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Revolutionary Socialist Media is a website dedicated to revolutionary socialism, proletarian internationalism and the struggle for a worldwide communist society. RSM is anti-Stalinist and rejects the former Union of Socialist Soviet Republics and the People’s Republic of China, as socialist (”communist”) countries. Socialism cannot be build in one nation or by a centralized single party state. For socialism and later communism to work, you need freedom of speech and the participation from workers and consumers, in planning of the economy. Revolutionary socialists support a democratic planned economy under control of workers councils (called soviets in Russian)!

The struggle against capitalism also means to struggle against former socialists (social democrats) who have betrayed the working class to the capitalist class. Social democracy is no longer considered a leftist ideology by us revolutionary socialists. Our goal is to build a socialist world, which will transform into a class less society (communism). Because we struggle against both capitalism, stalinism and social democracy: revolutionary socialists were hated, prosecuted and murdered by all major world powers. From western ”democratic” nations to totalitarian fascist and Stalinist dictatorships!

Socialism is a society where the resources are used democratically to provide a better life for all, based on ending the dictatorship of big business over the economy and politics. Today, we live in a world of incredible wealth and technology, alongside the most horrendous conditions of poverty, war and environmental crisis. This is result of capitalism, a system based on prioritizing profits not human need where the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a capitalist elite.




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  1. I am impressed at your efforts and struggle for communism and rejection of all oppressors of the proletariat (both capitalists and stalinists),from this post. I hope I could learn a lot of real communism from you so I may also struggle for it from now on.Thanks!


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