The radical anti-capitalists need to understand that supporting any capitalist government is betrayal. They need to remind themselves, the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) and the United and Alternative Left (EUiA), that socialism is the alternative. The sad reality is that ERC and EUiA are not putting class struggle forward. We know that the ERC is more social democratic then actual socialist and the EUiA may claim to be Marxist, but they have not called for a socialist republic. The bourgeois separatists needed the CUP support however. It allowed Catalonia to declared itself independent of Spain. Madrid enforced article 155 and disbanded the Catalan government. Puigdemont fled to Belgium and the ERC surrendered win out a fight!

Now the elections have shown that there is a majority for independence. 70 members out of 135 are supportive of the Catalan Republic. CUP needs to push for a republic under socialism and nothing else. Also the United and Alternative Left and Podemos should support CUP in building a united front for socialism. Unfortunate these leftists seem not to care about the injustice that has happened. Alberto Garzon, leader of United Left (led by the Spanish Communist Party) went so far to claim that there are no political prisoners and that Puigdemont knew what he was getting into. This is no position for any so-called Marxist or communist. As Che Guevara said, the first duty of any revolutionary is to combat repression wherever it arises. But the Spanish Communist Party is a moderate party and Spanish unionist. It does not call for a socialist Spain, instead it wishes to restore the bourgeois: Republic of Spain (1931-1939). Podemos has maintained that Puigdemont needs to negotiate with Spanish overlord: Mariano Rajoy. The very tyrant who has jailed pro-independence activists and used police brutality to crush the independence referendum!

Madrid has a problem. Because their forces have not won a majority. The Party of the Citizenry is the biggest party in Catalonia, but the party of Rajoy has lost bitterly. Catalan conservatives of the People’s Party are also among the losers. This is bitter for Rajoy who had hoped that a Spanish unionist government could be formed. Despite the small gains for the pseudo-Socialists Party of Catalonia the unionist camp has no majority, unless Podemos is willing to support Rajoy which would be a massive betrayal. If Puigdemont is able to get CUP back on board then he has a parliamentary majority. Madrid would be in the same position as before. It could reuse article 155 and disband the Catalan government again, if they dare to declare themselves independent again. For us it only proofs the undemocratic nature of the People’s Party and tyrant  Mariano Rajoy. Spanish social democrats also play a dirty game. The Spanish Socialist Workers Party and the Socialists Party of Catalonia have supported Mariano Rajoy and his use of article 155 to disband a democratic government. It is clear that the Spanish social democrats are reactionary and need to be opposed!

The victory of the neoliberals led by Inés Arrimadas (Party of the Citizenry) is not a positive thing. Had the Popular Unity Candidacy been fighting for a socialist republic since 2015, it would have been the front runner for independence. Instead it choose to support a weak and ineffective leader like Carles Puigdemont, who is a supporter of capitalism and austerity. After the declaration of independence, he and his ”separatist” allies all agreed with Madrid on new elections. What will Puigdemont do now? Run to the hills after Spain rejects his Catalan Republic for a second time? Will he capitulate again? Revolutionary socialists call on workers, youth and poor to take the initiative. They cannot trust bourgeois-nationalist parties like JuntsxCat and ERC. Despite that the Republican Left of Catalonia claims to be leftist, it is clear they do not support a fundamental break with capitalism. True leftists are those who reject the rotten market system and any government based on it!

Revolutionary Socialist Media agrees with the demands of the Revolutionary Left in Catalonia. Their demands are:

• Down with article 155! Freedom for all political prisoners! Withdraw the Spanish national and military police from Catalonia!
• Repeal all reactionary labour reforms and pension reforms! Retirement at 60 with 100% salary and equal conditions for young workers!
• A minimum wage of €1,100 and a 35-hour working week with no loss of pay
• Ban evictions! Expropriate empty homes held by the banks to create social housing!
• Re-nationalise all privatised public services, maintaining and increasing the workforce and respecting workers’ rights.
• Repeal the reactionary education laws! Public, quality, free and universal education from infancy to university!
• For the right to public, free and universal healthcare!
• Solidarity with refugees! Repeal the racist migration laws and close down the prison camps for migrants!
• For democratic rights to speech, meetings and organisation! Repeal the repressive laws!
• Nationalize the banks and strategic industries to bail out working class people and guarantee decent living standards.


Socialist Catalonia is the only way for working class people!

Mass tax cut for the American 1%

Donald Trump and his plutocratic party have carried out a massive tax cut for the rich, the people who pay them. All Republican senators voted in favor of cutting taxes for corporations and rich individuals. Now this is not new in the plutocracy that calls itself the ”Land of the Free”. American capitalism has never cared much about the need of ordinary workers. The USA is already the most unequal western capitalist country. Now the ruling class will be much richer, thanks to Trump who claimed to be standing with workers against the establishment in 2016. All populist facades are gone and the Americans know it. Donald Trump’s approval rating (60% disapprove) is at a bottom low, only one year after he took office! 

American workers must understand that this is not an incident. The Republican Party is the most right-wing, pro-establishment party there is. It has also grown into a far-right party, promoting nationalism, anti-Islamic bigotry and hatred of ethnic minorities. Although Trump is a typical capitalist exploiter, the Republican Party always tried to serve only one class of people. Problem is that many working class Americans are stupid enough to believe the propaganda of ”Grand Old Party”. Years of indoctrination have done their work, also the two party system works in favor of the ruling class. Because by presenting the Democratic Party as leftist, the capitalist media can portray the USA as a democracy. This is however no true as the Democrats are also on the right-wing spectrum. The two party system operates on a single capitalist ideology, this is why Socialist Alternative calls for a new workers party to be build!

Corporate tax will be reduced from 35% to 20%, this means that the government will lose billions in revenue. According to “the top tax rate on partnerships and limited liability companies (also known as pass-through entities) would fall from 39.6% to 25%. Trump himself will benefit hugely from his own tax cuts, because he owns more then 500 companies. Many leftists want to tax the rich and let them pay a much higher percentages. Although this is good it is not enough as Socialist Alternative explains: ”As long as the wealth is controlled by the top 1% and capitalist class, they will find ways to horde as much of their wealth as possible and their system will be a source of interminable economic and social crises. We need to fight for a socialist society in which the top banks and corporations are taken into public ownership under direct democratic control of workers, consumers and broader public”!

There was the illusion that some Republican senators would not support the tax cut. But in the end they all voted in favor of it. Since the Republican Party controls the senate, they were able to pass this huge Christmas present for the 1%. Mass mobilization is now needed, but we cannot count on the Democrats to do it. Although many progressives inside the Democratic Party want to fight back, the leadership in the Democratic National Committee fear that those mobilized will likely go beyond the capitalist program of the party. Therefore they will never allow mass mobilizations. The DNC prefers to keep the illusion up that Democrats will ”fight against Trump”. Reality is that the Democratic Party lost the 2016 presidential elections, because the the DNC was deeply in bed with the Hillary Clinton campaign. They made sure she became the nomination, which led to Donald Trump winning key states as many Democratic voters choose not to vote!

Meanwhile the Republicans have already killed a important regulation. On 14 December 2017 the FCC led by Ajit Varadaraj Pai, voted to reverse the decision to regulate the internet under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Pai is a supporter of deregulation and like all Republicans, he is a pawn of capitalism. This means that internet service providers can now decide what you see on the net and what not. You-Tube, Twitter and Facebook can be blocked if you don’t have the right package. Only two countries in the world have laws that guaranty full access to the internet. The Republic of Chile and the Kingdom of the Netherlands are the only ones who have laws to keep the internet open and accessible for all!

Although 83% of all Americans support internet neutrality laws, the Republican Party and Ajit Pai serve the big internet providers like Comcast. Again no surprise here, only the most naive idiot does not understand that the Republican Party will always choose the ruling class over the working class. Ajit Pai is a right-wing plutocrat and does not care what the majority of Americans think. Socialist councilwoman; Kshama Sawant of Seattle has already build up a plan to outsmart the big providers. She proposes that the city builds a public internet provider company. This company would guarantee full internet access for all. It remains to be see if Seattle is willing to do this, since state owned enterprises are not part of the neoliberal dogma. Seattle is ruled by the Democratic Party, the very party that Sawant has to fight against. Because the establishment in the State of Washington is made up of Democratic politicians!


Romania: PSD government no alternative

Early this year, Revolutionary Socialist Media reported about the demonstrations in Romania against the social democratic government led by Sorin Grindeanu. This pseudo-leftist and member of the corrupt: Social Democratic Party (PSD), was removed in June and replaced by another PSD prime minister called Mihai Tudose. This however has not ended the deep mistrust working class Romanians have towards the social democrats. Only 1/3 of the country came to vote during the last general election. It shows the deep mistrust between ordinary people and the politicians of the ruling class. The lack of a true left-wing anti-capitalist party is also the reason why so few vote. Romanian leftists have been marginalized by a corrupt system that portrays the Ceaușescu period as ”Marxist communist” to discredit the democratic ideas of socialism!

Gifts to the capitalist class are typical of conservative, liberal and social democratic governments. Taxation for the rich has been lowered, while workers are told to pay more. This is how the capitalist state is able to finance its spending, by taking more money from ordinary people and demanding less of the wealthy. Romania is no exception, neoliberalism has created a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Before the Romanian Revolution in December 1989, the country was a Stalinist state. Created by the Soviet-Union in the late 1940’s and under control of the Romanian Communist Party. Nicolae Ceaușescu was the last Stalinist leader, who became famous for his cult of personality, nepotism, corruption and nationalist politics. It is very ironic that many who lived under stalinism have positive memories of the Ceaușescu era. Elderly and people in their 60’s speak good of a system that gave them a feeling of belonging. This is lacking in capitalist Romania since 1992, when austerity and mass privatizations led to joblessness and desperation for millions!

In 2015, it was revealed that rural poverty remains a huge problem. ”More than half of all children (51%) under 18 are at risk of poverty, more so than when the Eastern European country joined the EU in 2007” said Eurostat a Directorate-General of the European Commission located in Luxembourg. Relative poverty means that you are able to survive, but that you lack financial resources to participate in society. 66% of all Romanians have only enough money to keep themselves alive each month. There is very little for entertainment and social activities. People living in the cities are better off as the economy has been growing in the capital of Bucharest. Joining the EU has not ended poverty as revolutionary socialists knew it would not. The social democrats of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) claimed that they wanted increase the middle class, but this has proven to be a propaganda stunt. No Romanian government has ever done anything that would help the poor. Because the capitalist class always dominate politics. This shows why the voter turnout has dropped to 39,44% in 2016. More then 60% of all voters in the country did not choose to vote, proofing the deep mistrust Romanians have towards establishment politicians!

Romanians has two big political parties. The pseudo-leftists of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the nationalist (neo)liberals of the National Liberal Party (PNL). Since 2016, there are two new formations that have won parliamentary seats. One is the Save Romania Union, a liberal centrist party and the only outspoken pro-LGBT party in the country. The other is the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, created in 2015 that mixes populism with (neo)liberalism. Conservatives have united themselves in the People’s Movement Party, also a new party and only three years old. Although the ”Save Romania Union” is supportive of gay rights, it is a capitalist party that supports right-wing economics and is not a force for workers against their capitalist masters!

Politics have been dominated by the PSD and PNL. Both parties however are pro-capitalist and have served only one class. This is why there is little trust in elections and democracy in general. Romanians are looking for a alternative and this is lacking. The only left-wing looking party in Romania is the Romanian Socialist Party, the present name of the old Socialist Alliance Party. These leftist nationalists come from the Socialist Party of Labour, a party founded by the last prime minister of Stalinist Romania in 1990. The Socialist Party of Labour and later Socialist Alliance Party had a positive picture of Romania under the Romanian Communist Party. Because of their support for dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Socialist Party of Labour and Socialist Alliance Party remained marginalized. They used to work with the nationalist-Stalinist: Greater Romania Party in the 1990’s. For them the state can solve all problems, which is not what Revolutionary Socialist Media calls socialism!

The leftist nationalists tried to become the Romanian Communist Party (PCR) in 2010. They wanted to continue the line of Ceaușescu’s PCR. However the name change was not accepted by the Bucharest Tribunal and they were forced to keep the name: Socialist Alliance Party. Five years later another leftist party called the Romanian Socialist Party (PSR) dissolved itself. The Socialist Alliance Party decided to take the name of this dissolved socialist party. Since the first PSR was disbanded, the Bucharest Tribunal accepted the name change. The supporters of Ceaușescu are now the Romanian Socialist Party (PSR). The ruling class and their media outlets have always used the pro-Ceaușescu attitude of the Socialist Party of Labour to portray Marxism as a ”totalitarian” idea. They follow the western propaganda myth that communism ruled in Romania, that Ceaușescu was a ”communist dictator”. This has worked as many Romanians (wrongfully) think that socialism is what they had in the past!

Despite being on the left-wing, the leftist nationalist PSR is not a actual anti-capitalist party. They want a classic social democratic model with a strong welfare system, but a capitalist market economy. The PSR does not oppose capitalism, it only wants to limit its greed and power. Thereby they are not Marxist internationalists, more like reformist-leftists in love with Romania. It is sad that the only true leftist party in Romania is a mixture of stalinists, leftist nationalists, classic social democrats and moderate socialists. How do we know that the party is nationalist? We see the Romanian flag at all of their meetings. They display the tricolor always next to their party flag and some-times even the EU flag is seen. This shows that the PSR is not even so anti-EU. Romanian workers need a party that is not nationalist but internationalist. Nationalism is a poison used to divide the working class!

Reducing the flat income tax to 10% is one of the many gifts the social democratic government has for the ruling class in Romania. This means that the government will lose up to three billion euros in income. No genuine leftist government would ever lower taxes for the rich, but in Romania the Social Democratic Party behaves like all establishment parties. Their logic is that with lower income taxes, capitalist companies can raise the salaries of workers. But there is no proof that the owners of businesses will do that. They will use their tax cuts to benefit themselves, not the people they hire to do the work. For workers earning minimum wages the fiscal reforms are just slightly beneficial. They will see their income going up to 250 euros a month. Minimum pensions will also go up to 138 euros. But this cannot end poverty as wages remain too low for millions. Still this is how the PSD wins the vote of the poor. By raising their incomes just a little to secure their votes!

As long as there is no mass party for workers, poor and young, the social democrats can play the leftist card. They are after all the only party portrayed by the capitalist media as left-wing. Despite the fact that the Social Democratic Party is cutting taxes for the rich and supporting neoliberal economics. The Romanian media knows that they need to keep this illusion alive, that the PSD is a ”people’s party” and leftist. Because this is how the capitalists stay in power. Both the national liberals and social democrats are part of the same capitalist coin. They must be rejected and voted out office. A workers party must be created to show the Romanians that there is a alternative to the forces of greed and exploitation.

Only 1/3 of Romania trusts political parties and politicians. 60% of all voters (11 million people) choose not to vote during last elections. Among the elderly and 60+ there is nostalgia for the days when dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu gave people a (false) sense of security, patriotism and the feeling that they were living in a ”socialist nation”. After the Romanian Revolution it was ”everybody for him/herself”. The common good was gone, replaced by individualist greed. Few profited and far too many lost. Although the politicians of PSD and PNL portray their country as modern and developing, Romania is not a model for the future of Europe!


More than half of all children (51%) under 18 are at risk of poverty

Project: Kingdom of Cambodia – FAILED

The western project to create a democratic monarchy in Cambodia has failed. The corrupt regime of Hun Sen has just banned the only opposition party. With the banning of the liberal; Cambodia National Rescue Party, Hun Sen can run unopposed in the 2018 general elections. The monarchy in Cambodia was created as a compromise between the Stalinist: Kampuchean People’s Revolutionary Party, the monarchist supporters of king Norodom Sihanouk and the United Nations. Hun Sen was already in command of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea (1979-1989) and the State of Cambodia (1989-1993). His Cambodian People’s Party won every election due to their control over the government, media and mass organisations. However in 2013, the Cambodia National Rescue Party won a major victory at the elections. This was a shock for the corrupt party of Hun Sen. Now the Cambodian government has killed off democracy by banning the Cambodia National Rescue Party!

Cambodia or Kampuchea has suffered a lot in the 20th century. It was bombed by the USA during the Vietnam War, bombings with gave rise to a Khmer supremacist group called the Red Khmer or Khmer Rouge in French. A right-wing military coup ended the monarchy and installed a junta in 1970. Five years the country was under the rule of the militarists, until they were overthrown by the guerrilla fighters of the Red Khmer. On the outside, the members of the Communist Party of Kampuchea were typical Stalinist revolutionaries, who (ab)used Marx and Lenin to justify nationalism. Most Asian communist parties played on nationalist feelings to boost their anti-colonial struggles, but the Red Khmer went further. They added Khmer supremacy to a dogmatic Maoist ideology that proclaimed the peasantry as the revolutionary class. Saloth Sar was the man who led the Khmer communist party and wanted to establish a pure agrarian Khmer only nation. Few knew his actual name, to most comrades Saloth was known only as Pol Pot!

With the collapse of the right-wing; Khmer Republic on 17 April 1975, the country came under control of Pol Pot. He hated intellectuals, western technology, ethnic Vietnamese and wanted to restore to old medieval: Khmer Empire. The Red Khmer forced all Cambodians to leave the cities and work as peasants. People with an education were considered ”counterrevolutionaries” and shot. It would take a few months before Pol Pot proclaimed the birth of ”Democratic Kampuchea”. However unlike Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, he choose not to show himself to the public. Most leading members of the Communist Party of Kampuchea did not revealed their names, their were called ”Brothers”’with a number, Pol Pot was called Brother Number One. The whole communist party was known as ”Angkar” to ordinary Cambodians. The ”Brothers” led by Pol Pot (Saloth Sar) were not uneducated. The ”Angkar” was led by middle class Khmer who were educated in France during the 1950’s. These western educated pseudo-revolutionaries closed schools, hospitals and factories, abolishing banking, finance and currency!

”Democratic Kampuchea” was to be a pure agrarian communist society. Build on ethnic nationalism, slave labour and massive exploitation of the peasantry. Pol Pot’s regime was so brutal it killed between one and three million people, 1/3 of Cambodia died between April 1975 and January 1979. The Chinese supported the Red Khmer, because Stalinist Vietnam had sided with the Soviet-Union against the People’s Republic of China. Beijing and Moscow were having major ideological conflicts. Both claimed to be the center of world revolution against capitalism and imperialism. Pol Pot hated the Vietnamese and sided with Mao’s China. He ordered his troops to attack Vietnamese villages on the border, killing thousands of men, woman and children. The raids were of a racist nature as the Red Khmer had indoctrinate their soldiers with a deep hatred of the Vietnamese. Hanoi choose to invade Cambodia in December 1978, they defeated the Red Khmer in just two months. America and Great Britain openly sided with Pol Pot and rejected the invasion. They claimed that the Communist Party of Kampuchea was the rightful ruler of Cambodia, despite the fact that it just murdered around one to three million people. The Vietnamese invasion ended the killings and exposed the regime of the ”Angkar” as a genocide!

The Vietnamese were supported in their invasion by former members of the Red Khmer who broke with Pol Pot. These Cambodians were installed as new leaders of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea. Only the Soviet-Union and its allies choose to recognize the new Stalinist state. China and most western nations refused and started to aid the Red Khmer. Millions of dollars and pounds were donated to the people who had killed 1/3 of their nation. Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher did not care. They supported Pol Pot because he was anti-Soviet and that was enough. At the UN in New York, a Red Khmer official kept the Cambodian seat at the General Assembly of the United Nations. In 1981, the Communist Party of Kampuchea (Red Khmer) officially abandoned communism and renamed itself as Party of Democratic Kampuchea. They joined up with the monarchists led by Norodom Sihanouk and created the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea in 1982!

Hun Sen, the current dictator of Cambodia, belonged to those who broke with Pol Pot. He became a member of the Kampuchean People’s Revolutionary Party, the wing of the Communist Party of Kampuchea that supported the Vietnamese. Hun Sen was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea in 1979. He was not a dogmatic Stalinist and turned out to be very moderate. True power was not yet in reach of Hun Sen, because Heng Samrin was made General Secretary of the Kampuchean People’s Revolutionary Party and Chairman of the People’s Revolutionary Council. However in 1984, the tide was turning. Vietnam’s influence was declining and in a bitter power struggle the General Secretary lost his power. Although the people’s revolutionary party was the only allowed force in the country, it was a rather weak political party. True power was centralized in the office of Prime Minister and Hun Sen made sure that he build a club of loyal henchmen!

As China and Vietnam embraced state-capitalism, the People’s Republic of Kampuchea was to undergo some cosmetic changes. Hun Sen started to rename the country into; State of Cambodia and moved to privatize the economy. Two years later in 1991, the Kampuchean People’s Revolutionary Party ended its Marxist facade and embraced capitalism. It was decided to rename the party into the Cambodian People’s Party. To please the United Nations and to bring Norodom Sihanouk back as king, Hun Sen allowed the UN to control Cambodia for one year. In this year ”free elections” would be held. The monarchists of Sihanouk agreed, Pol Pot rejected the new monarchy. But the Red Khmer lacked the means to keep on fighting. Western supplies had ceased and China no longer supported them. The Cambodian stalinists were the only ones in history who promoted a return to monarchism. People who once hailed Marx and Lenin now hailed the old monarchist traditions and praised the king and his royal family. Just another proof how counterrevolutionary the Stalinist tradition always has been!

The rebuild Kingdom of Cambodia remained at war with the remnants of the Red Khmer. At the end of the 1990’s the Party of Democratic Kampuchea led by a weak Pol Pot was defeated. The man who had murdered 1/3 of Cambodia died on 15 April 1998. By then he no longer commanded the Red Khmer, he was put aside by Brother Number Five called Ta Mok (born Chhit Choeun). This Ta Mok was the last major Red Khmer official who remained free after most leading members had been arrested. In 1999 the Cambodian Royal Army was finally able to capture him. Ta Mok was send to the Military Prosecution Department Detention Facility, but his trial would not take place until 2002. In poor health and suffering from respiratory problems, the last military leader of the Red Khmer died on 21 July 2006 in prison. The last political leader of ”Democratic Kampuchea” (Nuon Chea) was sentenced to life in prison, 21 years after the kingdom was restored!

Unlike most monarchies of the world, the Kingdom of Cambodia has a elected monarchy. The ruling king is elected by parliamentary vote, meaning that the Cambodian People’s Party chooses who is king. The party of dictator Hun Sen (the former communist party) allowed Norodom Sihanouk to become head of state in 1993. True power remained with the office of Prime Minister as it was during the People’s Republic of Kampuchea and State of Cambodia. Hun Sen made sure that Norodom Sihanouk was only a symbolic figurehead. Loved and respected, but with zero political power. King Norodom died in 2004 at the age of 89. His son Sihamoni was then selected by the Cambodian People’s Party to become the next monarch!

Meanwhile the economy was growing very fast. Cambodia got a reputation as a cheap labour nation with a low corporate tax. It resulted in that fact that most means of production are owned by foreigners. Chinese capitalists own 149 major businesses (who make up 64% of the total economy) in the kingdom. The ethnic Khmer ruling class is very weak, they own only 5% of businesses. Korean capitalists are also very active and own 17% of the Cambodian economy. It is ironic that Vietnamese exploiters own very little, despite that Hun Sen is on very friendly terms with the state-capitalist regime in Hanoi. Although the capital of Phnom Penh grew from a poor city in 1993 to a modern looking capital in 2017, poverty is still widespread in rural Cambodia. 33% of all workers in the kingdom earn less then $ 1,60 a day. 14% is living in absolute poverty, that is close to 2,1 million people!

A major opposition party to the ex-Stalinist: Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) was the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP). This liberal democratic party was created in 2012 when several liberal groups united into one big party. The CNRP was able to win 44,46% of the total vote during the 2013 parliamentary elections. Although the CPP formed a majority government, the victory of the liberals was seen as a major threat to their rule. Hun Sun understood that many Cambodians had rejected him and his corrupt bureaucrats. This is why he started a campaign to get the CNRP banned. In September 2017, the henchmen of the dictator were able to arrest the leader of the liberals. Two months later the Supreme Court outlawed the Cambodia National Rescue Party, allegedly for being part of a foreign plot to overthrow the Prime Minister!

Revolutionary socialists stand in solidarity with the Cambodian liberals, despite our differences on politics. It is true that the CNRP is pro-capitalist and supports the market economy. Yet it also called for higher wages for both private sector workers and government workers. They demand; free medical care for the poor, equal opportunity of the young to receive quality education and to have employment, universal health care, a referendum for same-sex marriage and an end to the dictatorial way the Cambodian government is enforcing its agenda. Hun Sen and his henchmen realized that this liberal party was winning support and therefore they banned it. It is not surprising that little attention to this fact is seen in the western media. When Venezuela is jailing opposition members there is massive outcry in the media of Europe and America. But when a dictator like Hun Sen is doing the same thing in Cambodia, the media of the western world remains silent. It proofs that the whole project of 1993 has failed. Cambodia under the regime of Hun Sen and the CPP may have moved from a Stalinist state to a capitalist state, the workers remained oppress!

Therefore we call for a massive uprising of workers, youth and peasants against the Cambodian People’s Party. We call for the overthrow of the dictator and his government. A workers party must be build on a socialist program. This is not easy in a semi-plutocracy created by the CPP and the western world. Capitalism rules supreme and the government does not protect the working class against massive exploitation. Despite that the CPP used to be a leftist revolutionary party, it never liberated the workers from oppression. The Communist Party of Kampuchea was a Khmer supremacist party, the Kampuchean People’s Revolutionary Party a Vietnamese puppet and the Cambodian People’s Party is a capitalist nest of class traitors. The legacy of Stalinist betrayal runs deep in Indochina!

ពលករកម្ពុជាអ្នកគ្មានអ្វីដែលត្រូវបាត់បង់ទេ។ អ្នកមានពិភពលោកដើម្បីឈ្នះ!


The lies of Project Veritas

Project Veritas is a American right-wing propaganda group, that aims to destroy individuals and organisations with false stories about criminal behavior. Their so called ”undercover” operations are done with the aim to spread lies and misinformation. A victim of Project Veritas was the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which was forced to close in 2010 after conservative ”activist” James O’Keefe had spread a ”false story” about criminal behavior by its workers. The conservative media (Fox News) loved the so called ”revelations” and Republican controlled governments ended funding. ACORN’s did good work for low- and moderate-income families by working on neighborhood safety, voter registration, health care and affordable housing. All their work was destroyed by edited ”undercover” videos released by O’Keefe!

James O’Keefe is the guy who started Project Veritas. He calls himself an ”activist” which he is not. O’Keefe is a propagandist for the ruling class, by spreading lies and misinformation. His propaganda is build around pseudo-undercover operations. The so called ”revelations” of Project Veritas always turn out to be selectively edited to misrepresent the context of conversations. O’Keefe wants his audience to believe that the work he is doing is genuine, the problem is that he cannot be trusted as his goal is to mislead people with false stories. Fake news you can call it!

Nobody should be surprised when revolutionary socialists expose Project Veritas as a tool of rich conservatives. They are funded by anonymous donations through ”Donors Trust”, a conservative American nonprofit donor-advised fund. Donald Trump himself also gave money to James O’Keefe in 2015. The Trump Organisation paid over 10.000 dollars to Project Veritas. We all know that Trump is a master of lying and misinformation. During the 2016 presidential election, Trump spread more lies then any other presidential candidate. O’Keefe is like all right-wing nuts, he loves capitalism and the ruling class, he hates the government only when Democrats are in power. This is typical behavior as conservatives are hypocrites when it comes to their anti-government agenda. Now that a far-right billionaire controls the USA, the anti-government rhetoric of right-wing networks like Fox News, melted away. and Breitbart News also turned from anti-government to pro-government, now that the Republicans control the presidency!

In September 2009, O’Keefe and his partner in crime; Hannah Giles, published a pseudo-undercover story on the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. They wanted to destroy ACORN, because this organisation helped people to vote. It is a fact that many minorities and black Americans have a low-vote rate. If organisations  like ACORN are able to raise the voter turnout, this would benefit Democrats. Most ethnic minorities and blacks vote for the Democratic Party. If their turnout is higher then Democrats have a bigger chance of beating Republicans. As conservatives and supporters of the Republican Party, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles knew that exposing ACORN with a pseudo-story, would end government funding. So they edited their videos to give viewers the impression that low-ranking workers at ACORN would support prostitution. O’Keefe played the role of the ”pimp” and Giles was the prostitute!

The ”undercover” video was filmed with the clear intention to end public funding of ACORN. Government officials played right into James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles hands. They called for the government to end funding of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. As the video was released, the U.S. Congress quickly voted to freeze federal funding to ACORN. Independent investigators founded out that the pseudo-undercover video had been partially falsified, to create a misleading picture and was selectively edited by James O’Keefe. This would however not save ACRON as it filed for bankruptcy in November 2010. Its workers however were able to form new groups under different names to continue their work to help low and middle income families. One former ACORN worker (who appeared in the edited video) was able to sue James O’Keefe for 100.000 dollars, which the conservative ”activist” was forced to pay!

Despite that he was exposed as a lying son of a bitch, James O’Keefe had served the ruling class very well. ACRON was destroyed, this made him a star among right-wing media networks. O’Keefe was invited on Fox News and praised by propagandists like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Project Veritas was then created by James O’Keefe after he was paid a lot of money by the ruling class to ”expose” more. His next goal were Democratic senators, which O’Keefe wanted to destroy.  In January 2010, the members of Project Veritas entered the office of senator Mary Landrieu under false pretenses. They were dressed as telephone repairmen when they were captured. James O’Keefe got a three year probation, 100 hours of community service and a 1,500 dollar fine. Despite that he was now a convicted criminal, O’Keefe would not end his crusade to spread lies and misinformation!

In 2011, another pseudo-investigation was underway. This time Project Veritas targeted the National Public Radio (NPR). A edited video was released featuring Ronald Schiller, NPR’s senior vice president for fundraising. In the video you see Schiller meeting people who claimed that they were from a Islamic charity group linked tot the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact these ”representatives” were from Project Veritas. They wanted to portray the senior vice president as a corrupt guy, who took money from the Muslim Brotherhood. Later in the video you hear Ronald Schiller saying that the NPR would be better off, win-out public funding. This was edited to give the illusion that the National Public Radio does not need government money. However the raw-video tells the real story. That many local NPR stations would go under if the government would end funding. This was however not included in the video released by Project Veritas!

After the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, James O’Keefe returned to resume his pseudo-undercover work. Now he targeted CNN with videos that showed how news anchors talked negatively about president Trump. Like all of Project Veritas work, the videos were edited to give viewers a wrongful picture. Conservative propaganda networks like, Breitbart News and Fox News all ran the story as truth. They told their viewers to see the ”undercover” work by O’Keefe as genuine. Revolutionary socialists however reject his work as biased and deceptive. The videos released by Project Veritas are all skillfully edited to smear critics of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. James O’Keefe knows this but does not care. Like Joseph Goebbels (Nazi minister of propaganda) he considers himself a crusader against the ”leftist” media of America!

Just recently Project Veritas was exposed by the Washington Post, after they tried to sell a story of a woman that was raped by Republican congressman: Roy Moore. This conservative congressman is in the spotlight, after numerous women claimed that they were assaulted and raped by Moore, when he was in his 30’s. Project Veritas tried to undermine the credibility of these women by creating a fake accusation, which they tried to sell. If the Washington Post had run the story, James O’Keefe would have used the pseudo-accusation to undermine the credibility of the newspaper. However the Washington Post turned out to be clever and was able to expose the woman as a operative for Project Veritas. She was caught at the Project Veritas’ office in Mamaroneck New York, with her car remaining at the office’s parking for more than an hour. James O’Keefe’s sting operation failed and he got severe criticism. This time even conservatives attacked the self-declared ”activist of the right-wing”. The Washington Post meanwhile was praised for they ability to see beyond the deception!

“What [O’Keefe] does isn’t journalism. It’s agitpop [sic], politi-punking, entrapment-entertainment. There is no responsible definition of journalism that includes what he does or how he does it. His success at luring his prey into harming themselves is a measure of how fallible and foolish anyone, including good people, can sometimes be.”

Marty Kaplan, director of the Norman Lear Center at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism


James O’Keefe, activist for the ruling class and conservative propagandist!

Mugabe resigned, but regime remains

Dictator Robert Mugabe has resigned, finally. But the regime he build up since 1980 remains. This is why more must be done. Working class people in Zimbabwe now need to demands new elections and vote ZANU-PF out of office. This criminal gang has not only betrayed its socialist ideology back in 1980, it has also been a ruling caste for nepotism, corruption and oppression. ZANU-PF may welcome the removal of the old president, but we know the true power behind the downfall of Mugabe. Emmerson Mnangagwa was the vice president and is now interim-president. His supporters are in control of ZANU-PF, they kicked the Mugabe clan out. Mnangagwa is not a reformer. Under Robert Mugabe he was a brutal bureaucrat, who made sure that internal critics were silenced. Revolutionary socialists call for a workers party to be build. A party that can defeat the pro-capitalist opposition led by the Movement for Democratic Change and the corrupt-nepotist: Zimbabwean African National Union – Patriotic Front!



Emmerson Mnangagwa, next to a portrait of the man he removed from office.

Mugabe: The End?

Is it over for Robert Mugabe, the 93 year old dictator of Zimbabwe? Because on 15-11-2017, the army of Zimbabwe took control over the country. They raided the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and declared that Mugabe and his family were ‘’safe’’. This could mean that the army has ended the regime of one of the most hypocritical dictatorial leaders of Africa. Mugabe and his Zimbabwean African National Union – Patriotic Front, came to power in 1980. Back then the party was revolutionary leftist on the Stalinist top down model. When that system failed, Mugabe introduced austerity and social cuts. The worst came after 2000, when the economy fully collapsed after years of mismanagement by corrupt ZANU-PF bureaucrats. The old dictator played on systematic oppression to remain in power. His rhetoric is anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist, but the working class of Zimbabwe is oppressed, exploited and enslaved by people like Robert Mugabe and his elitist family!

The Republic of Zimbabwe is a very poor and unequal nation. Poverty and mass inequality are the result of massive government corruption created by the Zimbabwean African National Union – Patriotic Front, the party of Robert Mugabe. Like the African National Congress in South Africa, ZANU-PF started as a national liberation movement against white minority rule. Mugabe used many elements of Maoism in his struggle. This is why the People’s Republic of China was his biggest supporter. The Soviet-Union did not fully supported ZANU, their ideological ally was another liberation movement called the Zimbabwean African People’s Union (ZAPU). It is an irony that Mugabe’s ZANU was a split from the original ZAPU in 1963!

During the 60’s and 70’s both ZANU and ZAPU fought the regime of Ian Smith, the white leader of Rhodesia. At its peak in 1979, white people made up 8% of the population. They however controlled all means of production, all political offices and were in control of the army. The black majority was not allowed to vote nor to keep high functions in the government. This racist mentality came from classic British white supremacy, because Rhodesia used to be British until 1965. White minority rule lasted only 15 years and in 1979, Ian Smith was forced to step down. During the transitional period, the country was named Rhodesia-Zimbabwe. On 18 April 1980, the Republic of Zimbabwe was born with Robert Mugabe as prime minister. His ZANU won 63% of the votes with ZAPU coming second with 24%!

The two national liberation movements could not work together. Sectarian violence soon started between the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANU) and the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZAPU). Mugabe’s government favored his own army over that of rival ZAPU and with the conflict against Rhodesia over, thousands of guerrilla fighters were just left alone. Mugabe promised them that they would be integrated into the new Zimbabwean National Army. But ZAPU members claimed that ZANU did not treated them as equals. Angered by the slow process, some ex-guerrilla solders started to attack and murder white people, out of frustration and the fact that Mugabe kept most wealth in white hands. The murder of white farmers led to a exodus of ethnic whites from Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe did little to stop the ethnic violence. He used the terror attacks by the former Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army as a excuse to purge his government of ZAPU members!

On 3 January 1983, the Mugabe government started a campaign that would eliminate ZAPU as a political force. In four years the government killed many opposition members mainly from ZAPU. In Zimbabwe this is called Gukurahundi. Responsible for the killings were the soldiers from the Zimbabwean Fifth Brigade, made up of ZANU supporters. At the end of the 1980’s, the Zimbabwean African People’s Union was destroyed. Its remnants agreed on joining with ZANU to form the Zimbabwean African National Union – Patriotic Front. Although Mugabe claimed the ex-ZAPU members would be given equal saying, the new party was in fact just ZANU under a new name!

The politics of the Mugabe government were based on African-socialism. A mixture of social conservatism and Stalinist like bureaucratic top-down management of the economy. Workers were not given any political nor economic control. Although Mugabe created a strong welfare system his governments became famous for wasteful spending. As the 1980’s ended, Zimbabwe was in deep debt. Western capitalists blamed it on socialism and told Mugabe that he must enforce austerity cuts. In 1990 the ruling caste of ZANU-PF agreed that their ”socialist” model failed. Now the government started with austerity and privatizations of state enterprises, many of them sold to top government officials who became the new capitalist class. This led to a series of strikes and demonstrations of workers, who rejected Robert Mugabe as a traitor, which he was. Police brutality was enforced and there were many clashes. By now the political system of Zimbabwe had changed from a parliamentary state to a presidential state. Mugabe became president on 22 December 1987 and introduced a presidential system. Parliament’s powers were reduced and Mugabe took the office of President of the Republic of Zimbabwe!

ZANU-PF needed to keep many ex-members of the former Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army on their side. This is why Mugabe started with massive expropriation of white farmers after the year 2000. These farm-lands were given to many former guerrilla fighters, who lacked any knowledge of farming. It resulted in the fact that the nation was forced to import food, a scandal since Zimbabwe used to be a top producer of grain. Mugabe did not cared that millions were suffering from malnutrition. Zimbabwe is ruled by fear and working class people learned not to speak out against the dicator. Meanwhile the ruling family is enjoying a luxurious life. Grace Mugabe is the (by now former) first lady of the country and an elitist bitch. Robert Mugabe was 40 years old when she was born, which means the two have a huge age gap. Their youngest son loves to spend money and is the face of this elitist family. Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe is 20 years old and not afraid to tell the world that he is a spoiled brat. His mother; Grace, even used planes from Air Zimbabwe to fly her to Paris and London, for shopping trips!

Meanwhile most workers live in poverty. This poverty is unnecessary, but in the Kingdom of Mugabe only the capitalist class and his own family enjoy luxury and wealth. In 2003 over 63% of the country was living in poverty, a huge increase from 1990 when only 25% was regarded as poor. Zimbabwe did not started as a poor country back in 1980. It is made poor because of ZANU-PF, a party is still using anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist rhetoric to claim legitimacy as a revolutionary force. But no worker in Zimbabwe truly believes that the party is socialist or leftist. Political loyalism is the main reason why many former national liberation parties remain in power. Working class people in Africa are very loyal to parties who liberated them from white supremacy. We see the same thing in South Africa and Namibia. Despite that the national liberation parties betrayed socialism and the working class, the majority of people keep voting for these pro-capitalist formations. Why? Because loyalism is a high regard in Africa!

Revolutionary Socialist Media calls on African workers not to vote for either the ANC in South Africa, SWAPO in Namibia and ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe. These political parties may have started out as socialist and revolutionary, but no socialist countries have been build by them. ANC and SWAPO choose not to introduce socialism and ZANU-PF’s version of socialism has no meaning anymore since the 1990’s. Old Mugabe has lost touch with reality. Like all long living dictators this is common. Absolute power always corrupts and Robert Mugabe is a prime example of this. His anti-imperialist rhetoric is a show as Zimbabwe has already moved towards capitalism. The American dollar and European euro are now the country’s currency after the Zimbabwean dollar collapsed in April 2009!

Working class Zimbabweans need a political force that can overthrown the state-bureaucracy of ZANU-PF. They cannot trust pro-capitalist opposition forces like the splintered: Movement for Democracy Change. In the current undemocratic climate there can be no peaceful resistance. Because the police and army have always been used by ZANU-PF and Mugabe to crush any form of opposition. This is why a revolution in Zimbabwe must be ready to use force and violence. It is foolish to think that the caste that kept Robert Mugabe in power for so long will let go of its privileges. Like the Russian ruling class of 1917, who formed the White Armies to destroy the rule of soviets, Mugabe’s circle will use force to defend its wealth. Workers need to unite in a force like the Bolshevik Party of Lenin, who was able to organize and defend the socialist revolution against counterrevolutionary terror!

What will the military do? The last reports indicate that Grace Mugabe has fled and Robert Mugabe is under house arrest. On television the soldiers claim to respect the 93 year old dictator, a man who has destroyed Zimbabwe. Mugabe is the face of inequality, corruption and oppression. He deserves nothing but our rejected and hatred. Revolutionary socialists do not side with the military, because we known that these generals and their officers all benefited from the old dictator. Police and army were always paid good by the Mugabe family. Those who carried out the coup on 15 November 2017, choose to remove the old man and put forward the exiled vice president as interim president. This 75 year old was purged by Robert Mugabe to make room for his wife, to succeed him as president and supreme leader.

It is ironic that the military choose to support former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa. A man who was loyal to Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF. It seems more likely that Grace Mugabe organized the downfall of Mnangagwa. With support from ZANU-PF’s youth and woman’s wing, she was planning on becoming the next great leader. Old Robert himself is already losing his mental abilities. This is why he made sure that Grace entered the political arena in 2014. In that year she was put on ZANU-PF’s Politburo. Mnangagwa was removed to make room for Grace Mugabe, but it is now clear that the Zimbabwean National Army did not agreed with this. They feared that with the death of Robert Mugabe, his wife would keep the family in power. The generals might have supported the old man, but to pledge loyalty to Grace Mugabe was a bridge to far for this male chauvinist institution!

Marxists from the Workers And Socialist Party in South Africa call for a socialist Zimbabwe to be build.

Here we publish their positions on the events!

– Reject Mugabe! Reject the generals! No to dictatorship – civilian or military. Demand a trial of Mugabe and his cronies.

– The working class and poor must take the future of Zimbabwean society into their own hands. This demands a government of workers and small farmers. To prepare for this build mass democratic action committees of workers, youth, the unemployed, small traders and small farmers in every area to elect a transitional authority to lay the foundation for elections to a future government of workers and small farmers.

– Such a government must have a program to end low-pay, poverty and unemployment. decisions on the movement of goods, the running of services and other key decisions about the running of society Mass democratic committees of the Zimbabwean workers, small farmers and the poor to take; seize the assets of Mugabe, the generals, Zanu-PF and other regime leaders, placing them under the control of the action committees.

– Defend the people! Action committees to organise accountable and democratically controlled self-defence units to protect protests and activists from regime intimidation and violence; build action committees of rank-and-file police officers, soldiers and air personnel. Elect rank-and-file leaders and spokespeople and take no orders from regime-linked officers! Build links with the action committees of the people for a united struggle.

– No trust in the imperialist dominated anti-working class UN, AU or SADC. Build links with the working class across Southern Africa. Outside of Zimbabwe organise action committees in all Zimbabwean diaspora communities building strong links with local communities and working class and youth organisations. United struggle against xenophobia. Fight for migrants rights. Organise migrant workers in the trade union movement.

– Workers and young people to take the lead in building a mass revolutionary party to struggle for a socialist Zimbabwe.

Emmerson Mnangagwa with his former boss: Robert Mugabe.

Black facing must end

The Dutch right-wing is very angry. Because the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam have ended the black face tradition of Black Pete. This fictional character is part of the Saint Nicolas festival and is portrayed as a clumsy black painted person with black curly hair, bright red lips and golden earrings. The majority of white Dutch don’t understand why Black Pete is racism. They cannot understand why black facing is wrong. It shows the deep ignorance many have in the kingdom. Dutch history portrays their colonialist period as a ”Golden Age” with little attention given to the suffering of the 600.000 black slaves, Dutch ships transported to America. Also there is a wide spread believe that the Netherlands is a ”tolerant” society, free of racism and stigmatization, reality is different. Racism is a problem and many black Dutch have faced rejection as they fight against racial stereotypes like Black Pete.

In 2011, a Dutch man called Quinsy Gario started a small protest against the black faced character called Black Pete, during the arrival of Saint Nicolas. He and his friend were told by police to go away, as the white Dutch felt uneasy with two black guys wearing t-shirts saying: ”Black Pete is Racism”. Gario faced the anger of the majority of the Dutch population. In their world view, Black Pete is part of a ”innocent” children festival. A problem with this excuse is that the festival is designed and executed by adults. Also it does no justice to black children who face racism and rejection based on their skin color. Few to no white Dutch have ever faced racism. But many black or colored Dutch have. We have examples of Turkish and Moroccan Dutch, who are stigmatized as ”Muslim terrorists” and ”criminals”. Even Italian Dutch are called ”Muslims” by ignorant white racists because they have dark hair and a Mediterranean skin color!

In the last six years the movement against black facing is growing. This is why Amsterdam and Rotterdam have now ended the black face tradition. Members of the far-right party: Livable Rotterdam are very angry about this. Like the neo-confederates in America, who love their Confederate battle flag, Livable Rotterdam claims that tradition should not be changed. Two other far-right parties have even called for Black Pete to be protected by the state. Forum for Democracy (FvD) and the Party for Freedom (PVV) belong to the far-right spectrum. While the PVV is based on one personality (Geert Wilders), the FvD is more a classic Dutch nationalist party. With 5000 members and two seats in the Dutch parliament the FvD calls for ethnic nationalism, pseudo-liberal conservatism and white culture to rule supreme!

Still the majority of white Dutch refuse to understand. They hold dogmatically to their own fantasy about a ”innocent children’s festival” under siege by ”angry people”. With angry people they mean black activists who face outright hatred on social media for they stand against Black Pete. It reminds us of those brave Americans who united around Martin Luther King. Back in the 1960’s they too faced racism and rejected by the establishment. Whites in the south of America started to use the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of white supremacy against desegregation. Although the Dutch cannot be called pure racists like those white southerns in the 60’s, they close their eyes to racism. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to Black Pete, even as a white person. Because this character is very loved. To say that it is racist and wrong, means that you can be excluded and isolated. There are many Dutch (both white and black) who don’t dare to speak out!

Why are the Dutch so ignorant? Partly this has to do with their history. Dutch people have never confronted themselves with their colonialist past. Schoolbooks in the Netherlands portray the colonialist period as a ”Golden Age”, when ships of the United Republic of the Seven Provinces made the country rich by trade. They fail to mention that all this wealth was taken by force. Jan Pieterszoon Coen was Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies between 1618 and 1623. In only four years, Coen monopolized the trade under the banner of the capitalist; VOC, the Dutch East India Company in Indonesia. He used brutal force in dealing with those natives who refused to sell their products to him. During the Banda massacre in 1621, VOC forces under Coen’s leadership killed 14.000 peasants and allowed 1.000 to live, to become slaves to their white masters. Jan Pieterszoon Coen himself died young, but was hailed as a ”Great Dutch Man” by the republic and the later Kingdom of the Netherlands. Today the butcher of Banda still has statues and name plates, honoring him in his homeland!

There has never been massive public criticism of Dutch colonialism. The only ones who rejected imperialism were revolutionary leftists. Marxists from the Social-Democratic Party (after 1918: Communist Party Holland) were one of the first who called for a independent Indonesia. Dutch liberals, conservatives and anti-revolutionary socialists were furious. They said that if the Netherlands would lose Indonesia (Dutch Indies) then disaster would follow. A popular saying back then was: ”Indië verloren, rampspoed geboren” meaning: ”Indies lost. disaster born” literally. After 1918, the Communist Party Holland became the leading force of Dutch anti-colonialism in the 20’s and 30’s. Still most Dutch were cultural racist and considered European culture to be superior to Asian cultures. The Dutch did not differ much from British, French and German colonialism, who also shared this racist ideology of white cultural supremacy!

After world war two the Dutch government of Catholics and social democrats faced a republican uprising in Indonesia. To defend Dutch colonialism, Willem Drees ordered the Royal Dutch Army to crush the republicans in Indonesia. Four years and 150.000 deaths later, Indonesia became a free republic. The Dutch choose to forget and this is why black facing has never been questioned. Black Dutch who tried to fight against racism often faced outright hatred and deep rejection from white colleges, friends and the establishment. White Dutch created a fictional bubble of a country that does not exist. In this bubble there is no racism and all people are equal and happy. Reality is different. Dutch capitalists discriminate against none-whites and rejection based on heritage is a fact. Young people with a Islamic background often find out that their name is enough not to be given a job. Black people from Suriname also face discrimination on the labour market!

Each year Saint Nicolas comes, with his army of black faced white people. Opposition is however growing and this makes the establishment uncomfortable. Police brutality has increased since 2011 and racist remarks against black activists are no longer exceptional. On Facebook and Twitter there is a wave of hatred going, against people like Quinsy Gario. He recently said that (white) people start to defend Black Pete automatically as soon as he enters a store with Saint Nicolas and Black Pete products. The Dutch political left remains silent. Moderate socialists from the Socialist Party are too afraid to lose voters, so the SP does not comment on Black Pete. The pseudo-leftist; Party of Labour defends black face, so does the Party for Freedom and Democracy (neoliberals of the VVD). Revolutionary socialists stand in solidarity with all those brave black activists who dare to defy the icon. We stand against black facing and reject the fantasy arguments on why Black Pete is not racism!